6,000 To 16,000 Votes

Do you think Reshma Saujani could move from 6,000 votes in 2010 to 16,000 votes in 2012? I very much think so. I can't wait for the rematch.

Charlie Rangel: Monkeyface
Carolyn Maloney: Radioface

New York Observer
Primary Night: Reshma Keeps Them Waiting, Wondering
Diana Taylor Stumps For Reshma Saujani on The Upper East Side Taylor admitted that it is "very unusual" for her to support a challenger to an entrenched office holder, but said she was immediately taken with Saujani, because "she knows what it is to work," which seemed to be a shot at Maloney, who has spent most of her career in public service. ....... She's smart, she's young, she works really hard and she has opinions about things. We tend to agree on a lot of things— jobs, the economy. She's actually had a job and she knows how jobs are created, she knows what it is to work. She is passionate about education, she is passionate about the economy. And quite frankly at this point the biggest issue we have facing us is jobs and she is really good on that issue. ....... Knowing that Taylor was making this stop with Saujani, Maloney's campaign flooded the area with supporters of their own, making for a crowded sidewalk and some grumbling among harried commuters. ..... "All politicians are fucking liars," shouted one man at Taylor as she tried to hand him a palm card for Saujani. ....."Except for this one," said Taylor.

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