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Obama, Hillary, Spitzer
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I have thought long and hard about this. Who should be Barack's running mate? I think he is going to have to decide that on the morning of February 6. Why miss a beat? Take the campaign straight to the Republicans at the earliest possible.

I am opposed to the idea of a short list. Picking running mate is like picking a spouse. You don't want to make the person feel like you shopped around in their presence and then finally settled on him or her. "How very big of you!" Jackie Kennedy told Jack Kennedy.

One thing is for sure. The running mate has to be a New Yorker. When you are running against Rudy and Bloomberg, not picking a New Yorker is going to be suicide. Even if it is Romney, you still need someone from this part of the country.

So which New Yorker?

Hillary is an amazing, amazing woman. She was my original choice for president, then my original choice for vice president. Now I am thinking that might not be a good idea.

Hillary, I think, will be better as the Senate Majority Leader. Her personality is more suited for super legislative work. She has been a super Senator, but so-so in the executive branch. When she was in the White House, the number one thing she did was she wrote a best-selling book for children.

She just might end up with 60 Democrats in the Senate. That would be a great crowd to work with. When she got elected to the Senate in 2000, she took to it like a duck to water. She is very much at home in the Senate. She has been an "excellent Senator," Barack Obama's words from Fall 2006.

I am thinking Eliot Spitzer.

If Hillary is VP, Bill Clinton will be "that giant sucking sound." Bill Clinton is Michael Jordan, he is Pele, he is Elvis, he is one of those guys. But at some point the Bill Clinton era has to end, and the Barack Obama era has to begin. And I think 2008 is that time. Both Barack and Bill Clinton are superbly gifted politicians, but their styles are vastly different. They don't sync.

That does not mean President Obama can not tap Bill Clinton. I think that guy should be sent to draw the Final Map in the Middle East. He can do it like noone else can.

Middle East: The Final Map

Plus, that glass ceiling thing. I think with Nancy Pelosi leading the House, and Hillary leading the Senate, you will have two strong, smart women on news every night.

By the way, I am for a cabinet that is half female, or at least 40% female. Anything less will be so 20th century. Anything less and I am switching back to Hillary right about now. (
Switching To Obama)

Muscular Gender Agenda

Bill Clinton did not make Jesse Jackson VP. He did not induct Jesse into his cabinet, he did not make him ambassador to some place. There was a reason for that. Jesse was and is great, but he did not fit in politically. But Bill Clinton made plenty of black appointments in all sorts of top positions including inside his cabinet.

Hillary is too big in her own right. She kind of sort of does not fit in. She has to have her own domain, she has to have her own turf, her own game. She has to have her own playground where she calls the shots.

A 60-40 Senate would be a great place for Hillary. I think she is going to go down as one of the greatest Senate Majority Leaders ever.

With Eliot Spitzer you are looking at a guy who can easily run for president eight years later and look fresh. My nickname for him is Mr. Substance. Mr. Guts. Barack Obama is the immediate future of the Democratic Party, Eliot Spitzer is the far future. He is all possibility.

Plus, it is about time New York state got itself a black Governor, and Paterson is a fine guy.

David Paterson

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