Burma: Time For Nonviolent Guerilla Warfare

Facebook Group: Support The Monks' Protest In Burma (400,000 Members in 15 days)

Guerrilla warfare - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia the unconventional warfare and combat with which small group combatants (usually civilians) use mobile tactics (ambushes, raids, etc) to combat a larger, less mobile formal army. The guerrilla army uses defense (draw enemy forces to terrain unsuited to them) and mobility (advantage and surprise) in attacking vulnerable targets in enemy territory. ....... The upper end is composed of a fully integrated political-military strategy, comprising both large and small units
Those Out West: Australia, Japan, Europe, America

Collect and disseminate the news. Launch and grow organizations. Use open and clandestine tools. Raise money, tons of money. Raise money online from whoever. Hold rallies, small and large. Lobby elected officials.

Reach out to the democracy activists in Thailand and India. They are closer to the ground. They can do more. Fund them. Money is key.

Use online tools. Google News, Google's Blogger (you can set it up private or public), Google Talk.

Those In Thailand And India

You are the bridge between the larger diaspora and those inside Burma.

Those Inside Burma

Maintain and strengthen your clandestine network of democracy activists. You need a national network. But Rangoon is going to be the battlefield.

There has to be an inner core of the trusted members. Then there has to be an outer ring of activists who do much of the legwork but who are largely unknown, to the public as well as to the regime. When the telephone is not an option, use teenagers as couriers over short distances from house to house.

There is only one way to do this: by getting millions to come out into the streets.

There has to be a clear political goal, and there has to be clear political action.

What could that goal be? An unconditional release of all political prisoners, and a recognition of the 1990 parliament as the legitimate parliament. That parliament will function as the interim parliament, will draw up an interim constitution, it will get one year to hold elections to a constituent assembly.

What will be the action? You perhaps start by calling for shutting down the country for four days, and holding street rallies during those four days. You build during those four days. On the fourth day you announce the shutdown will be indefinite until the two political demands are met.

Expect a few hundred people to die. Expect a few thousands to get injured. Expect 10,000 to get arrested.

Psychological Warfare

The camera is your gun. The military should be scared of every window in Rangoon. This is war with communications technology.


The hundreds who died recently: they did not die in vain. This momentum should not be lost.

Burma: Time For Hyper Action
The World Is Failing Burma
Burma: Than Shwe Is Going To The Hague
Britain Is Betraying Burma
Burma: Time For All Out Sanctions By All Powers
Burma: Momentum Is Key To Victory
In Solidarity With The Burmese People

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On Guerrilla Warfare
Guerrilla Warfare
Guerrilla warfare is essentially a political war. Therefore, its area of operations exceeds the territorial limits of conventional warfare, to penetrate the political entity itself: the "political animal" that Aristotle defined...... In effect,the human being should be considered the priority objective in a political war. And conceived as the military target of guerrilla war, the human being has his most critical point in his mind. Once his mind has been reached, the"political animal" has been defeated, without necessarily receiving bullets....... Guerrilla warfare is born and grows in the political environment; in the constant combat to dominate that area of political mentality that is inherent to all human beings and which collectively constitutes the "environment" in which guerrilla warfare moves, and which is where precisely its victory or failure is defined. ...... This conception of guerrilla warfare as political war turns Psychological Operations into the decisive factor of the results. The target, then, is the minds of the population, all the population: our troops, the enemy troops and the civilian population.
Psychological Operations in Guerrilla Warfare
guerrilla warfare -- Britannica Online Encyclopedia

Michelle's Little Accident: This Looks Bad On Obama 2008

  1. Why was a 22 year old driving that van? Why not a seasoned driver?
  2. Why was there not a caravan of three vehicles? One in the front, one in the rear?
  3. Was the guy in the motorbike wearing a helmet at least? If not, did he get a ticket?

