Nitish Kumar: Prime Minister

2014 will give India a new Prime Minister.

There are three poles. One is the ruling Congress Party, and its masthead is Rahul Gandhi. The BJP might push Narendra Modi. But I think there is a very real possibility that 2014 for the first time will see a major non-Congress, non-BJP alignment in Indian politics and someone like Nitish Kumar is going to become very appealing.

I am a Bihari, so I admit to a Bihar bias. But I think it goes beyond that. For Nitish Kumar to manage a 13% growth rate for Bihar is really something. He has beat Modi in that growth department. But then Gujrat is like California, Bihar is like Arkansas. The Bihar economic miracle story is more remarkable.

India deserves to become the next China, a country that grows at double digit rates year in year out for decades. Nitish Kumar at the helm is just what the country might need.

Nitish Kumar, Bihar
Rahul Gandhi
Narendra Modi