Coke Gatorade, Not Coke Pepsi

Jujutsu - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jujutsu evolved among the samurai of feudal Japan as a method for dispatching an armed and armored opponent in situations where the use of weapons was impractical or forbidden. Due to the difficulty of dispatching an armored opponent with striking techniques, the most efficient methods for neutralizing an enemy took the form of pins, joint locks, and throws. These techniques were developed around the principle of using an attacker's energy against him, rather than directly opposing it, and came to be known as jujutsu.

1991, 2007

George H. W. Bush was considered invincible in 1991. Today Hillary Clinton is being considered invincible. Polls and public moods are notoriously volatile and fickle.

2003, 2007

At this point in 2003, I believe Joe Lieberman was leading the national polls. Or it might have been a little earlier in the season. You know why? Because the dude had run for Vice President only a few years earlier. The dude had name recognition.

2003, 2007

Howard Dean was leading the national polls and the polls in all the early states in December 2003. He felt so confident of victory in Iowa, he took an ill-timed trip to Georgia to go hang out with Jimmy Carter who he apparently had liked a whole lot when Carter ran for president. Guess what happened a few weeks later.

Like Dean, Hillary today leads in the national polls and the early state polls.

January 2004, January 2008

It is more important for Hillary to win Iowa than it is for Barack. Because of her lead in the national polls throughout 2007, a loss in Iowa could prove fatal to Hillary. And if it does not, she will have lost some serious momentum.

I Stand With Michelle: Iowa Must And Can Be Won

2000, 2008

Hillary is like George W in more ways than one. W also had a significant other who had been in the White House, his father. Most of W's name recognition came from his father. Most of Hillary's name recognition comes from her husband.

Hillary voted for the Iraq War. W wanted her to vote for the Iraq War.

W gave money to the oil companies in spades, and the American people were saddled with higher gas prices. Hillary wants to give truckloads of money to the insurance companies. If you think health care takes too big a chunk out of the nation's GDP, wait until Hillary has had her say.

Hillary 2008 is like W 2000. There is major emphasis on discipline and control, on staying on message. Major effort is put to make sure Hillary does not end up meeting random voters and journalists. She is, for the most part, stage managed and scripted.

2004, 2008: Different?

There are a few differences though. One, Hillary is no Howard Dean. I don't expect her to implode. If she does not win the nomination, she is going to be a close second, kind of like Lyndon Johnson to JFK in 1960.

Imagining Obama As Vice President
Hillary For Senate Majority Leader

And February 5 is what is a major difference this time around. I don't think the people in the February 5 states are going to say, oh, now that I know how the good white people in Iowa voted, I am also going to vote the same way. The whole idea of all those states shifting to the earlier date of February 5 has been so as to prove the historically early states are, at best, Djibouti.

Granted if you win Iowa, you are on the front page of every newspaper in America the following morning, but I am betting January is not when it will be decided. This time February 5 is more important.

173 Vs 1,433 Delegates: February 5 Is Key


Hillary is a viable candidate for president. She has a very good chance of winning. Barack will be tougher to beat than Rudy. If she is the nominee, I am confident she will win in the fall. If she wins in the fall, I think she will be a good president.

A lot of women have really bought into this viability thing, women who never expected to see a woman president in their lifetimes.

It has been my conjecture that gender has been the number one issue in this race, not Iraq, not health care, not global warming.

The Grassroots Power Woman
Michelle Obama Is Just Fabulous
Wife Won't Do, Got To Court Women With Policy And Outreach
Muscular Gender Agenda
Hillary's Beijing Speech

The Biggest Woman In America: Oprah

Hollywood Gets It
Oprah Needs To Hit The Campaign Trail

Oprah's total endorsement of Obama shows race is a bigger issue than gender in America, it is a bigger issue than gender for minority women.

Oprah is the only person in America who can neutralize Billie Clinton, and that guy needs to be neutralized. Oprah can not outdo Bill Clinton politically. But she is the only black billionaire on the planet. She can help in the money department. And she can neutralize Hillary's gender thing.

Oprah has to host about 20 fundraisers all over America this quarter. $2300 a plate. We are doing the $25 per person on our own just fine. Let her bring in upwards of $6 million this quarter. How about $10 million. That is 10 fundraisers in the 10 biggest cities bringing $1 million each. That is so very doable. Oprah can do it, she can rock the vote.

