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An Actor Can Not Exceed The Script

Priyanka Chopra's Quantico is a big hit after its telecast was shifted from Sunday night to Monday— Paramendra Bhagat (@paramendra) February 13, 2017 The script is everything. A show or a movie floats or sinks on the strength of the script, or lack thereof.

In India there is a saying. A bad cook adds extra chili powder to everything. Mindless plot twists, and mindless use of sex and violence are often used as that extra chili powder.

There are countless movies about people falling in love. But the theme of deepening of love in an existing relationship is not much explored. How do you go deeper after you have been married 15 years? Such themes are not much explored.

Law enforcement is another perennial topic and rightly so. But law enforcement does not only struggle with those that might cross the law. Law enforcement struggles with itself, it struggles with diversity issues.

Why only law enforcement? What about commandment enforcement? The complex o…

Stephen Colbert, White Guy From North Carolina

Colbert tried. Very hard. He made all the right noises on "Bollywood" and Priyanka Chopra's "50 movies." And then, boom, just like that, he gave it all away.

When you are a talk show host, and you have a guest on the show, you are like a cab driver, and the guest is that person in the back seat. But Stephen just could not resist. You might be the Quantico TV Star, seen in over 100 media territories in the world, Miss World, Bollywood heartthrob, but guess what, I am the one in the American living rooms every evening! I am The Stephen Colbert! Successor to The Jon Stewart! I am The.

He just had to do it. It is like Mitch McConnell saying to Barack Obama, you might be President Of The United States, twice elected, but guess who the white guy from Kentucky is! Wanna have beer?

What would it take to cure the attitude problem of the white males? A Great Depression maybe?

Hollywood is a specific place. Like in Manhattan there is Chelsea, or Hell's Kitchen…

बाबरी मस्जिद में भगवान राम की ही तो पुजा हो रही थी

येशु आएगा ये बात प्रथम बार भगवान कृष्ण ने गीता में तब कहा, ५,००० साल पहले, जब बाइबल की एक शब्द नहीं लिखी गई थी। Adam paradise से किक आउट हुवा ४,००० साल पहले, तो कुछ लोग कहते हैं इस पृथ्वी की आयु ४,००० साल है। गलत कहते हैं। भगवान कृष्ण ५,००० साल पहले। उससे पहले ७,००० साल पहले भगवान राम।

गीता में कहा गया है ये ब्रह्माण्ड ६ बिलियन साल से ज्यादा तक रहेगी। अभी का जो स्वर्ग है वो १०० बिलियन साल तक कायम रह चुकी है। और एक cosmic cycle १५०,००० बिलियन साल का होता है। Cosmic cycle जब ख़त्म होता है तो सिर्फ पिता परमेश्वर और पुत्र परमेश्वर बाँकी रह जाते हैं। बाँकी जितने being हैं, चाहे angel या मनुष्य, सबको परमेश्वर अपने womb में वापस ले लेते हैं। उसके बाद एक नया cosmic cycle शुरू।

उस पिता परमेश्वर को हिंदु विष्णु कहते हैं। उन्हें यहुदी Yahweh कहते हैं। मुसलमान उन्हें अल्लाह कहते हैं। क्रिस्चियन उन्हें Holy Father कहते हैं। उनका पहला मानव अवतार भगवान राम। यानि कि बाबरी मस्जिद में भगवान राम की ही पुजा हो रही थी। सिख उन्हें अल्लाह और राम दोनों नाम से जानते हैं।

Holy Son जिन्हें क्रिस्चियन कहते हैं उन…

Priyanka On LinkedIn: So Very Inspiring

This reminds me of that essay I read on the New York Times website years ago.

LinkedIn: Priyanka Chopra: We live in tough times... but I have hope Let me take this a step further… I see us like IGA Jedis, taking UNICEF’s cause further. We are and will always be their catalysts of change. The picture of PC that emerges is so much fuller, so much more real, so much richer than what you often see in the mainstream media. This makes me appreciate social media just a little more. Her Instagram page is pretty impressive, but this takes it to a whole different level.

We live in tough times... but I have hope by @priyankachopra "IGA Jedi"— Paramendra Bhagat (@paramendra) February 3, 2017

Trump Can't Afford A Trade War

A trade war is a sure recipe to a Great Depression. America had a hard enough time fixing the Great Recession. America will have no options to fix a Great Depression, because the Fed is already tapped out. It has no maneuver room. A Great Depression will mean America will not only become Greece, it will stay Greece, with no way to dig out of the hole.

Which means, if Trump were to lead America into a Great Depression, it will prove the guy is insane. You can then be thankful it is only a Great Depression, and not a nuclear war.

Or maybe all parties concerned will see that a trade war is an empty threat.

The idea of a trade war is as stupid as both Russia and America threatening to "modernize" their nuclear arsenal a few weeks ago. Both Russia and America already have enough nuclear weapons to blow up the planet several times over. What do you mean "modernize!"

The post World War II order is over. Voters in Britain and America have spoken loud and clear. N…

Britain And America Are Trying To Readjust

The post World War II world order is over. But a new world order has not taken shape yet. The Brexit vote and the Trump victory are Britain and America admitting the leadership role they have had for 70 years is now too expensive. They simply can't afford it anymore.

And that is not a vacuum for China to fill. It is not for any one country to fill. China can't afford it either.

A new world order will be the one person one vote principle taken to its global conclusion. A world government is in the offing.