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Burma: Time For All Out Sanctions By All Powers

Witness: Monks held in Burma

Total Sanctions

The street protests inside Burma have been dramatic. The echo action by the powers of the world must also be dramatic. And what would be dramatic would be all out sanctions, total sanctions by all powers of the world. The good news is those sanctions can be readily lifted, not only those but all actions can be lifted in a matter of weeks after Suu Kyi's interim government is sworn into power. The pain that companies will feel will be highly temporary. The rewards they will reap will be much grander than before.

Total sanctions make democracy sense. But they also make money sense for the foreign powers and the foreign companies.

Those powers that delay or act miserly on the sanctions part will have blood on their hands. Major blood.

Smuggle In Thousands Of Video Cameras

And spread word that all brutality is being extensively recorded. If you smuggle in a thousand cameras, spread word that 10,000 cameras have been smuggled in. The army has guns…

The Largest Rally In US Presidential Campaign History

Burma: Momentum Is Key To Victory

Shame On The Top Politicians Of The World: Burma Asks For More
In Solidarity With The Burmese People

This is not 1988. They can not kill 3,000 people like they did back then. If they do, China can kiss the 2008 Olympics goodbye.

They might kill 100, maybe 200, maybe even 500.

But the way to reduce the casualties is not to get off the streets. That way thousands of Burmese will keep dying slow deaths for years.

The key is for the people of Burma to come out in the streets in the millions. 10 million Burmese should come out into the streets. That is the only way. The world stands by them, but they must stand up, they must march, day after day after day.

No peace talks. The generals have to surrender, totally and unconditionally. The marches come to an end only after Suu Kyi has been anointed interim Prime Minister of the country. Her mandate would be to form a multi-party interim government that will give Burma an interim constitution within a month, and elections to a constituent assembly wi…