And put the guy on your show a few times. And like Michelle said at the Harlem event where I saw her for the first time, "Ladies, he was cute!" She is like, if you are not impressed by his policy or resume, shoot for the looks, damnit!

Michelle Obama Is Just Fabulous

Barack appearing on the Oprah show a few times will make all the difference.

Swift Boat, Strength And Experience

John Kerry was swift boated in 2004. Like Max Cleland was Vietnamed. The point is the facts did not matter. He refused to respond to a political attack, and he lost.

Barack Obama got "strength and experience"d in the third quarter. His not hitting back cost him. This is no different from swift boat. This is not about the facts of wether or not Barack has the "strength and the experience." Of course he does. He showed strength in 2002, Hillary showed the lack of it.

Hillary 2008 put out that phrase on a daily basis during the third quarter.

The counterattack should have also been a phrase. Judgment to lead? Judgment and leadership? And it should have been near daily. It has to feel like a counterattack. To the people.

Barack: Judgment And Leadership
Barack: Strength And Judgment

Instead Barack blinked.

This was one chance to engage Hillary. Otherwise she acts like Barack is not even in the room, kind of like Tim Russert.

Tim Russert: Bill O'Reilly's Lower Case Cousin

When Barack engages Hillary, he goes up in the polls.

The Exchange

There is nothing new about the politics of taking it lying down. John Kerry already tried that in 2004.

Coke Gatorade, Coke Pepsi

Hillary's job is to make the case Barack and her are like Coke and Pepsi. If she succeeds, she wins.

Barack's job is to make the case Hillary is Coke and he is Gatorade. If he succeeds in projecting that, he wins.

You don't hit back in a personal way. You hit back so as to draw out the real distinctions that do exist.

