New York Times Also Endorsed David Yassky: Yassky Who?

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Mainstream Media Kept Saying John Liu Was Losing
John Liu: Mayor Of NYC: 2013
Politico: The N.Y. Times Endorsement Edition: Against Rangel, For Lazio And Maloney
It is a testimony to the white racialism within the power structure of the New York Times that the newspaper should go ahead and endorse the Reshma Saujani opponent. It is not racism, but it sure is racialism. (Charlie Rangel: Monkeyface, Carolyn Maloney: Radioface)

The New York Times has a lot of catching up to do. The Times does not seem to have a clue as to where this country and this world is headed. The Times is not even making an attempt as to grasp the strong insurgency mood sweeping this country as we speak. Tectonic shifts are underway, and the Times is asleep at the wheel. Tomorrow is another day, but today I am not feeling particularly proud of my hometown newspaper.

This is a mistake on the part of the New York Times just like endorsing David Yassky was a huge mistake.

Or perhaps we need to pay attention to the hidden message. The Times has endorsed Rick Lazio and Carolyn Maloney. Both will lose. Andrew Cuomo will win, as will Reshma Saujani. Yassky also lost. Go Times!

In The News

New York Post: Maloney's Big Money:ust-filed preprimary figures show Maloney, 64, with $207,268 raised between July 1 and Aug. 25 and Saujani, 34, with $165,664 raised during the same period .... And yet it was Saujani who outspent Maloney during the filing period, $366,000 to $300,000. ..... scandal-scarred .. Rangel, who faces a congressional disciplinary trial on ethics charges later this month, used a quarter of his $445,000 in campaign spending on legal fees.

New York Observer: Reshma Robos, Mails Against Maloney:Says Reshma spokesman James Allen, "It's disingenuous for Carolyn Maloney to accuse Reshma of negative and dishonest campaigning by sending negative and dishonest mailers to voters. Maloney's campaign has not disputed the fact that the Congresswoman held a fundraiser at the home of a financial services lobbyist while negotiating financial reform. Voters should know about these ethics transgressions — and we'll continue to make them aware of Maloney's questionable conduct."

The Lo Down NY: The Times Endorses Maloney: Reshma Saujani, an impressive and energetic young lawyer of Indian descent who argues that New York needs the voice of a new generation and a new slice of the city’s ethnic pie.

Capital Tonight: Times Dings Rangel, Boosts Maloney:The paper noted Johnson has been “a strong advocate for women’s rights and civil rights for many years” and said she’s the best choice of the field of Democrats trying to unseat Rangel, even though her campaign hasn’t received nearly as much attention as Assemblyman Adam Clayton Powell IV’s bid to win back the seat Rangel took from his father in 1970..... (Interestingly, the same day the Times is endorsing someone against Rangel, it’s also running a story about a poll it commissioned on the congressman’s future that found an “overwhelming majority” of Manhattan voters think he should either resign of end his re-election bid to clear his name).

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