In The News

UN Security Council Blasts Burma
Sky News, United Kingdom
Burma man dies under torture The Australian
In Burma, the silent oppression goes on The Age
Junta told that UN 'deplores' Burmese violence Independent
Burma's illegal opium crops extremely alarming: UN
ABC Online, Australia
Burma centre of opium production in Asia The Age
Burma sees upsurge in opium production Financial Times
Production of opium doubles over two years Bangkok Post
Burma changing, slowly but surely
BBC News, UK
A junta synonymous with horror Bangkok Post
Burmese Monks Regroup for Struggle Against Military Government Voice of America Monks fleeing the military crackdown in Burma say they are regrouping in preparation for more peaceful demonstrations. Many of those monks are going across the border to Thailand where they are gathering support and resources to continue their struggle. ...... to, in his words, tell the outside world that the monks' struggle for democracy and justice in Burma is not over. ...... "The struggle will go on. Now, the people are re-energizing" ....... U Tun Win is a member of the Burmese parliament that was elected in 1990 but blocked from taking office. Members of his group, the Arakan League for Democracy, led protesters who took over the town hall in the western Burmese city of Sittwe last month. ......... Bo Kyi thinks technology and the flow of information will help expose human rights violations in Burma and bring about change. ..... The military has ruled Burma since 1962. It crushed major demonstrations in 1974 and again in 1988.
Burma protest leader blasts UN The Age An organiser of the protest movement in Rangoon has blasted UN special envoy Ibrahim Gambari for bowing to the Burmese regime and achieving nothing in his visit to Burma. Surinder Karkar Singh, also known as Ayea Myint and U Pancha (the Punjabi), helped organise the civilian protection circles that ringed the monks as they marched through the streets of Rangoon for eight days. "Nothing was achieved. I am fed up," the Sikh Burmese man said. ....... U Pancha is now in Mae Sot, Thailand, where many Burmese opposition groups in exile are based. He gave a rare insight into the first days of the protest and how the organisers responded as the movement grew. ..... "I participated in 1988, then I retired. I took up the protest again because prices were rising and people were starving around me," he said. "I was not at all frightened. I participated in the forefront. I was prepared to die." ...... "There were only about 100 to start with. We let the monks lead. I was in charge of surrounding the monks for protection. ........ That night we had a hurried meeting because of the support and made three streams of people to go to different points in the city. On the 19th the groups exceeded 100,000." ....... That night, they got word the military had issued a shoot-to-kill edict. After a heated meeting they elected to proceed. ... "In the midst of our marching, Battalion 77 refused to take the order to shoot to kill," he said. ....... From September 21 to 25, the protests were peaceful and the crowds increased. On the night of 25th, the military command changed from 77th battalion to 66th battalion ...... the 26th and 27th as the most bloody days, with bloodshed on the roads. ...... "When three monks went to beg them not to use violence, they started beating the monks and shooting," U Pancha said. .... "On the 26th, I led 100,000, with 5000 to 6000 monks. People were not scared. I thought we were winning. In the midst of flying bullets we were able to march. We had people in side streets with stones and rocks ready to give protection to the protesters." ..... On the 27th, the monks were gone, and the crowd dwindled to 2000 to 3000. "Many people were scared on 27th," he said. "When the Japanese (photographer) was shot, they (knew) the Government would shoot even foreigners." By the 28th, the movement had all but disintegrated. U Pancha waited in Rangoon, in hiding, until October 4 to see the outcome of the UN mission. Bitterly disappointed, he fled to Thailand. He is determined to fight on. "I am still a leader, we have leaders inside and outside," he said. "We are only pausing, not surrendering."
UN issues weak rebuke of Burma violence Bangkok Post, Thailand
UN Envoy to Return to Asia Amid Continuing Burma Crisis Voice of America
Why Burma is not Iraq
Al-Ahram Weekly, Egypt
India gives no ground on Burma Nation Multimedia
India 'close to Burma port deal' BBC News
Burmese dissident 'tortured to death' Bangkok Post
Tourists trickle into Burma as calm returns
Bangkok Post, Thailand
Burmese Crackdown Crushes Local Tourism Industry Voice of America
Burma burning
Ha'aretz, Israel At almost every corner there was a group of three or four soldiers with rifles at the ready. Barricades were up at key intersections and coils of barbed wire were ready to be unrolled if needed. The soldiers' presence did not prevent the bustling street life from resuming its former pattern, but the regime's message to the country's citizens was unmistakable. ....... and informed me that I was being deported from the country that evening. ...... the deportation order stated, among other points, that I had met with members of the opposition party, "and that is problem here." ....... I met with them in a variety of places, always fearful of the man standing next to them, across the road, in the adjacent building or in the nearby car. Most of them asked me not to seek them out a second time. ...... The regime, they said, made a considerable effort to get rid of the bodies of the dead. At first they threw them into the river, and after photographs of floating bodies began to appear on the Internet, the soldiers burned the bodies in two crematoria that were built in towns near the capital. Some of the opposition people said that wounded demonstrators were buried alive. ....... In the final days of the demonstrations, opposition figures were seen trying to persuade people on the street to join the random demonstrations, but fewer and fewer did so. ........ to document the unfolding events. The military regime treats images of the demonstrations as a major threat. Not only because they show its crimes and might bring heightened international pressure to bear on the country, but because they also illustrate the scale of opposition to the government. Scenes of large numbers of people demonstrating in the streets might induce the resistance to try again. ........ When the demonstrations began, participants were given leaflets explaining how to upload films on the Internet by means of blogs and file-sharing sites such as YouTube. ....... the violence unleashed in the monasteries was apparently far more brutal than that perpetrated by the soldiers on the streets as the public watched and photographs were taken. The few available photographs of the monasteries show bloodstains on the floor and empty robes scattered about. ........ The heart of the resistance movement in Burma is located in the Thai border town of Mae Sot, four kilometers from the Thailand-Burma border bridge. ...... out of 100,000 refugees in Mae Sot, only 40,000 have legal status. The Thai police carry out frequent raids in the town and expel those who are there illegally. ....... the government sent thousands of troops to the south, for fear that militiamen would enter the cities and assist in the nonviolent struggle of the monks and the NLD. ...... An NLD member of the elected parliament (in the 1990 elections), Win Hlaing, meets with me at his party's headquarters in the town. Now 47, he was one of the leaders of the student uprising in 1988, and left Burma in February of this year together with other party members in an attempt to reorganize the resistance to the regime in more convenient conditions and far from the tentacles of the government. Many of his friends could not tolerate the total social isolation that was forced on them. ........ The four goals of his party at the present time, he says, are: making public full information about the government's suppression in the past few weeks, self-defense against the junta's persecution of the opposition, rallying the public for another round of demonstrations, and strengthening the ties of solidarity between the party and the ethnic minorities in the country, which are fighting the government in the name of self-determination. ........ On the second floor is the party spokesman, Niang We, and another key activist, Han Te. On their desk is the International Herald Tribune and a few other Western papers, rare commodities in Burma, which they receive every day in the mail from the U.S. Embassy. The two emphasized that the party strengthens the monks and is taking part in the struggle, but that its people are definitely not leading the current wave of protests. ........ If you had asked people two months ago whether a protest like this was possible in Burma, they would have laughed at you. No one believed that anything like this could happen in Burma." ....... The demonstrators know that of 100,000 demonstrators, only a few thousand were arrested, so the next time it will be that much easier to get the people into the streets. ....... He says he saw soldiers beating monks to death with blows to the head, and also heard that some monks were burned alive. ....... The monks thought the army would not dare take violent measures against them because of their special status in society. They were wrong. ...... They then tied five of them to electricity poles and beat them before the eyes of the people. In the police station they removed their robes, an act that is considered degrading. ........ a few officials from the Ministry for Religious Affairs came to the monastery in an attempt to work out a reconciliation. The monks locked the officials in a room and burned their cars. They did not release them until the evening. They demanded that the government apologize for its treatment of the monks and threatened that otherwise they would refuse to accept gifts from the members of the government, a move that was liable to undermine the legitimacy of the regime, which considers itself Buddhist. The military junta refused to apologize and the monks performed a ceremony signifying a boycott of government gifts. ........... The monks and nuns who are taking part in the political protest constitute only a minority of their total number in the country - some 400,000 to 500,000 in a population of 50 million. ...... - suffering because of the high prices, which make it impossible to buy food or clothes, suffering from the forced conscription into the army, suffering from the government's repressive measures. ....... Do you think the protest can be renewed? "I cannot say when, but it is inevitable. The smallest event could rekindle the protest. You have to understand that forms of intimidation do not necessarily affect the monks who are demonstrating. So it is like a bomb on a lit fuse, with only the smallest flame missing to set it off." ...... Are you waiting for it? "Yes, and I hope that this time the monks will triumph. I think that my whole life, at least the present one, I was looking for a place where I could meditate quietly. Three years ago the monastery sent me to Canada in order to teach in a monastery there for 18 months. I discovered that it was a Buddhist country, even though no one there is Buddhist. The country is Buddhist in the inhabitants' attitude toward living beings, in the sympathy they show for other people and even for animals."
A history of repression Ha'aretz
The UN must protect Burma’s
The Times, South Africa
Burma bloggers return as regime lifts blackout Guardian Unlimited has allowed anti-government bloggers to post for the first time since the height of pro-democracy protests last month. ...... last night the authorities temporarily lifted the restriction on internet access. ..... The move is being seen as a sign of confidence by the regime that it can control the protests. ..... the internet was only accessible during the curfew hours: 10pm to 4am. ...... she posted comments for the first time since September 27, the second day of a bloody crack down on the demonstrations. ...... She pointed out that it is "ironic" that pro-government protesters have been allowed to carry out their demonstrations. She also reveals that people inside Burma are getting news of the crisis from external media. ...... Most internet shops in Rangoon are still closed, according to Mizzima. ...... a hugely popular protest group set up on the social network site Facebook reports that some of its administrators have been sent intimidating emails. ...... The group, which has attracted almost 400,000 members, has been used to spread news about the protests in Burma. ...... Amnesty today launched a campaign called Unsubscribe, aimed harnessing the power of bloggers and social networking to highlight abuse around the world.

