Imagining Obama As Vice President

The first time I ever heard Terry McAuliffe speak in person was at a DL21C event. And there he said something that at some level did not surprise me at all, but I was also very impressed he said it so frankly. McAuliffe, of course, is chair of Hillary 2008. He is top gun. He is a great political talent in his own right.

What he said was that he was going to do the very best he can to make sure Hillary is the next president, but should it happen that Obama bests her in the nomination battle, the very next day he was going to be behind Obama, full force. That was his way of saying Hillary would love to be on the same ticket if she does not win the nomination.

That was at a time when Hillary 2008 was totally taken aback by how well Obama was doing in terms of raising money. After the first quarter numbers came in, Bill Clinton arranged to attend some nonprofit organization fundraiser with Obama in NYC. The champ was recognizing the newcomer.

As a progressive, I of course admire McAuliffe, I admire the Clintons. Of course. And I have a mirror thing to McAuliffe to say. We are going to do the very best we can to make sure Obama is the nominee, but should we fail to do so, the very following day, we are going to be behind Hillary with heartfelt enthusiasm. Under those circumstances, of course it will be great to have Obama on the ticket. Of course. That is a nobrainer.

I think this is going to be such a close race that Hillary and Obama are pretty much stuck with each other. One will be president, another will be vice president. At this point we don't know who will be who. The nominee will not be able to ignore the second place person and go get someone else to be running mate. For the sake of party unity, the second place person will have to be brought onto the ticket.

It helps that the two genuinely like each other.

A lot could and will happen between now and February 5. But it is obvious Hillary and Barack both are showing strength.

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In The News

Analysis: Clinton Extending Lead The Associated Press 46 percent to 25 percent. ...... Only Clinton and Obama have the deep financial resources to compete in the early contests and in the crush of big states holding primaries Feb. 5. ....... Clinton has worked hard to convince voters that she is not the brittle, calculating figure she long has been portrayed. While she does not have the intuitive campaign skills of her husband, voters say she has impressed them with her warmth, ready smile and willingness to spend hours taking questions, chatting and shaking hands. A bona fide celebrity, Clinton never tires of posing for cell-phone photos with starry-eyed fans. ............ she must win or come in a close second in Iowa; otherwise, her sense of inevitability will vanish. ....... the lingering concern among many voters that he lacks the experience necessary to govern in a dangerous world ..... He can be somewhat remote and chilly as a campaigner, making an intellectual connection with voters rather than an emotional one. He has been known to cut off voters when their questions go on too long and can appear weary of the endless glad-handing and other rituals of retail politics. ........ Elizabeth Edwards has said Clinton is too polarizing to be elected and would not be a strong champion for women in the White House. ..... He has little campaign infrastructure outside Iowa and his candidacy probably cannot survive a defeat there. ...... Biden and Dodd have recently directed their limited campaign resources almost entirely to Iowa, where they are hoping for one of the front-runners to slip and allow an opening.
Obama: War Blocking Domestic Progress The Associated Press the war now costs between $10 billion and $12 billion a month. ...... warned the union crowd that "we're not going to stop globalization in its tracks." ...... He called for updating the North American Free Trade Agreement with Mexico and Canada to guarantee workers have the right to organize and that they get training for new jobs when their old ones are eliminated.
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Obama Explores Abortion Issue New York Times, United States there is a moral implication to these issues, but that the women involved are in the best position to make that determination. ...... If you believe that life begins at conception, then I can’t change your mind.
Barack Obama, Social Networking King Washington Post, United States grew up in Hawaii and Indonesia and has lived in New York and Chicago ...... Back in 2004, the strategy was, get them to your Web site. ..... online you have to go where the audience is

Obama Remains 1st In Iowa Staff Primary, But Not In Endorsements MSNBC yard signs do not a ground game make. ...... Organization on the ground is key in a state as large (99 counties and just shy of 56,000 square miles) and as purple as Iowa (Gore won the state in 2000; Bush won in 2004.) ........ Even the most charismatic candidate can't turn out the vote without dedicated staffers to organize canvassing drives, phone banks, candidate visits, and town hall meetings. .... Obama's staff is the largest, with an estimated 200 paid operatives in the state. That number is likely to increase in light of Obama's post-third-quarter organizational push. ........ boasts a whopping 31 offices, some in counties with populations less than 20,000. The Clinton field operation encompasses 21 offices ....... When former Iowa Democratic Party Chairman Gordon Fischer endorsed Barack Obama, he candidly told reporters that his main asset as a supporter will be his connections within the state party. ....... Hillary Clinton weighs in with 16 endorsements from state senators and representatives; Obama and Biden share the silver medal at ten apiece. ....... There's no metric of organization that can truly calculate the political magic that will make Iowans bundle up and decide to go talk politics for a few hours on a cold January night.