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Rocky Barack Obama Won In Philly

Look at that first video at the top. My guy won. What can I say!

I Am So Proud Of The Democratic Field

In The News

Lowry: Obama's losing run could make for a winning book Salt Lake Tribune The insular, self-obsessed campaign of her chief rival is one of the reasons Hillary Clinton has had as good a 90-day run as anyone in presidential politics in recent memory. She still has a race on her hands in Iowa, but she leads there after trailing most of the year, and more than doubles Obama's support in national polls, where he has slipped as low as 17 percent. ......... Obama discoursing on his favorite campaign topic: the ethics and processes of his own campaign. ...... Maybe he'll yet revive. No path to the nomination is ever as smooth as Hillary Clinton's looks to be right now. But Obama likely will go the way of that other earnest liberal, Bill Bradley, who high-mindedly let himself be run over by Al Gore in 2000. Oh, well. It'll be a great book.
Obama, Edwards go after …

I Am So Proud Of The Democratic Field

50 Days For Iowa

The debate actually started at nine. But the DFNYC website said six. I showed up a little late, a little after six. And the guy at the door asked for my ID.

How old do I look to you, I asked.

"25, maybe," he said.

The sign said eight, so I walked out. I made a few phone calls walking around the little park out there. I have been bugging everyone I can think of raising money for my startup.

I came back. The crowd was pretty big by then. But it was not upstairs as advertised. It was down.

Stephanie approched me. "Hey, you are my Facebook friend." So we had our first ever conversation. She is the national secretary of the Young Democrats of America.

Costa was sitting at a table. Costa goes by one name, like Cher, like Madonna. He is a major Obama guy in Queens. I have seen him at many, many events.

I could never bring myself to stand in the same room as Matt Romney, like never. F____ that guy. That guy thinks if he can talk racist that will make him less Morm…

50 Days For Iowa

50 Days For Iowa

You hit a point after which you basically camp out in Iowa. The previous cycle for John Kerry it was the beginning of December. And that was a good decision. But this time the caucuses are on January 3. November 10 or 15, perhaps 15 is a good point for this cycle, I would think.

You camp out in Iowa. Then you go to Nevada, and camp out there. And then New Hampshire. You camp out. And then South Carolina.

After South Carolina, you go into all the big media markets. New York and LA and a few others.

Fluid Race

I feel the race to be fluid. A lot of ground could shift. Just look at the numbers in Iowa.

Harlem Rally

Obama organized a rally in New York City. Hillary organized a rally in Harlem. There was an anti war rally in downtown Manhattan at the same time as the Hillary rally.

The Edwards Energy

He has come back swinging. He has come with fighting words recently.

Tuesday Debate In Philly

It might end up everyone versus Hillary. Hillary as usual will try to make it her versus Bush…