The 12 Year Itch

The bad times came to an end for the Dems with the 2006 victory party.

Now you can feel the wind behind your back. You could send forth a Kucinich-Gravel ticket and they will still win. The White House can be had. The margin in the House could go wider. The Dems will take over the Senate with a wider margin. The question is could it be a 60-40 margin?

You have Barack and Hillary to thank for the current roll. They are both running positive campaigns robust with ideas. I don't expect that to change.

This could mean 12 uninterrupted years of Dems in the White House as well as both chambers of Congress.

How could this end?

Well, the Dems are going to have to end the war, and while getting the goal of universal health care, the budget must be balanced. At some point down the line, the Dems are going to start acting fiscally irresponsible. That is when you will know they have tired of power and want to be booted out.

Or something more dramatic could happen, and they could lose one of the chambers in Congress somewhere along the line.

Or the knock off could start at the very highest level. After 12 years, the Dems could lose the White House. And that could bring forth a new era of Dems in the wilderness.

This could be the profile of someone who would take over the White House on behalf of the Republicans in 2020.
  1. She is a woman.
  2. She has internalized all the social progressive issues and made them her own. God, guns, gays.
  3. She is extremely comfortable with religious diversity and is herself very actively into her faith, likely Christianity.
  4. She possibly has a multi-racial extended family. Multi as in more than two.
  5. She has advanced degrees in technology and economics, she likely has a tech background. Her primary selling point is the next wave of economic growth in America and the world. Her primary appeal is to the private sector that takes care of 95% of the people out there. She is the mature information age president. She has thorough instincts for the rhythms of the global economy. The world by 2020 will largely be one of democracies and she is in tune with that.
  6. She is currently not even in politics right now.
  7. She has a big city background. She considers herself a global citizen. She has friends on all continents.
Does the Dem stretch have to end in 12 years? No, not at all.

Some Dem not in Washington could shoot for the White House and take over and start a new progressive era in 2020. But she will have to come at it like she had been in the opposition all along. She will have to take the establishment in her own party at that point in time. It can not feel like a continuation. There has to be this feeling of departure.

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