Claiming A Netroots/Grassroots Leadership Role With Iran Democracy Movement

I am doing that. I am claiming a leadership role.

There is no election for this leadership role. I have no plans to launch an organization, or a NGO. It is just me and my digital tools. But what I do requires more than internet access, way more. I am the only digital ninja/commando of my kind on the planet. I have a track record. I have done this once before.

I have come up with a set of principles, a suggested road map. It worked in Nepal, it will work in Iran. It will work everywhere where there is no democracy. That road map is no secret sauce. All my methods thrive on openness and transparency. I want to clone myself many, many times and get those clones busy for the cause of democracy everywhere. That is the idea. What I have done is special, but it is no secret. It can be done again and again and again. Others can do it. That is the idea.

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My methods are like in the Matrix movies. You use the Internet to transport yourself to the many theaters of action. When I was doing the democracy work for Nepal it felt to me like I sat on the central committees of all political parties in Nepal. Members of all political parties were on my mailing list. I had penetrated all the media houses, and the human rights NGOs, and the diaspora organizations. And to top it all, I had a very public blog. You did not have to be on a mailing list to access that.

There can be no compromise on non violence. We have to stay non violent. And there can be no compromise on the goal of regime change to put in place an interim government with the mandate to hold elections to a constituent assembly. But other than that we have to seek allies everywhere. We have to reach out to governments and media houses and any and all. People anywhere regardless of who they are can support the cause of democracy in Iran.

My claim to leadership is the principles and the road map I have to offer. It is that I have my super political instincts and kinetics to offer. All I really have is my ability to persuade people to do what needs to get done, in very public conversations where they always have the option to talk back. I have my ability to ride the waves of human action when people on their own are already doing what needs to get done. I have my ability to stay around like a watchdog, just in case. And I have the ability to step aside once the work is done.


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