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Challenges To The Nation State

European Union (Photo credit: Wikipedia) The nation state has not been around forever, just like democracy has not been. And so the fact that it is being challenged should not surprise us. These are growing pains.

One major challenge is coming from technology. The individual is greatly empowered through technology, and so the nation state's space needs to shrink. But the nation state is refusing to be a happy, willing partner.

Another challenge is coming from globalization and the redrawing of national boundaries. Europe is a fine example. Europe has the ultimate in infrastructure. It has the roads and the trains and the communications technology. But old cultural identities have not gone away. There are identity movements threatening to break up several countries in Europe right now. I am not sure that is bad news. That is the nation state feeling the pressure.

Scotland is a good example. If Scotland breaks away, I think that will be a vote for the European Union. Defense and mone…

King Khan: Badshah

How to get Shah Rukh Khan's body from 'Happy New Year'
SRK's diet Eggs with two pieces of brown bread Coffee Chicken sandwiches Chicken salad Protein supplement through the day Snacks of white egg omelette or sweet potato Grilled fish or chicken or stir fried vegetables for dinner The last one month we added an extra meal of chicken every day like a chicken saladRevealed: Shah Rukh Khan’s secret to an 8-pack body!
He’d work out five days a week for an hour and twenty minutesHow to Get Six Pack Abs like ShahRukh khan?
The first thing Shah Rukh tells is that if you do not watch what you are eating, it is no use following your exercise routine religiously. The abdominal area can not be asked what you want it to do when it is full of unwanted stuff. You can say good bye to your six packs. He had resolutely given up his favorite biryani for months in order to achieve the desired results. ....... Food that contains a high protein and negligible carbohydrate is the ideal menu th…

Hillary Clinton And Dick Cheney Out Selling Books


Mary Kom: Seeing Priyanka Chopra For The First Time

Watching Mary Kom felt like seeing Priyanka Chopra for the first time.

A Comprehensive War

In the book, Blair writes that he hoped that George W. Bush would win a second term as President of the United States in 2004. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Russia is unfinished business. Just like George W Bush prematurely declared Mission Accomplished after a few days of airstrikes in Iraq, it can be argued Bush Sr. did the same thing when the Soviet Union collapsed. It was a tectonic milestone, no doubt, but unless Russia becomes a democracy, it will keep causing trouble.

Suddenly there are two broad fronts. There is Russia. And there is ISIS, which is in a stronger shape than the Al Qaeda ever was, with the same ill intentions to match. It would not flinch to unleash a biological attack somewhere, it would detonate a dirty bomb if it could. The dangers are grave. Obama might have similarly prematurely declared the death of Al Qaeda with the death of Bin Laden.

I happen to think the top idea here is what Google has. Beam internet from the skies and flood the earth with cheap Android pho…