Burma: Momentum Is Key To Victory

Shame On The Top Politicians Of The World: Burma Asks For More
In Solidarity With The Burmese People

This is not 1988. They can not kill 3,000 people like they did back then. If they do, China can kiss the 2008 Olympics goodbye.

They might kill 100, maybe 200, maybe even 500.

But the way to reduce the casualties is not to get off the streets. That way thousands of Burmese will keep dying slow deaths for years.

The key is for the people of Burma to come out in the streets in the millions. 10 million Burmese should come out into the streets. That is the only way. The world stands by them, but they must stand up, they must march, day after day after day.

No peace talks. The generals have to surrender, totally and unconditionally. The marches come to an end only after Suu Kyi has been anointed interim Prime Minister of the country. Her mandate would be to form a multi-party interim government that will give Burma an interim constitution within a month, and elections to a constituent assembly within a year.

China and India and Europe and America and Australia and everyone else must use all channels of communication private and public to make it absolutely clear to the devil generals that they have no choice. Their time is up. They have to exit. They have to be shown the door.

But all depends of millions of Burmese coming out into the streets. The democracy activists must get sophisticated. They must infiltrate the military. They must attack the military with confusion campaigns. The rank and file soldiers must be made to feel this regime has at most two weeks, and then it is gone. And so they must think. They must think for themselves. Penetrate the army with sophisticated whisper campaigns.

The street protests have to be daily, unceasing, and they must grow larger by the day. Dawn to dusk, day after day, in the millions, in every town, every city, every hamlet, every village.

The ethnic minorities who have been fighting the military must be brought in by promising them federalism and autonomy in Suu Kyi's Burma. They too have to join the democracy movement.

The Burmese diaspora must organize in every country where they might be present. Protest in front of all Burmese embassies around the world. Bring along your local friends, and the local media.

The show of force has to be overwhelming.

There are two goals: establishment of democracy, and with the fewest casualties possible. You achieve both through an overwhelming show of force.

10 to 20 million inside Burma, hundreds of thousands across the world, marching, protesting.

Victory is near.

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Myanmar Forces Chase Down Protesters New York Times Myanmar’s armed forces appeared to have succeeded Friday in sealing tens of thousands of protesting monks inside their monasteries, but they continued to attack bands of civilian demonstrators who challenged them in the streets of the main city, Yangon. ....... troops were now confronting and attacking smaller groups of civilians around the city, sometimes running after them through narrow streets, sometimes firing at protesting groups. ........ the military is being very quick to use violence, tear gas, guns and clubs ...... the death toll was “several multiples of the 10 acknowledged by the authorities.” ......... an apparent government clampdown on Internet and telephone communications. ..... Exile groups passed on many vivid, unconfirmed reports about brutality toward monks and their superiors. Many monks were reported to have been seized and driven away in trucks, and armed soldiers were said to have been preventing others from leaving. ....... “Wednesday night numerous monasteries were raided, and we have reports that many monks were beaten and arrested, and we have pictures where whole monasteries have been trashed, and blood and broken glass” ....... With the monks contained, another diplomat said, the demonstrations seemed to have lost their focus, and soldiers were quick to pounce on any groups that emerged onto the streets. ......... “There are pockets of protesters left. They are unorganized, and it’s all very small scale.” ...... a trade embargo that has left Western countries with little leverage with the junta. ..... videojournalist, Kenji Nagai. Videotape has emerged showing that Mr. Nagai, who was killed Thursday while filming the protests near the Sule Pagoda, may have been shot at close range as a target instead of having died in cross-fire. ..... “The military is doing their best to frighten people into going back, but they are not doing anything about the underlying grievances,” Ms. Villarosa said. “Whether they will ultimately be successful, I doubt, because the grievances are real.” ..... deep discontent and anger over the economic mismanagement and harsh rule of the junta. .... In 45 years of military rule — and 19 years under the current junta — the country once known as Burma has become a ragged, suffering nation, one of the poorest and most repressed in Asia. ......The crowds grew suddenly much larger after Sept. 18, when huge columns of monks filled the streets and residents joined them by the tens of thousands. Over the next week the demonstrations swelled to as many as 100,000 monks and supporters in Yangon alone........... Defying international warnings and condemnation, the government crackdown began Wednesday morning with raids on several monasteries and the use of aggressive force on the streets.
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Bloggers in Burma keep world informed during military crackdown San Francisco Chronicle Dodging a deadly military crackdown that has killed at least nine protesters, Burmese bloggers are on the front lines, providing news and photos of death and insurrection. ..... Their Internet blogs, written in Burmese and grammatically flawed English, are posted mostly by residents of Rangoon ....... The bloggers rely on word-of-mouth, cell phones, online chat groups, instant messaging, and firsthand accounts of protesters facing barricaded streets, tear gas and gunfire from Burmese security forces. The best blogs provide photos, video and text updates purportedly by eyewitnesses, which are later confirmed by news organizations or, in some cases, can't be verified. ...... blogger accounts have captivated the outside world, including President Bush and the United Nations. ...... Burmese and foreign bloggers in Rangoon, Mandalay, the nation's second-largest city, and elsewhere have risked their lives to document the pro-democracy demonstrations ..... www.xanga.com/dawn_1o9 ...... "I heard the gun shots too, but it sounded a lot like clapping. ...... ko-htike.blogspot.com .... "now the regime open fire into these group, and used fire engine to sweep the blood on the street." ...... burmesedayze.blogspot.com .... "The BBC is getting hold of a reasonable amount of video footage that people are taking surreptitiously and sending to them," the foreigner posted Saturday. "Some of it is hand-held video clips shot from the hip (so that the photographer isn't too obvious to the police watching the marches), while other clips seem to have been shot out of windows in tall buildings in downtown Rangoon." ...... Even before the current protests, Burma had a strong presence on the Internet, created over the years by Burmese dissidents and foreigners who had established pro-democracy Web sites in Thailand, Europe, United States and elsewhere. ..... www.irrawaddy.org .... www.dvb.no ..... mizzima.com ... weunite-weblog.blogspot.com ..... saffronrevolutionworldwide.blogspot.com ..... the site's bloggers, who are in Mae Sot, Thailand, near the Burma border.
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Netzen Pelous said…
I think we need to put pression on China if we want to achieve something in Burma. One idea is to challenge the moral of attending Olympics games in a Country that does not support democracy.

Some proposed artworks were made or proposed here :
Let me know your opinions.

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