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Karl Rove Is Riding The Gallup Horse

Karl Rove has a sharp political mind. I don't doubt that. But he is also sharply partisan, to the point of being blind. I don't doubt that either. When in the mood he also looks at Republican National Committee surveys.

Rove: Sifting the Numbers for a Winner
For example, in 2004 President George W. Bush had 49% in the final Gallup likely-voter track; he received 50.7% on Election Day. In 1996, President Clinton was at 48% in the last Gallup; he got 49.2% at the polls. And in 1992, President George H.W. Bush was at 37% in the closing Gallup; he collected 37.5% in the balloting. ...... On Friday last week, Gallup hinted at the partisan makeup of the 2012 electorate with a small chart buried at the end of its daily tracking report. Based on all its October polling, Gallup suggested that this year's turnout might be 36% Republican to 35% Democratic, compared with 39% Democratic and 29% Republican in 2008, and 39% Republican and 37% Democratic in 2004. ..... Gallup delivered some…

Fundamental Dishonesty

I like to meet my politicians at the center. I have compassion for Democrats who begin on the left in primary season and then move more towards the center once nominated. I am also understanding of Republicans who begin on the right and then move to the center.

But not the Romney way. The guy never moved to the center. A move to the center is the Bill Clinton way. Clinton had been presenting himself as a New Democrat long before the primaries began. He was a centrist who moved just a little bit to the left for primary season then went back to where he always had been: at the center. He knew he needed to get power to be able to help the poor. If bringing down poverty is not left, what is? So he never really abandoned the left.

Romney never restructured his party. He has never fought fights with the irrational right. He did not move to the center. He does not have a centrist platform. He is just plain lying.

This event is a strong metaphor.

Mitt Romney Staged His Own "Relief Ra…

Barack Obama's Greatness

Jonathan Chait is making tremendous sense.

The Case for Obama: Why He Is a Great President. Yes, Great.
I supported Obama because I judged him to have a keen analytical mind, grasping both the possibilities and the limits of activist government, and possessed of excellent communicative talents. I thought he would nudge government policy in an incrementally better direction. I consider his presidency an overwhelming success. ........ Obama’s résumé of accomplishments is broad and deep, running the gamut from economic to social to foreign policy. The general thrust of his reforms, especially in economic policy, has been a combination of politically radical and ideologically moderate. The combination has confused liberals into thinking of Obamaism as a series of sad half-measures, and conservatives to deem it socialism, but the truth is neither. Obama’s agenda has generally hewed to the consensus of mainstream economists and policy experts. What makes the agenda radical is that, histori…

The NDA Option For Nitish

English: Image of Narendra Modi at the World Economic Forum in India (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Gujarat polls will help NDA choose Nitish or Modi for PM: BJP
The BJP was happy with Nitish Kumar for saying that JD-U and BJP would contest the next Lok Sabha polls together Gujarat has 26 MPs to Bihar's 40. Bihar is twice as big as Gujarat. And Modi's economic record in Gujarat has been impressive, but Nitish' record in Bihar has been even more impressive. There is no coalition government in Gujarat. But Nitish has proven to be the master of his alliance with the BJP in Bihar. Bihar is more representative of India at large than is Gujarat. Most Indians are still farmers living in villages. So Nitish is more representative. And Nitish has no Godhra blemish. That is a big one. Nitish will make the BJP more acceptable across the country.

If the BJP were to project Nitish as the prime ministerial candidate for the NDA that is better than Nitish trying to put together some kind of a…