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Should The BJP Lose Bihar

There are indications the BJP might lose Bihar. Should that end up being the case, that will be testimony to the enormous sophistication of the Bihari voter. They gave the country a Prime Minister last year. This year looks they might give the country the Opposition Leader in Nitish Kumar. Modi and Nitish are easily the two most talented politicians on the Indian stage today, both having stellar records on economic growth issues. 
Last year, Modi was the only one running for Prime Minister. Rahul was not running. And there was no such thing called the Third Front. No wonder Modi won. This year in Bihar Nitish has been the only one running for Chief Minister. How can you win if you are not even running? Who was running to be the BJP Chief Minister? The most likely candidate, Sushil Modi, sounded like he was never happier than when he was deputy to Nitish. By his own admission Nitish is the superior political talent. 
But a Bihar loss might not be such bad news for Modi. He will still …

बिहार ने देश को PM दिया, अब लग रहा है Opposition Leader भी देगा

उड़ती चिड़िया को हल्दी लगाती है बिहारका वोटर  -- श्री लालु प्रसाद जादव 

Mid-campaign blues for BJP
The Prime Minister's campaign outings in Bihar are given a break, then rescheduled. The Narendra Modi-Amit Shah monopoly on billboards ends and a cast of local leaders is mounted on hoardings to sell Brand BJP. After weeks of being left to their devices, allies are suddenly called on board for consultations....... If there is a palpable mid-campaign flutter in the BJP backrooms, there may be good reason for it. Key strategies employed by the party have either not worked or backfired.... BJP strategists privately admit the Yadav consolidation behind Lalu in this election is far greater than during the 2014 Lok Sabha election........ RSS boss Mohan Bhagwat may only have added to the growing ranks behind Nitish and Lalu by his repeated calls for reviewing reservations for the underprivileged....... more than half its tickets have gone to upper castes, who form the core base of the party.…

Republican Party: Abe To Dope

I don't know how else to put it, but succinctly: the end is near. The Donald reaching for the Republican nomination is a bull moving through the china shop. There is no telling how much damage he will do. To the Republican Party. I am predicting a total annihilation. America will still be a two party system, but the second party will no longer be the Republican Party. As to what will be the replacement, right now I have no clue. But politics abhors a vacuum. Tea Party?

What top company from 100 years ago is still the top company today? Companies are born and face death at a much faster pace, but political parties are no different. They are but conduits for people's democratic aspirations. They have a shelf life. The Republican Party's time has come.

Abraham Lincoln to Donald Trump has been a nice journey for you Republican Party although, I must say, what an anti-climax!

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Hillary Has So Turned The Tables Upside Down

It was women who were supposed to be empty headed, but instead 2016 is seeing The Donald paraded up and down the aisle. It was women whose hair we were supposed to focus on. Instead we are all left staring at The Donald's hair. What has become of this nation? And this world?

And they are not even in direct competition yet. Just you wait until summer is here. The Donald is going to erase self-esteem problems of women coast to coast just like that. Whoof! It's gone. Bulimia? Gone. Eating disorders? Gone. Women astronauts? Through the roof.

I am a man, but Donald Trump does NOT speak for me, does NOT represent me -- let me make that absolutely clear. I might not be smart, but I am not stupid. The potato (potatoe) that once got misspelt? That was The Donald. When you read his name right to left, it comes out as potatoe.

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Indian Ocean Vision

English: Painting of Gautama Buddha sitting in Dhyana, unharmed by the demons of Mara. Sanskrit Astasahasrika Prajnaparamita Sutra manuscript written in the Ranjana script. Nalanda, Bihar, India. Circa 700-1100 CE. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)India is the land of the Buddha. India is and should be the land of peace. India should project peace all round. India's focus on its prosperity agenda is a decades long project. To deviate from the path of peace is to take the eyes off the prosperity ball.

अमरीका का डिफेंस बजेट चीन के डिफेंस बजेट से १० गुणा से भी ज्यादा है। अमरीका बात बात पर सीधे युद्ध पर उतर जाता है। वो जहाँ सभ्यता की कमी हो वहां वैसा होता है। सभ्य लोग युद्ध को अंतिम अस्त्र मानते हैं। सभ्य लोग शांति के रास्ते चलते हैं। अमरीका का डिफेंस इंडस्ट्री बहुत बड़ा समस्या है। अगर दुनिया भर में लोग आईफोन खरीदना बंद कर दे तो एप्पल कंपनी का क्या हाल होगा? उसी तरह युद्ध अमरीका का डिफेंस इंडस्ट्री का रोजीरोटी है। एक मशीन है। जिसको आइजनहावर ने मिलिट्री इंडस्ट्रियल काम्प्लेक्स का नाम दिया। दुनि…