The next head of the army BBC patience, diligence, intelligence and sheer determination. ..... Gen Kiani's clan is one of the largest and most powerful in the northern Jhelum area of Pakistan's largest province, Punjab. ....... He is a graduate of army colleges in Quetta and Islamabad, and General Staff College at Fort Leavenworth in the US. ...... Gen Kiani is president of the Pakistan Golf Association and an avid golfer. ...... He is respected in the army as a professional soldier who deliberately keeps a low profile. ....... Gen Kiani has never been seen a part of President Musharraf's inner circle. But the president has always turned to him when the going gets tough. ........ In his book, In the Line of Fire, President Musharraf writes how the investigations into the attacks initially ran into problems because of inter-agency rivalries. ...... "But these disappeared when I appointed Kiani in charge of investigations," the president wrote. ....... Soon after he was made the head of Pakistan's powerful Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) agency. ...... Gen Kiani again emerged as a saviour, helping with attempts to broker a power-sharing deal with former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto. ...... Gen Kiani has patiently bided his time while the names of other potentials were bandied around.
Society in ferment The protests were crushed, but politically Burma has awoken despite the military crackdown, there is still a feeling on the streets of Rangoon that regime change could happen. ...... Rangoon is an untidy place, its colonial-era buildings are mildewed and crumbling, and washing flaps from the windows. ...... Step off the main avenues and you will find streets that are cracked and potholed, filled with cars, motorbikes, bicycles, rickshaws, mangy dogs and crowds of people - Burmese of many ethnic backgrounds... the ethnic majority Burmans, the Indians, the Karen and the Shan, the Chinese, and many others. ........ even a population of Burmese Jews with their own vibrant synagogue. ...... The watchers are everywhere, though you can often spot them for they are conspicuously well dressed. ....... They wear clean and well-pressed shirts and are sleek with good living. Unlike most Burmese, they do not smile back when you smile at them. ....... In the daily newspaper, the New Light of Myanmar - the junta's name for Burma - there are full-page advertisements attacking foreign media, with the BBC singled out for special venom. ...... A secret policeman is in the business of fear. ...... the everyday conversations in markets or at tea stalls, where public rage against the regime was expressed in forceful terms. ........ The protests have been crushed for now, but nobody should make the mistake of believing that the moment has been lost. ...... What I detected more than anything else was a society in ferment, still coming to terms with the unprecedented assault on the clergy, but awakened to its own potential to create change. .......... A time was coming, I thought, when one might walk the streets of Rangoon, past the tea shops and the little restaurants, the sellers of jasmine and incense, and find a familiar face with whom to sit and drink tea and talk of the days of fear, knowing that they belonged to history.
Taleban's backyard Meeting militants roaming unhindered in Pakistan's tribal areas the man who arguably is Pakistan's most feared militant. ....... Baitullah Mehsud ..... The shop is full of customers, many of whom carry AK-47 rifles. ..... Jandola marks the beginning of their territory which extends right up to the Afghan border. ..... The militants drive in cars captured from the army .... Shias are despised by the predominantly Sunni Muslim Taleban. ....... When our contacts finally arrive, the change in the atmosphere is electric as their leader walked in. ....... a harsh, arid terrain, with craggy and forbidding mountains lining the horizon. ........ Fedayeen - literally those who sacrifice themselves - is the Taleban honorific for a suicide bomber. ....... The Taleban take advantage of solar energy ..... Before partition, he says, Mehsud tribesmen ambushed a 200-vehicle British convoy here. ...... not a single man escaped as the British forces were cut down. ........ another invading army - this time in the form of the Pakistani military - is also trying to blunder its way through. ......... in this territory, there is almost a complete absence of Pakistani soldiers: there are only abandoned check posts and fortifications. ...... "We will not tolerate the presence of any armed men other than our own in our territory." ...... we pass through several small villages. The reaction of the people is startling - the children smile and wave, while the adults look on with respect and pride. It appears that local support for the militants is almost universal. ..... What we didn't know at this stage was that Baitullah Mehsud was not here, but away fighting in Afghanistan.

