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The Global Netroots/Grassroots Has To Fill In For The President

Image via WikipediaThe presidency of the US is the most powerful political office that was ever designed in the history of humanity, but it also comes with severe constraints. But if you believe in rule of law and the basics of democracy, if you believe in the need of a US president to primarily answer to the American electorate, then those constraints are welcome constraints. I did not volunteer for Obama 08 envisioning a Genghis Khan in the White House.

The netroots/grassroots that put Obama in the White House has to realize its enormous power when it comes to the green revolution in Iran. If that netroots/grassroots can put "a skinny kid with a funny name" into the White House, that netroots/grassroots can get rid of clowns like Khameini and Ahmadinejad. That netroots/grassroots is sufficient upon itself to bring down autocracy after autocracy.

I am for harnessing the power of the global netroots/grassroots for the cause of democracy. All the political work that needs t…

The Shah Is For Secular Democracy, Not Monarchy

Image via WikipediaNational Post: Bringing Democracy To Iran: At 50, Mr. Pahlavi dismisses talk of restoring the monarchy in Iran and says his life is now dedicated to creating a non-violent, democratic revolution there.The Shah of Iran could not make it clearer. He is for a secular democracy in Iran. He is not for restoring monarchy in Iran. We similarly have to reach out to Iranian groups that might have picked up weapons against the current regime in Tehran in the past. If the Shah can ditch monarchy, these groups can ditch violence.

We have to build a broad coalition of Iranian groups for the cause of democracy in Iran.

In The News

BBC: Iranian Court Bans Two Leading Opposition Parties: Islamic Iran Participation Front and the Islamic Revolution Mujahideen Organisation .... Both supported opposition leader Mir Hossein Mousavi ..... In recent weeks, Iranian security forces have stepped up attacks on opposition leaders Mehdi Karroubi and Mr Mousavi, with attacks on their homes and …

Towards More Robust Iranian Diaspora Organizations

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I have been calling people up, I attended one rally, I have been emailing people, I have been building up a mailing list, I have been calling people up. I had a long chat with an Irandemocracy activist out there in California last night.

Some of my suspicions have been confirmed. The general hostility to the ideas of raising money and creating an umbrella organization tell me there is much work that remains to be done before the Iranian diaspora organizations can provide concrete help to the next wave of democracy movement work right there in Iran.

The first wave of democracy protests in Iran tried to reform the existing system. Hopefully by now people are convinced that that is not an option. This system can not be reformed, it has to be ditched. A new system has to be built.

Could we build 1,000 Iranian democracy organizations in the diaspora? Could we build a few umbrella organizations? Could we have people meeting in person on a regular basis and using socia…

Sarah Palin: Palin 2012: Rogue

Palin is gearing to run for president. That part is obvious. This is going to be the first serious run by a woman not a former president's wife, although Hillary is a big talent in her own right. I hope more women - in political size - like Palin emerge on the progressive side as well.

I have a feeling it might be Barack versus Palin in 2012. I am on Barack's side, of course. Barack will win by a Reagan landslide.

The word for McCain was maverick, the word for Palin is rogue. It was not mere coincidence Palin ended up on the ticket. Maverick-Rogue is a ticket.

If she runs for president in 2012 - I am certain she will - and loses - I am certain she will - she is over. She can't run for president again in 2016. She can't not run in 2012. There will have been too much build up.

At the end of the day, Palin will have made her mark not as a politician, but an an entrepreneur. I find her inspiring. I want to make a few millions doing political work myself. (Selling 5% Of…

Protest Rally At The UN

I showed up at the Iran protest rally. Guess what, I got to catch a glimpse of Barack. Had not seen the dude in a while. I got to see him. He was being driven out of the UN. Traffic had been blocked. And of course they do it in a way that you can not guess which particular car he is in. But he waved. I saw.

I created a Facebook page right before I headed out for the event, and I collected a bunch of email addresses of activists while I was at the event.

It was a smallish event. But then so were the Nepal events back in 2005.

I came across some predictable attitudes. People are opposed to raising money for the cause. I am for raising big money, I am for a resource rich, sophisticated movement. People are opposed to creating an umbrella organization or two. There are so many disparate groups. There is much "sectarianism" among Iran democracy activists, as someone pointed out.

My role is going to be digital. And that can happen 24/7. But there is so much you miss out when …

Barack Obama: Big Deal

Competing With Hillary Now
The Madonna Of Global Politics
Image by Getty Images via @daylife
Google News turns eightThe 2008 election of President Obama takes the cake as the biggest news story since Google News was born. (Google News)

See I told you, Barack Obama is kind of a big deal.
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Selling 5% Of Nobel For 50K

@sethpriebatsch Read NYT piece on u. Buy 5% of my Nobel Peace Prize for 50K (Tweet)

I must not have a knack for collecting many small dollar donations. Yet another proof that I am not exactly a politician. I am extremely political. But I am not a politician. For one, I don't seem to enjoy hanging out with the herds of them. I am more comfortable with people emailing back, tweeting back.

