Hillary's Latest On Iran

Haaretz: Clinton Urges Iran To Reject Military Expansion: In an interview for broadcast Sunday on ABC's This Week, Clinton said many Iranians are also worried ..... she has "grave disagreements" with the Iranian Revolution. .... "But the early advocates of it said this would be a republic. It would be an Islamic republic, but it would be a republic. Then we saw a very flawed election and we've seen the elected officials turn for the military to enforce their power," she said. ..... many Iranians, even those who were originally sympathetic to the revolution are starting to have serious second thoughts about the direction their government has taken. ...... "I can only hope that there will be some effort inside Iran, by responsible civil and religious leaders, to take hold of the apparatus of the state."
This is a strange coincidence for me personally that just when I should challenge Hillary to a Nobel duet, I should come across this unusually strong statement for someone who is Secretary of State. (Competing With Hillary Now)

Although her statement is more likely to do with the fact that Iran is a hot button issue, and the UN thing is about to happen. But I still took note.

I have been reading up on and writing to Prominent Iranian Americans. I figured prominent Iranian American academics might pay some attention to my claim to the butterfly effect. (The Hammer Effect, The Butterfly Effect)

For once Hillary and I are on the same side. She has really gone out on a limb with this statement of hers.

Iran is a political problem. It is not primarily a military problem. If the political problem is taken care of, the military issue vanishes like magic. And the political solution is to take the democracy movement to success. I think that goal can be achieved by the end of 2011. But I need to be able to work full time on it from now till then.

Fundraising is the not sexy part of political work. At least for me it is. But it is necessary, and I am working on it. In my own digital ways.
Haaretz: Olmert: Bush Offered To Absorb 100,000 Palestinian Refugees If Peace Deal Reached: the United States would be willing to absorb some 100,000 Palestinian refugees immediately as American citizens ..... "I think that if the refugees - many of whom are already second or third generation [Palestinians] living outside of the territories – were given a choice between returning to Israel or the United States, we could guess what they would choose" ..... every ruling Israeli government must accept the fact that peace negotiations would be based on the establishment of a Palestinian state along the 1967 borders and would include a land exchange. Still, he stressed that both sides must realize that neither Palestinians or Israel would ever have full sovereignty over Jerusalem.

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