What Is Nitish Thinking?

There is no doubt in my mind Nitish is the best candidate for PM in India right now. But he has to want it. A non-Congress, non-BJP coalition of parties with outside support from the Congress could see Nitish in the chair. I can see such a configuration emerging.

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Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar chose to be more calibrated, emphasizing the compulsion why he could not accept Modi as PM, but without fixing a tough deadline for the BJP to sort out the issue. He conveyed his strong reservations on Modi to BJP leaders, party chief Rajnath Singh and leader of opposition in Rajya Sabha Arun Jaitley....... He also expressed apprehensions about the growing indication that Modi for all practical purposes may have already been anointed the BJP's choice for PM.
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BJP won’t dump Modi for Nitish, NDA headed for split
"A diverse, pluralistic, multi-faith and multi-ethnic country can be led by only such person who has secular credentials and an inclusive outlook, and who can carry all sections of society," Kumar told his colleagues.
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"Despite claims by the Congress and the BJP that they are national parties, there is nothing like that. We are ruling in one state while they are in power in four states... This is the only difference now," Tiwari, considered close to Kumar, said.
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