This guy calls himself Chief Ninja. I call myself a digital ninja/commando. (Claiming A Netroots/Grassroots Leadership Role With Iran Democracy Movement)
Just Manic Enough: Seeking Perfect Entrepreneurs: a hypomanic episode..... symptoms include grandiosity, an elevated and expansive mood, racing thoughts and little need for sleep.... He can work 96 hours in a row. .... a thin line separates the temperament of a promising entrepreneur from a person who could use, as they say in psychiatry, a little help. ..... just crazy enough .... “If you’re manic, you think you’re Jesus.…

My Man Barack Is FDR, Not Carter

Image via WikipediaThe 2010 mid-term election is like FDR's mid-term election of 1938.
Wall Street Journal: The Carter-Obama Comparisons Grow: it's time for the president "to get rid of those teleprompters and connect" with voters. Another of Mr. Obama's clear errors has been to turn over the drafting of key legislation to the Democratic Congress: "That doesn't work even when you own Congress," he said. "You have to ride 'em." ..... Mr. Obama, like Mr. Carter in his 1976 campaign, "promised a transformational presidency, a new accommodation with religion, a new centrism, a changed tone." .... Pat Caddell, who was Mr. Carter's pollster while he was in the White House, thinks some comparisons between the two men are overblown. ..... the president's ability to pull himself out of a political tailspin is hampered by his resistance to seek out fresh thinking. ..... Democrats need no reminding that Mr. Carter wound up cos…

September 23 Iran Democracy Protests NYC

Say No to Ahmadinejad's presence at UN General Assembly September 23
Ahmadinejad does not represent the Iranian people

September 23, 2010

September 20, 2010

Union for Advancement of Secular Democracy in Iran (UASDI) is planning protest actions against Ahmadinjed's presence at UN General Assembly.

Schedule of the Events


1. Rally @ UN: Caravans from several cities have been organized to arrive at the UN on September 23rd to protest Ahmadinejad's presence at UN General Assembly. We are calling on all freedom loving Iranians in North America as well as freedom loving Americans to join our protest of Ahmadinejad's appearance at the UN General Assembly and join us in calling for the establishment of a secular democracy and abolishment of all forms of discrimination in Iran. [1]
Date: September 23, 2010
Time: 2:30-5:30 PM
Place: 47th Street and 1st Avenue

Rally media contact: Farid Ashkan 718-309-1996

2. Sept 23 Presentation of collage to United Nations ask…

Shout Allah O Akbar From The Rooftops Every Night 10-10:30 PM

I believe this has to be the next big grassroots push for the democracy movement in Iran. Urge people to shout Allah O Akbar from their rooftops every night from 10-10:30 PM. We have to do this until we hear the shout from most homes in all towns and cities across the land of Iran.

Then it will be high time to ask people to come out into the streets all over again.

But before we do that, we have a lot of political homework to do. A revolution needs a purpose. A revolution has to have a goal. A revolution needs an action plan.

The Iranian diaspora has to get organized. The global netroots/grassroots has to get organized. We need to raise money, lots of money. There are enormous logistical details involved.

Mousavi has to come around to the new goal. The goal no longer is to hold again the fraudulent elections. The goal now is regime change. This Iranian regime has to make way for a new interim government that will hold elections to a constituent assembly. That is the new goal. The…

To: The Ayatollah


Pelosi Should Pass Election Reform To Keep Job

The Huffington Post: Election Reform As A Way To Put Republicans On The Spot: pass the Fair Elections Now Act, which likely to be voted out of committee next Thursday .... 165 co-sponsors and at least 40 more supporters, would give matching money to candidates who agreed to raise only small donations. It even has three Republican co-sponsors. ...... So far in this election cycle, House and Senate candidates have raised $1.2 billion dollars, and the money arms-race only grows. ..... Under the proposed Act, a candidate who raised small donations from at least 1,500 small donors contributing no more than $100 each for a total of at least $50,000 could get matching money, at a 4-to-1 ratio ..... As much as $3 million in public financing would be available -- enough to be competitive on most House races. The money wouldn't come from tax dollars, but from a special levy on the auctioning of broadcast spectrum Of all things Pelosi could do between now and the November date, this wo…

Claiming A Netroots/Grassroots Leadership Role With Iran Democracy Movement

I am doing that. I am claiming a leadership role.

There is no election for this leadership role. I have no plans to launch an organization, or a NGO. It is just me and my digital tools. But what I do requires more than internet access, way more. I am the only digital ninja/commando of my kind on the planet. I have a track record. I have done this once before.

I have come up with a set of principles, a suggested road map. It worked in Nepal, it will work in Iran. It will work everywhere where there is no democracy. That road map is no secret sauce. All my methods thrive on openness and transparency. I want to clone myself many, many times and get those clones busy for the cause of democracy everywhere. That is the idea. What I have done is special, but it is no secret. It can be done again and again and again. Others can do it. That is the idea.

Total Transparency With My Iran Work
The First Time I Heard The Obama Name

My methods are like in the Matrix movies. You use the Internet to…