Obama: Clinton's vote for Iran measure repeats Iraq mistake CNN Sen. Barack Obama: President could use Iran measure to justify military action ...... Obama says Sen. Hillary Clinton's vote for resolution shows "flawed" judgment ..... Clinton says vote will permit sanctions against Iran, not military action ...... Differences with Clinton will be clear in "next phase" of campaign, Obama says ....... Sen. Barack Obama on Thursday criticized a recent vote by Democratic presidential rival Sen. Hillary Clinton as helping to give President Bush a "blank check" to take military action against Iran. ......... Last month, Clinton voted to support a resolution declaring Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, an elite part of the Iranian military, a foreign terrorist group. (The nonbinding amendment to the Defense Authorization Act passed by a 76-22 vote.) .......... there was embodied in this legislation, or this resolution sent to the Senate, language that would say our Iraqi troop structures should in part be determined by our desire to deal with Iran ......... Earlier this month, Clinton also co-sponsored legislation with Sen. Jim Webb, D-Virginia, that would prohibit military operations against Iran without congressional approval. ....... the fifth anniversary of the 77-23 Senate vote that authorized the president to use force against Iraq.
Clinton engages in heated exchange over Iran
Obama: I'm moving into new phase of campaign Baltimore Sun, United States Obama’s stump speeches have focused heavily on his biography ...... a down day in Chicago to rest and record some new campaign commercials, is appearing on CNN today to say that he is now ready for the “next phase” of his campaign, as he seeks to do a better job of clarifying his differences with Democratic frontrunner Sen. Hillary Hillary Clinton of New York. ....... Obama also suggested he could better unite the country and offer "something new, as opposed to looking backwards and simply duplicating some of the politics that we've become so accustomed to that frankly the American people are sick of” ....... He turned a bit coy when asked whether he would consider Clinton as a running mate, should he win his party’s nomination. .... “Sen. Clinton is a very capable person,” Obama said. “Right now my goal is to make sure I am the nominee and she is still the senator from New York.”
Obama shakes up his campaign staff Chicago Sun-Times, United States reorganizing his campaign, deploying key staff from the Chicago headquarters to Feb. 5 primary states while bolstering the ranks of his top leadership. ....... Obama is pushing to have organizations in place in the more than 20 states holding a primary or caucus vote on Feb. 5, a second wave after the crucial first January votes in Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina. ......... Obama confidant Valerie Jarrett, the CEO of Habitat Co. and Steve Hildebrand, now the deputy campaign manager. ....... "We're the smartest political people in America because we are actually organizing in the states instead of sitting in the headquarters," Hildebrand said. "This is what a campaign does. You organize where the votes are. This has always been the plan." ...... Eureka Gilkey, who served as Deputy Political Director for the campaign, will be the Georgia State Director ...... reassigned policy chief Mark Alexander to the job of New Jersey State director. ..... Jon Carson moves from Illinois State Director to voter contact director for the Feb. 5 states. Nate Tamarin, who was Carson's deputy, becomes the Illinois State Director.

Can He Save the Planet and Win the Presidency? Washington Post if he has pulled off a unique grand slam for 2007: an Oscar, an Emmy, a bestseller and a Nobel. ........ A great honor, they say, but not something that anyone around him expects to happen. ...... "His mind is trained on solving the global climate crisis; it really is. He's much more likely to view a possible Nobel through that prism than through a campaign for president." .......... Had she run into stronger resistance within the party, the pressure on Gore to jump in might have genuinely increased. To jump in now would be to risk a direct clash. ....... One line of argument has been that Gore still harbors resentment toward the Clintons and believes that the former president's misdeeds contributed to his failure to win the White House in 2000. And that because she backed the resolution authorizing the Iraq war in 2002 and never renounced the vote, Gore would be inclined to lend his support to someone who either opposed it (Barack Obama) or recanted his vote (John Edwards).
Canadian a leading contender for Peace Prize Globe and Mail Sheila Watt-Cloutier, the internationally known Canadian Inuit environmental activist ........ the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the UN-backed scientific body that has been a crucial source of information on the effects of global warming and ways to prevent it. ....... the message that the world's Inuit face a unique threat to their Arctic home due to global warming. .... Ms. Watt-Cloutier was the former chairwoman of the Inuit Circumpolar Council, a group representing the 150,000 Inuit spread through Canada, Alaska, Greenland and Russia....... "I do nothing more than remind the world that the Arctic is not a barren land devoid of life but a rich and majestic land that has supported our resilient culture for millennia," she said recently about her work.
Al Gore Called Away Unexpectedly for 'Exciting and Urgent Mission' FOX News

