Trump Can't Afford A Trade War

A trade war is a sure recipe to a Great Depression. America had a hard enough time fixing the Great Recession. America will have no options to fix a Great Depression, because the Fed is already tapped out. It has no maneuver room. A Great Depression will mean America will not only become Greece, it will stay Greece, with no way to dig out of the hole.

Which means, if Trump were to lead America into a Great Depression, it will prove the guy is insane. You can then be thankful it is only a Great Depression, and not a nuclear war.

Or maybe all parties concerned will see that a trade war is an empty threat.

The idea of a trade war is as stupid as both Russia and America threatening to "modernize" their nuclear arsenal a few weeks ago. Both Russia and America already have enough nuclear weapons to blow up the planet several times over. What do you mean "modernize!"

The post World War II order is over. Voters in Britain and America have spoken loud and clear. Neither country can afford the leadership roles they have had. It is dollars and cents. And a new world order is not China taking America's place. A new world order is the one person one vote principle taken to its global conclusion. You are looking at a world government.