In The News

Turkey prepares for operation in Iraq Houston Chronicle
US warns against Turkish action in Iraq Reuters India
British jurors trace Diana and Dodi's last steps Reuters the jurors traveled through the tunnel seven times on Monday, by coach and on foot, and once on Tuesday ...... Dodi's father Mohamed al-Fayed says the couple were killed by British security services acting on the orders of Queen Elizabeth's husband, Diana's former father-in-law. ....... Investigations by French and British police concluded the deaths were a tragic accident caused by a speeding driver, who was found to be drunk and who also died in the crash.
New political deal angers Pakistanis Christian Science Monitor the events of the past week here could push him to terrorism. .... an unexpected admission, not only because the young business student could be the face of Pakistani moderation: educated, beardless, and dressed in Western clothes. ........ Citizens see it not as a step toward democracy, but as a United States-brokered deal to prop up Pakistan's ruling elite, which is almost universally viewed as corrupt. As such, the deal exacerbates two of Pakistanis' most deeply ingrained frustrations: that America meddles too much in its affairs, and that justice is subverted by the rich and withheld from the poor. ......... the court legitimizes the election, Musharraf will take off the Army uniform, and Bhutto will be allowed to run for a third term as prime minister. ...... has increased the perception that power trumps justice in Pakistan. ...... Jehangir looks to Americans with envy. "Whatever their religion or beliefs, at least they have rule of law." ....... she has said she would allow US forces into Pakistan to look for Osama bin Laden. ...... a hugely unpopular idea here ..... "judging by her statements … it seems Bhutto doesn't have her hand on the pulse of the public anymore ...... Pakistan's lawyers, who began the current uprising against Musharraf six months ago ....... there has been talk of establishing a lawyer's party to contest the January parliamentary elections.
Obama Proposes Capping Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Making ... New York Times creating an auction system requiring power companies and other industries to pay for their pollution. By the year 2020, he said, emissions would be reduced to levels from 1990. ........ imposing a national cap on carbon emissions, investing $150 billion over 10 years to develop new energy sources and reducing dependence on foreign oil by 35 percent by 2030. ........ “Businesses don’t own the sky, the public does, and if we want them to stop polluting it, we have to put a price on all pollution.” ........ a mandatory “cap and trade” program across the economy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to the level recommended by top scientists ......... businesses would be required to buy allowances to pollute, which would create financial incentives to limit energy use or reduce emissions. ...... carbon emissions, which by 2050 would be reduced to 80 percent below the levels in 1990. ....... criticized those who opposed gradual increases in gasoline mileage standards for cars, which included Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton ...... was praised Monday by the League of Conservation Voters, an independent group.
Clinton talks trade and mortgages in Iowa Los Angeles Times rolling out proposals to toughen U.S. trade policy and help homeowners facing higher adjustable-rate mortgage payments. ..... "Middle-Class Express Bus Tour" ..... "Too many families are standing on that trapdoor, just one diagnosis, one pink slip, one missed mortgage payment away from falling through and losing everything they've worked for" ....... Much of what Clinton presented in her 50-minute speech was familiar ...... a blue bus with "Rebuilding the Road to the Middle Class" plastered across the sides
Au revoir, Obama. It's Hillary Clinton all the way Globe and Mail Every indicator now massively favours Ms. Clinton's campaign. In the latest national poll, released last week by The Washington Post and ABC News, she had the support of 53 per cent of Democratic voters. Challenger Barack Obama had slipped to 20 per cent ....... Ms. Clinton raised $27-million (U.S.) to Mr. Obama's $20-million. ....... Conventional wisdom holds that all of these advantages can turn to dust if one candidate or another does better or worse than expected in the crucial Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina caucuses and primaries in early 2008. That may not be the case this time, since half the states, including New York and California, will hold their primaries on Feb. 5, limiting the ability of dark horses to exploit early successes. ....... has the New York senator at 29 per cent in Iowa, comfortably ahead of John Edwards (23 per cent), and Mr. Obama (22 per cent). ..... Ms. Clinton doesn't have to win the early primaries, she just has to not lose them. Her powerful national organization will take care of the rest on Feb. 5. ...... the Michigan/Florida factor. ...... The results in Michigan and Florida will, however, have a powerful psychological effect. ...... Skeptics observe that Howard Dean was comfortably in the lead in the Democratic primaries four years ago, only to come a cropper in Iowa, and that none of the big names would run for the Democratic nomination in 1992 because everyone knew president George Bush was invincible. ......... a 30-point lead in the polls and an unmatched political organization ...... the organization. The Clintons built a formidable political machine to advance Bill Clinton's presidential prospects, and Ms. Clinton inherited that machine. ....... She would be one of the best qualified presidents ever to inherit the office, having spent eight years in the White House and eight in the Senate. She knows the system and can work it. ....... Fred Thompson's late arrival has thus far sparked neither light nor heat. ...... The Democrats have out-fundraised the Republicans $230-million to $149-million. .... it is impossible to imagine, right now, what it would take for Hillary to lose.

Britain to cut its force in Iraq by half Los Angeles Times
China says damage from tropical storm Krosa tops US$1 billion
Jerusalem Post
US eyes next step after Costa Rica backs trade pact
Myanmar Reaches Out to Dissident
New York Times the government was not planning to release her any time soon ..... “The three demands of the protesters — lowering consumer prices, release of Aung San Suu Kyi and political prisoners, and national reconciliation — cannot be satisfied through protest” ...... The drafting of a new constitution is one of the steps on a “road map” that the junta says will lead to a form of “disciplined democracy,” but the constitutional guidelines it adopted in August assured that the military would play the dominant role in any government. ........ Singapore does not permit gatherings of more than five people without a permit.
Albuquerque's Democratic mayor to seek Domenici's seat USA Today
Google's Stock Tops $600 for First Time Forbes
From Child On Street To Nobel Laureate
Washington Post being a homeless street urchin, suffering from malnutrition in an Italian hospital, immigrating to the United States -- and yesterday, winning the Nobel Prize in medicine. ....... Capecchi moved from town to town, hungry most of the time and occasionally living in orphanages or traveling with gangs of other homeless children who stole food from carts while other members of the group distracted the vendors. "Just surviving from day to day pretty much occupies your mind" ....... His mother, who was liberated from Dachau by U.S. troops in 1945, found him at the hospital after searching for more than a year. ...... She took him to Rome, where he had his first bath in six years. ....... At Harvard, he worked in the lab of molecular biologist James D. Watson, one of the co-discoverers of the structure of DNA. ....... how mouse genes can be manipulated to better understand and model serious illnesses in humans such as cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes and Alzheimer's disease. ....... The groundbreaking work is considered to have laid the scientific foundation for efforts to eradicate some diseases in humans by manipulating genes. ....... "Mario has a strong, independent mind and a willingness to pursue good ideas and important projects despite adversity" ........ "There was real opposition to his ideas and disbelief that his approach would be fruitful"
Google And IBM Partner To Push Cloud Computing InformationWeek large-scale distributed computing. ....... this emerging computing paradigm. ....... The fundamental architecture of computing is changing ...... now more performance gains come from processor density than transistor density. "You need to design your software to that it scales horizontally," he said, referring to the challenges of programming for many multicore processors working in parallel. ........... 'Internet-scale' computing ...... "It's no longer enough to program one machine well; to tackle tomorrow's challenges, students need to be able to program thousands of machines to manage massive amounts of data in the blink of an eye." ........ IBM and Microsoft were pushing Internet-scale distributed computing as a new model. ....... Sun Microsystems(SUNW) has also long been an advocate of what it calls grid computing. ...... "to train tomorrow's programmers to write software that can support a tidal wave of global Web growth and trillions of secure transactions every day."

