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What Is Nitish Thinking?

There is no doubt in my mind Nitish is the best candidate for PM in India right now. But he has to want it. A non-Congress, non-BJP coalition of parties with outside support from the Congress could see Nitish in the chair. I can see such a configuration emerging.

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Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar chose to be more calibrated, emphasizing the compulsion why he could not accept Modi as PM, but without fixing a tough deadline for the BJP to sort out the issue. He conveyed his strong reservations on …

Hillary 2016, Gay Marriage, And Technology

Hillary Clinton 1 (Photo credit: Angela Radulescu) I really like the idea of a woman president. That would be my number one reason to support Hillary. But my condition would be her running mate must be a woman, her Secretary of State must be a woman.

And you do want something cutting edge. Gay marriage as a federal proposition would be that cutting edge thing. This issue is more cutting edge than the idea of a woman president. But the two are kind of related. Both gays and women are sexual minorities in terms of how long they have been sidelined. They are but natural allies.

Hillary's weak point is technology. She famously said over a decade ago that she "can not think in front of a computer." Hillary is no Narendra Modi. Modi is tech savvy. But then Bill Clinton is not known for sending out emails, and the dude still presided over the dot com boom. It is because he balanced the budget. That basic arithmetic is still cutting edge politics. It should not be, but it is.