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Nitish Is On His Way To Becoming Prime Minister

English: Nitish Kumar (Photo credit: Wikipedia) To me Nitish Kumar is the most exciting, most promising politician on the planet today. And I am so proud of him for making the bold move he just made. India is not, should not, can not be a country where thousands of Muslims get slaughtered in a riot and there are no consequences. An India where Hindu supremacy acquires currency is not going to be a great country and most certainly not a global power. India by now can aspire to being a global power, and the Hindu supremacist ideology could get in the way.

India can not become a global power, a global player like China already is if it is not at peace with Pakistan. India and Pakistan deserve to have normal relations. The French and Germans trade with each other and travel to each other's countries freely. That is what India and Pakistan need to get to. And I believe Imran Khan and Nitish Kumar could bring that about.

It is also about economic growth. What Nitish has done for Bihar w…

Kamala Harris

I do think Kamala Harris is the best looking Attorney General in America - and I am putting all the men Attorneys General on that list, the president need not apologize - what was the brouhaha all about? If anyone disputes that fact, please step forward. And show me a picture or two.

Kamala Harris
In 2009, Harris wrote Smart on Crime: A Career Prosecutor's Plan to Make Us Safer. Harris looks at criminal justice from an economic perspective, attempting to reduce temptation and access for criminals. The book goes through a series of "myths" surrounding the criminal justice system, and presents proposals to reduce and prevent crime. ...... Harris has been mentioned as a possible nominee for a seat on the United States Supreme Court, should a seat on that court become vacant during the second Obama administration. ..... On January 3, 2011, Harris became the first female African-American and Indian American attorney general in California. She won the razor thin election by les…

Mistakes Hillary Could Make

, Senator from Massachusetts. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)(1) Running 

Yes, running could be a mistake. Ted Kennedy was an excellent Senator, and he knew the pressure on him came from the Kennedy brand name. Finally he caved in and ran and took a beating.

(2) Not Running

She did pretty well in 2008. And her stand on gay marriage makes her cutting edge socially. She will have to get better versed on the industries of tomorrow, but then Hillary always has been an excellent student.
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