LJP to go solo in Bihar elections Economic Times
Paswan Unhappy with Fast Track Courts in Bihar Patna Daily
Fix 5 year term for LS:Paswan Chennai Online UPA government facing threat from Left parties who insist on withdrawing support in the event of operationalisation of the nuclear deal..... "In order to avoid a mid-term poll which will cost the nation thousands of crores of public money, a consensus should be evolved among political parties for a fixed five-year term for the Lok Sabha in the event of a government getting reduced to minority," Paswan said. ..... The Lok Janshakti Party (LJP) president, however, felt that the chances of a mid-term election, as a result of the Left withdrawing its crucial outside support to the Manmohan Singh government, were remote.

Au revoir, Obama. It's Hillary Clinton all the way Globe and Mail
Obama Proposes Deep Greenhouse Gas Cuts
The Associated Press
Clinton Turns to Economic Issues
Wall Street Journal

A Senate Star Glimmers Less on the Stump New York Times a vicious circle: low poll numbers discourage news coverage, and a lack of coverage makes raising poll numbers difficult. ...... the wall-to-wall coverage his race for president drew two decades ago ..... “the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy,” which offended many. ...... in breakfasts and lunches of a dozen here, a few dozen there. ..... his 1988 campaign. That year, after a promising start, he dropped out of the race after he was caught exaggerating his academic record at a town hall meeting and, in a major debate, using lines from a British politician without attribution. ......... his stories-within-stories about the Senate and his meetings with presidents and world leaders. ........ the death of his first wife and toddler daughter in a car accident just after he was first elected to the Senate, his decision to commute home to Delaware every night to be with his two sons .......... how he rebuilt his career and his life with his wife, Jill, and his family.

A Tiny Town, Suddenly Smaller by Seven, Mourns and Wonders, Why? New York Times “There is nothing that happened before or after yesterday’s events that has given us any insight into why.” ........ were watching movies, dozing and eating pizza. ...... Mr. Peterson, who many people said had a tumultuous relationship with Ms. Murray and had not been invited to the gathering ...... ranging in age from 14 to 20, including two young men whom schoolmates said Mr. Peterson considered close friends ....... Peterson’s next hours as a fugitive, the authorities said, were spent driving and talking on a telephone. At one point, he spoke to John Denne, the police chief and his boss. ........ He had undergone a background investigation and training, and met all needed requirements, they said. No psychological evaluation was required ....... Former schoolmates, too, described him as someone who had, in high school, hoped to be in the popular crowd, but never quite made it. ........ “He didn’t have a lot of friends because he was arrogant,” Michael Zold, 20, recalled. “He was always very stuck up, like he always had an attitude, ‘I have money, I’m better than everybody else.’” ....... “After he became an officer, it was a power trip to him.” ...... Peterson had gotten his police job so young, in part, because he was known in Crandon. ...... “They have a bunch of young people there who shouldn’t be there. It’s mostly family members.” ..... “Everybody’s related to someone.”
Details emerge in Wisconsin shootings Kansas City Star A young sheriff’s deputy who opened fire at a pizza party, killing six people, had gone there with the hope of patching up a relationship with his old girlfriend. Instead he got into a fight with her, and others at the gathering called him a “worthless pig.” .......... 20-year-old Tyler Peterson stormed out, retrieved an AR-15 rifle from his car and burst back into the house firing 30 shots that killed all but one of the people at the party. ....... Peterson later turned up at the Argonne, Wis., home of longtime family friend Mike Kegley and calmly explained what he had done. ..... The family quietly called 911. ..... remote northern Wisconsin community of 2,000 ..... how Peterson could have met requirements to become a law enforcement officer, especially after police acknowledged Monday that Peterson received no psychological screening before he was hired.

