New York City Is Under Colonial Rule

It is. Half of New Yorkers can't even vote in the city elections. Taxation without representation is going on, big time. The capital city of the world has full fledged colonial rule.

Mexicans pretty much run this city. As in, take away the Mexicans and the city grinds down to a halt. And Mexicans are almost all Christians, devout ones too. That does not seem to help. There is full throttle anti Mexican racism. Every brick of the Trump Tower has some Mexican's name written on it.

Name calling is the tip of the iceberg. Structural racism is the iceberg. Like, denying voting rights. That is the mother lode of structural racism.

A functioning democracy is like a functional marketplace. Demand and supply takes care of things.

NYC is the biggest bastion the Democratic Party has. But it is under colonial rule. So in a functioning democracy the way it would work is the opposition party would step in. The Republican Party would pick up the cudgels to end colonial rule and spread the love of voting rights.

But no. The Republican Party would like to take away whatever little voting rights there are.

That is dysfunction. That is a dysfunctional democracy. It would not be that big of a problem, except there are quite literally existential implications.

America is the number one culprit behind global warming. The planet is hurtling towards the stone age at breakneck speed.

The very first step to applying the breaks is a world government: one person, one vote, one voice, 24/7, local to global. The UN is a joke. It is no world government. Every country should pay 1% of its GDP as a membership fee. That would be a small price to pay to not go back to the stone age.

Imagine Donald Trump's day job as a stone breaker. It could happen.



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