Stephen Colbert, White Guy From North Carolina

Colbert tried. Very hard. He made all the right noises on "Bollywood" and Priyanka Chopra's "50 movies." And then, boom, just like that, he gave it all away.

When you are a talk show host, and you have a guest on the show, you are like a cab driver, and the guest is that person in the back seat. But Stephen just could not resist. You might be the Quantico TV Star, seen in over 100 media territories in the world, Miss World, Bollywood heartthrob, but guess what, I am the one in the American living rooms every evening! I am The Stephen Colbert! Successor to The Jon Stewart! I am The.

He just had to do it. It is like Mitch McConnell saying to Barack Obama, you might be President Of The United States, twice elected, but guess who the white guy from Kentucky is! Wanna have beer?

What would it take to cure the attitude problem of the white males? A Great Depression maybe?

Hollywood is a specific place. Like in Manhattan there is Chelsea, or Hell's Kitchen, or the East Village. Hollywood is a place like that. And it must have been a forest at one point, hence the name. Somebody was looking for cheap real estate. In Mumbai, they have an unnamed Film City. It is still a forest.

By that token the right name for the counterpart in India would simply be Mumbai. There is Hollywood, and then there is Mumbai. But Mumbai is like Los Angeles. And Hollywood is no longer a place. It is the figment of imagination. It is a dream factory in the sky.

White liberals are the most racist people on the planet. The people in the other camp at least know they are being racist. White liberals walk and talk like they have no clue. They say being dead is like being stupid, you have no idea how hard you are being on other people. Being racist is like being dead and stupid at the same time. You have no clue.

Jesus Is Back, But He Is Hard To Look At

Live With Kelly, on the other hand. She is exemplary. She misses out on the racism like she was not even white. Maybe it is not racism, maybe it is sexism. Easily both.