Barack In Boston

Politicians, Movie Stars

The political organizations in Manhattan live in their own little worlds. Each is peculiar. Its own strengths and weaknesses. Cast of characters. 30 people at an event is considered a lot of people.

Enough of meeting famous politicians at DL21C events. Now I feel like I want to meet movie stars.

Cutting on non-Obama events will also help me focus on Obama more.

I met an asshole called Dan Jacoby at DFNYC. At DL21C there is Danny Hamburger. I think the stink is in the name. Two in a row, that is a pattern. The guy can find a few different rude ways of saying he is militantly for Hillary because he works for Charlie Rangel. When you are practically politically illiterate, you don't know better ways of expressing your political enthusiasm. F_____g rookie.

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Barack's Mother Makes An Appearance
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Long Walk To Freedom
Long Walk To Freedom: Just A Third World Guy Dazzled By The City


January is going to be major drama. I can't wait to watch. It is going to be some fast-paced action.

Silicon City

In The News

UPDATE 7-Argentine first lady claims presidential vote win Reuters
Nepal Parliament Votes on Republic After Last-Minute Talks Fail Bloomberg
McCain says it's 'hard to imagine' Giuliani as GOP nominee USA Today
Lalu challenges Nitish to call fresh Bihar polls (Lead) Monsters and
Obama Promises a Forceful Stand Against Clinton New York Times
Turkey kills 20 Kurdish rebels as hopes fade for peaceful solution
Guardian Unlimited
Bhutto's Party Needs New Candidate for Premier, Minister Says
Iran Amendment Sparks Battle Between Democratic Frontrunners
FOX News Obama's campaign has made New York Sen. Hillary Clinton’s vote for the resolution the focal point of its attacks — and so far, it’s working. Clinton has been forced to defend that vote in Iowa, where some voters believe she’s helped moved the U.S. closer to a war in the Middle East. .... the amendment makes the case for structuring the military in Iraq to counter Iranian influence, and states that it is "a critical national interest of the United States" to prevent Iran from exerting its influence inside Iraq. ...... supporting the amendment without President Bush’s assurance that he will not use it as the basis for attacking Iranian interests is "naïve" ...... Obama is equating the amendment with Clinton’s 2002 vote authorizing the use of force in Iraq. Clinton has repeatedly said that she believed she was voting merely for additional time for U.N. inspectors in Iraq, not a U.S. invasion. ....... Clinton is either too naïve or too hawkish to be the Democratic nominee. ...... The third point she left for her campaign staff to make. ..... "George Bush and Dick Cheney could use this language to justify keeping our troops in Iraq as long as they can point to a threat from Iran, and because they could use this language to justify an attack on Iran," reads the Obama handout. ...... With his constant attacks on the issue, Obama in effect has placed at least part of the responsibility for any U.S. action against Iran before the caucuses on the shoulders of Clinton. ...... John Edwards got into the act on Friday, saying Clinton "aided and abetted George Bush and Dick Cheney’s march to war." And Joe Biden criticized both frontrunners for their actions, saying "Unlike Senator Clinton, I don’t trust this administration to follow the plain meaning of the law.


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