Clinton rides 'The Middle-Class Express' in Iowa Baltimore Sun
Clinton Says Take New Look at Trade Deal The Associated Press
Clinton on ‘Rebuilding the Middle Class’ New York Times the first of four speeches this week on “rebuilding the middle class,” and this baby weighed in at 50 minutes. ....... pass the Employee Free Choice Act to help unions organize, and she drew applause for saying she would double the size of the enforcement unit of the United States Trade Representative. ....... Mrs. Clinton keeps gliding over all of them and training her fire on President Bush. ........ he helps her avoid going negative on any of her opponents, or elevating them with attention, and his record gives her an easy opportunity to paint contrasts with the economic record of another American named Clinton (and thereby remind many Democratic voters of the happier times they felt during the 1990s). .......... she loves set-piece speeches like this one (her energy never seemed to flag over the 50 minutes). ....... She has been giving more and more policy speeches this fall, and there have been fewer unscripted or free-for-all events as a result. ....... Yesterday, during a question and answer session, she got into a sparring match with an Iowa voter over Iran, and at one point accused the man of being a plant for a rival campaign
UK plans Iraq troop cut to 2500 CNN International
UK on ‘glide path’ out of Iraq Financial Times
Iowa caucus or bust for Barack Obama New York Daily News Iowa's first-in-the-nation caucus is looking more and more like a last chance for the Democrats seeking to halt Sen. Hillary Clinton's march to the party's nomination. ........ With Clinton (D-N.Y.) dominating national polls, widening her big lead in New Hampshire and now outpacing all her rivals, including even Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.), in fund-raising, she could be unstoppable if she takes Iowa. ........ Terry McAuliffe, the former Democratic National Committee chairman, made eight stops last Wednesday drumming up support for Clinton, and warned supporters in Cedar Rapids, "We're not in first place here." ........ Obama completed a four-day, 10-city campaign swing on Friday, the same day Edwards began his own four-day, 17-city tour. Not to be outdone, Clinton came in Saturday for her own four-day marathon ....... Of the three leading Democrats, Obama has spent the most money on TV ads and the most time in the state this year. ....... As of Saturday night, he's visited 79 of the state's 99 counties, compared with 56 for Obama and 31 for Clinton. ...... "Rural areas and the smaller towns have a disproportionate impact on the result of the caucus" ..... For Edwards and Obama, a loss in Iowa is most likely fatal - and their campaigns have admitted as much. ...... a win in Iowa is necessary for every candidate - even Clinton. ..... "I'm challenging them - change my mind," he said.
Idaho Watches Latest Twist in Craig Drama NPR
Iowa, Iowa, Iowa
In Iowa, no stop too small Chicago Tribune
In Obama's world, polluters must pay
Los Angeles Times
Obama vows to lead global warming fight AFP
Obama's new energy plan: pay to pollute Baltimore Sun
What Would GOP Do Without Hillary? CBS News
Why Rudy Needs Hillary Washington Post
A Clinton-Obama Ticket?
Washington Post John Kerry and John Edwards clearly had no love lost for each other and yet formed a ticket together. Having said that, maybe their ticket would have been more successful if they did like each other a little more. ....... An odd side effect from the rumblings of Dobson and the religious right threatening they might back a third party candidate if Giuliani were the nominee: Is it possible this provides an opening for billionaire mayor Mike Bloomberg? Not to run as a third party- but as a fourth party