In Iowa, the Candidate's Wife Introduces the 'Real Obamas' Washington Post From Waterloo to Iowa Falls and Fort Dodge to Boone, Michelle Obama picked up her campaign pace this week, telling enthusiastic audiences that her husband can change the nation. She urged a group seated on folding chairs in a library basement here, "Just dream. If you reach into your hearts and act without fear, we can do something special." .... Michelle Obama's role, as she describes it, is to introduce "the real Obamas, not the resumes." In a stump speech that she varies and delivers without notes ...... she met this biracial guy from Hawaii with a funny name who overcame her skepticism by being authentic and principled -- and cute. ....... old Washington hands led the nation into war because of their "inability to see the forest for the trees." ....... Noting that skeptics ask whether he can take the GOP's best shot and still win, she reminded her audience of the political rough and tumble of his adopted town: "Look, we live in Chicago. Need I say more?" ....... her tenth trip to Iowa, but her first campaign overnight without daughters Malia, 9, and Sasha, 6, who remain in school in Chicago. She leaves for a London fundraising excursion on Sunday and expects to be a regular in Iowa and New Hampshire, with additional stops in South Carolina and Nevada, in the two and a half months or so before voting begins. ........ she is undaunted by Clinton's lead, remembering her husband's improbable victory in the 2004 Illinois Senate race against well-known and well-funded Democrats backed by the party establishment. ....... Clinton is overplaying her inevitability theme, and will be upbraided by independent-minded Iowa and New Hampshire voters. ...... "This is the beginning of the race. People are just starting to pay attention." ....... workshops with names such as "message training," "policy training," "grassroots organizing" and "caucus activity." ......... Obama, who worked for three years in impoverished South Side neighborhoods after graduating from Columbia University ..... "The real action is not in the last 100 days, it's in the last 30."

Obama’s New Web Ad on War Vote New York Times the day several of his Democratic presidential rivals voted for the war resolution in the early morning hours of Oct. 11, 2002. .... College crowd for Obama off the hot primary track Baltimore Sun the first major election-season event in a state considered more valuable for its campaign donations than its delegates or strategic spot in the primary calendar. ...... In the heart of one of the wealthiest African-American communities in the nation, Obama attracted a diverse crowd that greeted with relish his call for a new energy policy and an end to the Iraq war. ....... College students with identification got in last night for $15. ...... The sophistication of the Obama campaign was on display at the table where volunteers were sold $20 T-shirts and $3 buttons as if at a rock concert. A shirt with Obama's face sold out; "ObamaMama" and "Got Hope?" varieties were also popular. ....... "He's definitely appealing to college students. He's doing things to reach us, and that's appreciated," said Trisha Chakraborty, 18, a freshman at the Johns Hopkins University who drove 40 miles south with several classmates. "I'm looking for someone fresh and new, who's not jaded by the process," she said. ........ "A long resume doesn't guarantee good judgment," said Obama ...... Andrew Frett, 18, who drove 2 1/2 hours from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore, called Obama's speech "profound." ..... After the outdoor rally, Obama retreated inside for a reception with wealthier donors, who paid at least $1,000 for the more intimate encounter.
Obama Calls for an End to Arrogance New York Times “We’ve had enough arrogance in this White House.” ...... reprising their disagreement over meeting with foreign dictators.
Obama Campaigns in Maryland The Associated Press he alone has "the experience America needs right now." ..... He has been endorsed by black state lawmakers, including Rep. Elijah Cummings, a recent chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus. ..... 2,500 people attended the rally. Some were high school students who had received free tickets.
Clinton Defends Staying on Mich. Ballot The Associated Press
Clinton Faces Men, Glass Ceiling in Iowa
The Associated Press the state's tradition of turning a cold shoulder to female candidates. ....... Iowa is one of only two states — Mississippi is the other — that have never sent a woman to Congress or the governor's mansion. ....... "I was so touched the first time I shook the hand of a woman and she reached out and grabbed my hand and said to me, `I'm 95 years old. I was born before women could vote and I'm going to live long enough to see a woman in the White House!'" Clinton said in Dakota City. ...... Clinton now leading in Iowa among Democrats, with 29 percent support, up from 21 percent. ..... Clinton spent two days campaigning with two of Iowa's best known political women — former first lady Christie Vilsack and Ruth Harkin, wife of Sen. Tom Harkin. The trio stopped at a Maid-Rite restaurant for its famous loose meat sandwiches, and Clinton chatted up their server, Anita Esterday. ....... her plan for universal 401(k) accounts. ..... Iowans' desire to vote for a woman is something Roxanne Conlin hears frequently. Conlin is a co-chair of Edwards' Iowa campaign, and lost a close race for governor in 1982. She attributes the defeat to her gender. ..... "Iowa is in some significant ways a very traditional state," Conlin said. "I see so many women who say, `For crying out loud, it's our time. We've waited so long.'"

Google Tops Charts in Global Search
PC World
Report: Google phone coming soon
Blinkx challenges Google in video ad arena

Amitabh's early years

Special session of the House begins NepalNews
MPs raise grave concern over journalist Shah's abduction
Maoist proposal won’t resolve deadlock: MK Nepal

Ready to run the movie again? The Economist (she is forever bursting out laughing, whether it is appropriate or not, to counteract the idea that she has no sense of humour). ....... If George Bush senior reminded women of their first husband, Mrs Clinton reminds men of their first wife. ......... the presidential field is full of people who are “different” in some way, from John McCain, the oldest man to run for president, to Rudy Giuliani, the most divorced man to run for president, to Mitt Romney, who is a Mormon, to Dennis Kucinich, who is, well, Dennis Kucinich. ........ Mrs Clinton now exudes an overwhelming air of competence. Mr Bush is widely regarded as one of the most incompetent presidents in American history—a man who rushed blind into Baghdad, who filled his administration with lacklustre cronies, who bungled the handling of Hurricane Katrina and who famously claimed that he could not think of a single mistake he had made. Mrs Clinton is the anti-Bush: a woman who speaks in clear sentences, who has a formidable command of the facts, and who, on health care, is willing to learn from her mistakes. ........... Over 100m Americans have never known anybody but a Bush or a Clinton in the White House. ....... Mrs Clinton will bring back the same cast of characters that everybody wearied of in the 1990s, from slick money-raisers like Terry McAuliffe to professional conservative-haters like Sidney Blumenthal. ........ Mr Clinton remarked that he once told Hillary, when they were both students at Yale, that “I have met all the most gifted people in our generation and you're the best.” .......... Mrs Clinton is still surrounded by the same fanatically loyal and combative staff that she had in the 1990s. America will be stuck not just in the same tired culture war, but also in the same culture war fought by the same characters. ......... All told, she looks likely to translate this into both the Democratic nomination and a victory in November 2008. But whether a Clinton restoration will be good for America is a much more difficult question.

