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Lake of VIllage Bhimasar, Kachchh,Gujarat (Photo credit: Jayesh Bheda)India convictions over Gujarat Dipda Darwaza killings
The cause of the Godhra train fire is still a matter of fierce debate. A commission of inquiry set up in 2008 by the Gujarat state government determined that it was the result of a conspiracy. But a 2005 federal government inquiry concluded that the fire had been an accident - probably started by people cooking in one of the carriages - and was not the result of an attack. Related articlesGodhra train carnage convict dies in jailHang Me If I'm Guilty, Says Narendra Modi on Post-Godhra RiotsHang me if I am guilty, Narendra Modi tells Urdu weeklyIndia Ink: Narendra Modi Defends His Actions in 2002 RiotsSC seeks details of religious sites damaged in Gujarat riotsDocumentary on Gujarat riots dropped from exhibition in BeijingSetback for Modi govt as SC refuses to stay order on shrinesNaroda Patiya riot judgement adjourned to Aug 29

Russia On Syria

Russia's Putin Feeding Bashar Assad Syrian's Blood (Photo credit: FreedomHouse)Dear realists: please explain Russia
In the eyes of most realists, Russia is the status quo power justly defending its sphere of influence in the wake of revisionist American demands that have everything to do with ideology and nothing to do with American national interests..... Russian support for Syria appears to be more emotional than rational ..... a consensus of elites who “have rallied around the demand ‘not to allow the loss of Syria’ ”, which would cause “the final disappearance of the last ghostly traces of Soviet might” in the Middle East. Russia should play a key role in gently getting Assad to leave Syria. Maybe Russia will be Assad's new home.
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Stateside Hillary

She has been an excellent Secretary of State, no doubt.

Head of State
"We were in a very difficult position because we had pushed their system just about to the breaking point," recalled a senior official who was present. "We knew it, they knew it, and they knew we knew it." ..... with Chen even dialing in to a U.S. congressional hearing that Thursday by cell phone from his hospital bed to say he feared for his safety if he remained in China. The Chinese team was visibly surprised. ...... Clinton and her aides were being pilloried at home by everyone from Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney to the human rights community for abandoning Chen at the hospital. And the secretary was still worried about the deal. "Until he's actually out and up with his family," she told me, "it's still touch and go." ...... her own journey from idealistic human rights crusader to hardheaded global diplomat...... Back in 1995, on her first trip to Bei…

A Post Assad Syria

English: President Bashar al-Assad of Syria . Original background. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Inside the quiet effort to plan for a post-Assad Syria
The idea is to preserve those parts of the Syrian state that can be carried over while preparing to reform the parts that can't. For example, large parts of the Syrian legal system could be preserved..... the idea of mobile judicial review squads, which could be deployed to do rapid review and release of detainees held by the regime after it falls. Go Assad, Go! All I got to say.
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Gandhi, The Family

Rahul Gandhi at a rally in Ernakulam, Kerala. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)The House of Nehru-Gandhi
The family itself acts like royalty, gently floating above the rough and tumble of national discourse. They've lived in taxpayer-funded housing for more than 60 years..... Add to this the uncertain electoral appeal of the dynasty's bumbling heir apparent, 42-year-old Rahul Gandhi, and you begin to see why it may be time for India's de facto royal family to borrow a trick from Europe and leave the grubby business of politics to lesser mortals. ..... But things would likely have turned out differently had independence movement leader Mohandas K. Gandhi not taken a shine to the articulate and energetic Jawaharlal. From the 1920s onward, Gandhi transformed Congress from a party of petition posting lawyers to a mass movement. At independence in 1947, the Mahatma backed Nehru to become prime minister over Sardar Patel, a leader better known for organizational skills than charisma. Neh…