Maloney Reshma Radio Debate Aftermath

I am still trying to locate the audio of the radio non debate. I mean, come on. A radio debate at 11 AM on a Tuesday on a station no one has heard of?

But when I look at these two video clips, looks to me like Maloney is tired and "maxed out," as noted in the New York Daily News endorsement of my candidate. Reshma looks fresh and ready to go get things done. Her sharps stand out. She is whip smart, she is ready. She is prepared. She is reading the pulse of the nation right.

I demand a TV debate one evening before September 14. I think the two candidates owe that to this city.

New York Daily News
The Big Debate: Rep. Carolyn Maloney Vs. Reshma Saujani - Liveblog
Carolyn Maloney/Reshma Saujani Debate Aftermath, Part I
Carolyn Maloney/Reshma Saujani Debate Aftermath, Part II

I have not gotten my TV debate yet. But based on these two YouTube clips, I am declaring this a no contest. Maloney is nowhere in the picture.

The "debate" I am really waiting for is when Reshma is going to appear on NY1 for half an hour all by herself because Maloney has refused to show up. That is when the tidal wave of victory will begin. If you think the New York Daily News endorsement was a big deal, wait until Reshma shows up on NY1 for 30 minutes. You will be blown away. She will be talking about her vision for the future, about creating jobs.

NY1, NY1, NY1, NY1, NY1

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