Obama's wife in van hit by motorcycle USA Today
Michelle Obama's van involved in Iowa crash Chicago Tribune
Michelle Obama not hurt in Iowa car crash Chicago Sun-Times
Michelle Obama's van involved in Iowa crash Chicago Tribune
Briefs: Motorcycle hits Obama van
Chicago Daily Herald, IL

A hot date briefly takes Obama off campaign trail Baltimore Sun, United States his 15th wedding anniversary. ..... Obama has repeatedly made it clear that he prefers the South Side White Sox.
Michelle Obama: 'He swept me off my feet' Chicago Sun-Times, United States Michelle Robinson and Barack Obama had been dating for a couple of years, and she was tired of his endless debates about whether marriage still meant anything as an institution. ....... So when Obama launched into one of those discussions yet again over dinner at a fancy restaurant in 1991, Robinson lit into her boyfriend, lecturing him on the need to get serious in their relationship. ....... Then dessert came. On the plate was a box. Inside was an engagement ring. ..... "He said, 'That kind of shuts you up, doesn't it?' " Michelle Obama recounted years later. ........ Everybody at the firm had been buzzing about the smart, first-year Harvard Law School student, so she was expecting him to be "nerdy, strange, off-putting." ...... because of their professional relationship, Michelle Robinson tried to fix Obama up with her friends
Could A "Hidden" Youth Vote Propel Obama? CBS News, NY greater media attention, campaign cash, and support from the political establishment. ...... barely one in five potential voters usually shows up to their caucus. ..... "The voters tend to be older, less well educated, and less affluent generally than primary voters in larger states." ...... about 100,000 Iowans participated in the Democratic caucuses -- it doesn't take a huge number of new supporters to swing the vote in a candidate's favor. ..... "In all my many years of political activity I have not seen a candidate with Obama's talent. I have not seen young people as excited about a candidate, including Dean. He's just on a different level. He's so energized young people, and it's not just young people -- there's minorities, independents, even some Republicans, people who don't normally caucus." ........ "The campaign has told me that they're looking at young people as the icing on the cake, but they're still baking the cake," he says. "They're working very, very hard with traditional caucus goers, whatever their age." ..... Obama spent much of September in Iowa ...... Iowans tend to reward candidates who spend time in the state, shaking hands with locals and engaging in retail politics. They also reward a good statewide organization
Obama Hopes to Surprise Clinton in Iowa ABC News Barack Obama's hopes for the Democratic nomination hinge on getting hundreds of thousands of new voters fired up enough to actually turn out and on spending a good chunk of his $80 million at the very end of a front-loaded campaign. ......... Continue building Obama's support among both traditional and nontraditional voters. ...... blacks and young people even high school seniors. ...... "If they show up every Wednesday night to volunteer in your local office, do you think they aren't going to show up on election night?" ....... While Dean, like Obama, attracted a lot of out-of-staters to Iowa to volunteer, the Obama campaign is careful to make sure that locals are leading the outreach to residents. ........ much more methodical about counting votes ...... taking a page from Edwards' 2004 strategy by concentrating on rural areas ..... put Obama in as many rural counties as possible before Clinton can get there and to line up prominent farmers and rural leaders early. And each time Obama visits a rural county, he records a thank you message to the community that is played on local radio an inexpensive way to advertise.
See Dick Morris Seethe About Hillary FOX News Two years ago, Dick took the position that only Condi Rice could beat Hillary. ........ his kids aren’t speaking to him, 9/11 survivors and relief workers are attacking him, and his wife is calling him in the middle of speeches. ....... To succeed in a presidential campaign, you have to have a very well-lit fire in your belly. Without it, you step back, become too cautious, and don’t move.
Obama Campaigns in Maryland The Associated Press
Obama Raises Cash in Affluent Black Washington Suburb MyFox Washington DC a Washington suburb that is among the nation's wealthiest majority-black counties. ....... Prince George's County, a majority black jurisdiction ....... Rep. Elijah Cummings, a black Baltimore Democrat who recently was chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus. Cummings is hosting the Wednesday event along with Maryland Attorney General Douglas Gansler.
Barack Obama: World's Worst Negotiator Huffington Post, NY
Obama Urges Schwarzenegger to Let Illegal Immigrants Get Aid Chronicle of Higher Education
Barack Obama minus the audacity to be himself
Daily Star - Lebanon, Lebanon John F. Kennedy was "graceful" precisely in his unscripted moments of irreverence and wit. Ronald Reagan, too, mastered the art of controlled spontaneity; people accused him of reading his lines, but his real gift was an actor's ability to improvise. ......... He may be the smartest candidate in either party this year, and also the most visionary. But traveling with him, you get the sense that he's tight as a tick. He's Mr. Cool, holding himself back, wary of letting audiences see either his passion or his vulnerability. .......... RFK is such an icon now that we forget how cold and calculating he had been through most of his career, the opposite of his elegant and witty older brother. ........ A turning point was a speech at Kansas State University the day after the brooding Kennedy finally announced he would run. "His voice flat and stammering, his right leg shaking, Kennedy began tentatively, but then cut loose," Thomas writes, and an aide said "the field house sounded like it was inside Niagara Falls." Thomas quotes campaign reporter Jules Witcover on how Kennedy fed off the roiling response: "He himself seemed to be pulled up on it like a small boy on a towering seaside breaker, riding it willingly, daringly, with evident exhilaration." ......... It's not a bad book, but it has been leached of emotion. ....... In private, you sense that he has a self-deprecating wit and a sense of the absurd. But it rarely surfaces in public, where he often displays an earnest self-seriousness that makes Al Gore seem lighthearted. ...... When Bobby Kennedy finally put all the pieces together in the 1968 California primary, he became a different candidate. His adviser Richard Goodwin wrote, "The change in Kennedy was startling. The frantic sense of the early campaign, the harsh, punched lines, defensively seeking assurance in assertion and command of fact, were gone. There was now an easy grace, a strength that was unafraid of softness."
Obama goes to ground in Georgia Atlanta Journal Constitution, USA The Obama campaign will open a staff headquarters in Atlanta on Nov. 1 - just three months before the Feb. 5 presidential primary in Georgia. ...... Georgia serves as an excellent source of manpower for its efforts in South Carolina.
Obama to add offices to Nevada organization Las Vegas Sun a total of 50 field workers in the state. ...... "Our focus has really been on building an organization precinct by precinct in Nevada" ....... Democratic campaigns have been building organizations, but have devoted very limited candidate attention and almost no media spending to the state. ...... Clinton has not campaigned in Nevada for nearly eight weeks .... State polls have shown Clinton with a firm lead over both Obama and Edwards. Candidate visits and grassroots organizing don't appear to have changed that. ..... Bill Richardson, the candidate who has dedicated the most time to retail politics in Nevada

