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State Of The Union: In Good Hands

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Immigration Lawyer

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Immigration is a touchy topic in America. And you can pontificate about it to your heart's wish depending on where you stand on the political spectrum, but if you are in a limbo, or possibly facing deportation, that is not exactly time for idle talk. It is time for action. It is time for an immigration lawyer.You need a well informed skilled attorney to navigate the bureaucratic maze that is the immigration bureaucracy. Darren Silver and Associates is one such team. They have a track record of having handled well "seemingly impossible cases." They stay on the top of issues.
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Supreme Court Vs. Obama

Paterson, Cuomo, Gillibrand, Ford: New York 2010

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I have not been following politics closely lately, let alone local politics, but 2010 promises to bring a lot of drama to New York politics, which usually stays dramatic. You have a sitting Governor being challenged. You have a sitting Senator being challenged. Both challenges are looking credible. It is going to be really something to watch.

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Iran: An Opportunity

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A lot of progressives - Barack Obama included - dislike the Bush phrase War On Terror, but what I like about it is that it seems to rhyme with the Cold War phrase. 9/11 launched an era. It will conclude with all Arab countries having turned into democracies. The Berlin Wall will fall all over again. Israel has built one. Israel is what South Africa was.

I have been disgusted with all the innocent lives lost in Iraq and Afghanistan. Some specific examples stand out, like blowing up a wedding party from the sky, but the numbers are out and out outrageous. Bush killed more than 100,000 Iraqis. That is not okay.

The Al Qaeda is not a state. But America the superpower was only prepared to go after a state. The US military might had not prepared to go after an organization like the Al Qaeda. So the medicine looked for a disease and found Saddam instead (I don't miss the guy).

I don't have firsthand memory of the 1979 Iran revolution, I don't remember followin…