Clinton lays out her 'economic blueprint USA Today Saying that "we have to change our economic course just as we have to change course in Iraq, and change course when it comes to health care" ....... "Globalization, rising income inequality, growing housing crisis. All at a time of unprecedented fiscal irresponsibility in Washington. ..... "Under the Bush administration, America now has "a trap door economy. Too many families are standing on that trap door. ... They're bearing all the risks of the global economy but reaping few of the rewards." ....... a "Save Our Homes" program that would free up Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and the state housing finance agencies to give assistance to families strugging with "unworkable mortgages. ........ a "Realizing The Dream" program that would lift the loan size limit on mortgages that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac can purchase -- making such loans more available. ...... a "Foreclosure Rescue Fraud Act" that would crack down on shady "foreclosure consultants" who take advantage of distressed homeowners. ..... Create a $50 billion Strategic Energy Fund to finance an energy research agency that gathers the best minds from academia, the private sector, and government to devise ways to make the United States energy independent and reduce the threat of global warming. ....... Return to the income tax rates for upper-income Americans that we had in the 1990s – rates that were consistent with a balanced budget and economic growth. She will level the playing field when it comes to taxing the income earned in investment partnerships. ....... Move back toward a balanced budget and surpluses. ...... address the problems in subprime mortgages; crack down on unscrupulous brokers; curb mortgage lending abuses; assist families facing foreclosure; and expand affordable housing options.
For 1st time, Iowa poll shows Clinton in lead Boston Globe She was supported by 29 percent ... Edwards's support fell from 29 percent - good enough for first place in May - to 23 percent. That is a statistical tie with Obama's 22 percent. ..... "It's what keeps me grounded. It's what keeps my eyes set on the greatest of heights" ...... faith is "what propels me to do what I do and when I am down it's what lifts me up." ...... the United Church of Christ, a church of about 1.2 million members that is considered one of the most liberal of the mainline Protestant groups. ....... "Sometimes this is a tough role, being in politics. . . . Sometimes you can become fearful. Sometimes you become vain and sometimes you will seek power just for power's sake"

Giuliani predicts 'formidable' Clinton-Obama Democratic ticket AFP Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama will team up to form the Democrats' White House ticket ....... "I believe she will be the nominee, and Senator Obama will be the vice presidential nominee" ..... The ex-mayor's prediction of an eventual Obama vice-presidential nod goes against conventional wisdom, however. ..... "He's kind of earned it," Giuliani said. "He brings a kind of enthusiasm to the ticket that everyone desires and likes to have." ........ the party would have to abandon its "old playbook" ..... That old strategy -- which Giuliani said would lead his party to "sure defeat" -- would "rule out" 15 to 20 states, "concentrate on the base" and hope to win the key swing states of Ohio and Florida. ....... "We have to have a candidate that can run in all 50 states," said Giuliani

Off-duty deputy shoots 6 dead in Wisconsin Los Angeles Times victims included Peterson's ex-girlfriend Jordann Murray, 18 ...... he may have been a "jealous boyfriend."
Political Pessimism Grows in Nepal The Associated Press one of the world's poorest countries, where most rural people struggle by in a semi-feudal existence, pessimism has become the rule. ....... "I was naive enough to believe that things would change," said former Finance Minister Devendra Raj Pandey. "I thought the parties would change ........ inbred, corrupt and paralyzed by bickering. ...... power outages, gasoline lines and corrupt officials.
How Clinton has built her lead Los Angeles Times apparent brainpower. ..... thrilled with the prospect of electing a woman president. ....... One of the most demonized politicians in America has begun to win a second look from skeptics. And among women and seniors, such as Levesque, she has built big leads over her rivals. ......... voters who dominate the Democratic nominating process: seniors, women and blue-collar voters. ....... a Clinton nomination is far from a foregone conclusion. ....... Many presidential front-runners have been thrown off course by an early upset or by failing to meet the expectations that attach to the leader in national polls. .......... national surveys reflect little more than Clinton's high name recognition ....... For more than a decade, she has been attacked in a shelfload of books, on countless websites and in repeated direct-mail drives. Her detractors see her as a calculating opportunist with a crisis- ridden past. ......... "If she showed up and doesn't have a horn and tail and speaks clearly and engagingly, people say, 'You know, she's all right' " ........ weekly "HillGram" ...... breast cancer, equal pay for equal work and other topics of interest to female voters ..... venues tailored to women, including a national hairdressers' convention in Boston and children's play centers around the country. ........ Iowa, a state where older people have dominated the caucuses. ....... there is one big rock looming in her path to the nomination: Iowa. ....... Money goes only so far in a state where voters put a premium on personal contact.