Judge Suspends Key Bush Effort in Immigration
New York Times
Federal judge puts brakes on illegal immigration crackdown San Jose Mercury News
Putin Sees No Proof of Iran Arms Plans New York Times
Nepal Ponders Monarchy's Fate Amid Security Concerns Voice of America
Student, 14, Shoots 4 and Kills Himself in Cleveland School New York Times
Missing Atlantic City Mayor Resigns New York Times
House Panel Raises Furor on Armenian Genocide
New York Times A House committee voted on Wednesday to condemn the mass killings of Armenians in Turkey in World War I as an act of genocide, rebuffing an intense campaign by the White House and warnings from Turkey’s government that the vote would gravely strain its relations with the United States. ...... the politically influential Armenian-American population ..... California, New Jersey and Michigan, with their large Armenian populations ..... A total of 1.5 million Armenians were killed beginning in 1915 in a systematic campaign by the fraying Ottoman Empire to drive Armenians out of eastern Turkey. Turks acknowledge that hundreds of thousands of Armenians died but contend that the deaths, along with thousands of others, resulted from the war that ended with the creation of modern Turkey in 1923. ............. about 70 percent of all air cargo sent to Iraq passed through or came from Turkey, as did 30 percent of fuel and virtually all the new armored vehicles designed to withstand mines and bombs. ...... Turkey severed military ties with France after its Parliament voted in 2006 to make the denial of the Armenian genocide a crime. ....... a 92-year-old question. ....... Parliamentary approval would bring Turkey the closest it has been since 2003 to a full-scale military offensive into Iraq. ...... “Memories of Turks, however, are not that easy to erase once it hits sensitive spots.”
2 Women Killed in Security Shooting Are Buried in Iraq
New York Times
Obama Says Clinton Giving 'Revisionist History' on Iraq
Washington Post a different critique: Clinton as a flip-flopper. ....... she indicates she was only authorizing only inspectors or additional diplomacy." ....... and not waffle," Obama said. ...... who got the most important foreign policy discussion since the Cold War right and who got it wrong."
Clinton Switches Gears for NH Washington Post after being introduced at a town hall meeting by Kedar Gupta, one of the founders of the company. ..... the giant banner with "Rebuilding the road to the middle class" emblazoned across it to remind audiences of this week's theme.
Obama Runs Energy Ad in NH The Associated Press
Obama Says Rivals Have Failed The Associated Press He said active trading is a key way to keep the United States competitive. ........ "We're not going to draw a moat around the United States' economy. If we do that, then China is still trading, India is still going to be trading" ...... not because I have some perfect solution that every other expert and every other candidate has somehow missed, but because I believe the American people are ready for a president who can unite us around a common purpose," he said. ....... a president who has spent most of his time in office denying the very existence of global warming, suggesting that it might be a hoax," Obama said. ....... he would not pledge to stop all new nuclear power plants.
Running mate not only job Clinton could offer Obama Chicago Tribune "Conventional thinkers like to make this sound risky, pairing a woman and a black man on the ticket," Quindlen wrote in her open letter to Clinton. "But ... anyone who would be put off by Obama isn't going to vote for you [Clinton] in the first place." .......... there are few factors that are harder to predict than race and gender. ........ if elected president, Clinton would offer Obama a seat on the U.S. Supreme Court.
Clinton Unveils Her Retirement Savings Plan New York Times
Giuliani, Romney Try to Make 2-Man Race The Associated Press
Hate-Crime Investigation at Columbia New York Times A hangman’s noose was found hanging on the door of a black professor’s office at Columbia University Teachers College ..... Madonna Constantine, 44, a prominent author, educator and psychologist....... The discovery of the noose — a widely reviled symbol of black lynchings in the South and elsewhere — sparked anger and fierce debate across the campus. ........ “Jena at Columbia” ...... a major opportunity for Columbia to begin the process of dealing directly and honestly with race and racism. It’s a hot button issue that is representative of the larger community and society.” ......... “At the beginning, we were shocked that something like this would happen. Then, we felt angry.”

'Bihar needs Central fund' Times of India A single index of backwardness in any state is its per capita power consumption. But in a state like Bihar the per capita power consumption is 75 KW as against a national average of 600 KW.
India’s communists confident of blocking nuclear deal Daily Times The deal will allow energy-hungry India to buy civilian nuclear technology while possessing atomic weapons and despite not having signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. In exchange, India must put selected nuclear facilities under international safeguards, including inspections. ....... The left-wing alliance is worried that traditionally non-aligned India is getting too close to Washington, and that the government may be compromising the future development of the country’s nuclear weapons programme. Singh and Congress party chief Sonia Gandhi however insist that the deal is crucial for future growth and bring the country into the mainstream of global nuclear commerce.
Tiananmen generation could rule China Telegraph.co.uk One of the two, Li Keqiang, 52, mixed in his student days with future leaders of the Tiananmen Square protest movement, and in 1989 was a senior official in the Communist Youth League, which defended the demonstrators as "patriots". .......... In the 60 years the party has been in power, potential successors have often been purged – or worse. ........ Both were "sent-down youths" – teenagers sent to the countryside in the Cultural Revolution to do manual labour. ...... discussed democratic ideals with future leaders of the Tiananmen Square protests, some now in exile.
Supporters of Gore Lead a Movement That Lacks a Candidate New York Times Mr. Gore’s representatives say he has no plans to run or interest in doing so. ...... The former vice president has undergone an extraordinary metamorphosis, after all, publicly evolving from likely president-elect to stunning loser to lost soul to national and even international hero. ...... has earned him a nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize ...... “Hopefully,” Mr. Alexander said, “the euphoria of winning the Nobel Peace Prize, plus all this other positive stuff, will be enough for him to say: ‘O.K., this thing is taking off. We’re ready to run.’”
Gore, Climate Activists, Head Contenders for Nobel Peace Prize Bloomberg 181 nominations for the 10 million-krona ($1.5 million) prize ........ The most likely candidates to win are Al Gore and Sheila Watt-Cloutier ...... An award to an environmentalist would mark a shift in how the five-member Nobel committee defines peace work. The prize has often gone to people working to end armed conflicts or fighting for democratic and human rights. Kenya's Wangari Maathai was the first environmentalist to get it, in 2004. ........ Of the 181 nominees for this year's award, 46 were for organizations and the rest for individuals. ..... Previous winners, parliaments and governments, university chancellors and leaders of peace research institutes can propose candidates. ....... Thich Quang Do, who is held under house arrest in Vietnam, Chechnyan lawyer Lida Yusupova or Chinese dissident Rebiya Kadeer
Blinkx challenges Google in video ad arena Inquirer.net blinkx founder and chief executive Suranga Chandratillake.
Big B turns 65 today : The other Bachchan Daily News & Analysis Deepak Sawant, who has been Amitabh’s make-up man for the last 36 years...and still counting. ..... As Bachchan turns 65 today, it is the prankster in him that Sawant remembers the most. ..... he has always been a workaholic, speaking very sparingly, and only when absolutely required. But he also a naughty side that people who have been around him know and love. ...... he’s been rock steady through the years. ..... penchant for punctuality ..... “He always arrives before time on shoots, reads the paper, and only then does he call me in to start make-up” ....... a fetish for being very, very neat. Things will always be in place when he is around. ..... “In this industry, there are people who try to create misunderstandings. We were both hurt by what happened and decided to go separate ways. But we were destined to work together. After a few years passed, we met and sorted our differences — it was as if nothing had changed. ....... he asked, “Why can’t anyone else do make-up like you?” ...... Amitabh walked out of Lilavati straight to the sets of Sawant’s Bhojpuri film — a project that would have broken him had it remained incomplete. ..... His father Harivansh Rai Bachchan had first considered naming him Inquilab before settling for Amitabh ..... At home, he was fondly referred to as Munna ..... He burnt his left hand during Diwali in 1983. He kept his injured hand in his pocket through the shooting of ‘Sharabi’.
Big B still rules the roost NDTV.com Of all the top actors, Amitabh had the maximum number of releases this year. While Salman had three, Shah Rukh one and Aamir Khan none, Amitabh had six releases in 2007. ..... Eklavya - The Royal Guard, is India's official entry for the Oscars this year. He also received the National Award for best actor from President Pratibha Patil last month for his role in Black. ..... "Hollywood, which has power and strength, has destroyed local film industry in Europe and Britain. Now they are coming to India. But we welcome competition." ....... preparing for his first world tour with son Abhishek and daughter-in-law Aishwarya. .... The Unforgettable Tour, a series of stage shows next year in 18 cities across the world
Pope Blesses Italian Soccer Team The Associated Press
Dell Launches Thin Client Alternative To Traditional Desktops InformationWeek machines that run off a central server delivering the operating system, applications, and data. ....... can reduce IT labor costs by 56%. The new product is targeted at large and midsize commercial and institutional organizations, such as call centers and education computer labs. ...... some experts aren't so sure that the new system would save much money, given the upfront cost of replacing a company's current infrastructure. Also making thin clients less attractive is the low-cost of business PCs, which Dell sells for less than $400
Dell says he'll be ready with PC alternatives Computerworld
State and county STD rate soars Los Angeles Times An estimated 1 million young Californians had a sexually transmitted disease in 2005, including 1 in every 4 or 5 young people in Los Angeles County ....... the large number of new cases of chlamydia and gonorrhea -- which are associated with HIV and are considered to be among the most serious STDs -- among people age 15 to 24 ..... "We don't have young people using protection when they are having sex." ...... the direct cost of treating the new infections is more than $1 billion per year.
Hospital Workers Punished for Peeking at Clooney File New York Times