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Running mate: Hillary.
Secretary of State in waiting: Obama.
Campaign headquarters: Jackson Heights, New York City.
Our Iraq: Nepal.
The South: Conquer it.
Dean 2004: Blog; Dean 2008: Blogalaxy.
Core vision: Three pillars.

I have offered these thoughts earlier. Today I would like to add to that.

Convention: Atlanta.

In 1996 it held the Olympics. In 2008 it gets to host the Democratic Convention. This is about taking the South in a grand way.

This is about paying homage to the past three Democratic presidents, all southerners. Atlanta is the capital of the South.

This is about a great city.

Atalanta just so happens to be the first really big American city I ever went to. It was a Maths Club trip to Georgia Tech first year at college.

And I took all the pictures above. From a 18 wheeler. That I was piloting.

Thinking thoughts on Dean 2008 feels like writing the script for a movie. It will be a blockbuster.

Blogging Is Scalable Media

My blog has become a minor topic of debate among the DFNYC leadership recently. The vision I am offering is very much a work in progress. And I feel the need to explain.

Do events, blog events.

I have offered that as a mantra to Deaniacs earlier. This is not a clash with old media, but the idea is to bypass old media. The vision I am offering is of a scalable media. Google Earth is scalable. You can watch the planet from outer space, or you can zoom in to literally see the house I live in in the city.

Blogging makes that kind of media coverage possible. I have covered some DFNYC events at this blog, and the coverage has expanded. The first one had no pictures and little text. The recent ones have tens of picutures. The most recent one even has video clips. But this is still old media, kind of, although there are bits that can read like my personal journal, and that is very much intended. Blogging is not newspaper gone online. And old media of course does not give that kind of space to th…

First Mayoral Debate

I dropped by the Ferrer campaign headquarters earlier today: it was quietish. One staffer has been to Nepal. Another that I met for the first time today is from Kentucky where I went to school for five years. She now lives at the other tip of Prospect Park. "Kentucky is beautiful country physically, but the social conservative elements can be tough."

"I know. The Bible Belt stuff." She is from the western plains in the state, by the Ohio river.

I made some phone calls on behalf of Ferrer. I must be out of the loop. The first mayoral debate was today, and I did not know about it. I have only been aware of the one on Tuesday because DFNYC has a debate watching party going on. I plan to show up. I called up Abhi yesterday to ask if he was showing up. It was a yes, no, maybe kind of political answer.

I watched the debate online after I got back. Ain't that grand, being able to do that? All of TV should be like that. If I had to sum it up, it would be as follows.


Delhi Bomb Blasts

Over 60 people dead and counting. People who were busy with their holiday shopping. Diwali, the festival of lights.

I went to Delhi when I was real small. I remember one of the places from then that was one of the sites for a bomb: Connaught Place.

These are not Muslisms. Muslims are like Hindus, or Buddhists, or Christians. They are people of faith, many are poor and illiterate, they just want the best by their families. These are Islamists. Islamists are like fascists, Nazis, like the evil brand of communists. The Islamists are like the KKK, they are a hate group. They will not think twice before they kill innocent Muslims. Their fight is not on behalf of Muslims of any ilk. Or they would at least spare Muslims, but they kill them too.

They are not seeking a debate. They are armed. They mean damage, physical damage. They mean to kill.

Mosquitoes are a problem. The drain has to be swamped. Proactively spreading democracy until every single country on the planet is a democracy is the only…

Say Hello To Appu

For the 1984 Asiad Games held in New Delhi, India had adopted a baby elephant for mascot, named Appu. It was quite a craze. The mascot was long remembered after the event had escaped the public mind.

Race and gender are elephants in the room and they ask to be greeted. I have brought up social issues at this blog. And I believe that has been a little rattling in some quarters. For a lot of progressives and, frankly, also to many others, race and gender are issues they are beyond. There are others who are racist, sexist, homophobic, what have you, but they themselves are beyond all that.

My 1-10 spectrum concept challenges all that. Start by assuming noone is a 10. Then also for all progressives race and gender are work in progress, very much so. Your unwillingness to address these issues are perhaps a sign you are more likely a 5 or a 6, and less likely a 7, 8 or 9.

Progressives should feel comfortable talking about these issues.

Does that mean dialogue is the panacea, the cure all? No. B…

Mixer For Ferrer

Howard Dean, video clip (1 min 25 sec)
Fernando Ferrer, video clip (3 min)
Heather Woodfield, video clip (1 min 44 sec)

Ferrer Gets Aggressive At A Ferrer Fundraiser
Mixing It For Ferrer

The most important person I met today was Leecia Eve. (Who Is Leecia Eve?) Or rather yesterday, since it is already past midnight. Wow. I met Bill Clinton, now I need to meet Amitabh Bachchan. I met Leecia Eve, now I need to meet Barack Obama. She is a Ms. Sunshine, real cheerful, positive, with a warm personality. She is a bundle of energy. And of course she is whip smart.

"You are a great person. You need to go all the way. People like Barack Obama and you need to help take race relations in this country to a whole new, different level," I said.

"That is the plan," she said.

People like Martin Luther King struggled against physical segregation. Jesse Jackson struggled against the backlash to the MLK achievements, and to consolidate those achievements. Barack Obama and Leecia Eve get to f…

American Leftonistas

Takes Two Arms And Two Legs To Swim
The Saudi Royal Family Has Got To Go
What's Going On In Nepal

There is a need for a progressive party of near permanent power. For that a Democratic unity is a must. The tent should be large enough to host a large array of groups and thoughts, but ulitmately there has to be unity.

I have made an attempt to recoincile education, health and free trade in an earlier blog entry: Takes Two Arms And Two Legs To Swim. A lot of leftists ask, but what about fair trade? What about labor and environmental standards? I am all for the highest possible labor and environmental standards. But then America is the number one polluting country on the planet. How do you feel about that? And what are you doing about it? America burns so much fossil fuel on a daily basis.

I am all for high labor and environmental standards all over the world, but the legitimate way to do that is by proactively spreading democracy. Empowered people living in democracies themselves…

Ferrer Gets Aggressive At A Ferrer Fundraiser

Mixing It For Ferrer

Ferrer ripped it apart today. I have been to a few of his events, and he has been a little on the diffident side. But today I saw a whole different incarnation. Perhaps he has always been that way. I only now saw him. This was the first time I have seen him at a podium. Or maybe he is switching gears. Because even Howard Dean, who was sharing the stage, looked a little taken aback, in a positive way. Or maybe because Dean was the one who introduced him, he got some Dean effect. We all know the doctor likes to get straight to the point.

But Ferrer really got it going. What a speech! Since he does not have the Bloomberg money, he needs to compensate with choice words. Assertiveness, aggresiveness are good qualities to have when you are trying to represent the underdogs, "the little guys," like some people put it, but a phrase I dislike. To me the so-called "little guys" are like a potential rich harvest of votes. It is a cornfield, a paddyfield.

I m…

Mixing It For Ferrer

On the 25th, the DFNYC Mixer is for Ferrer. Congressman Jerrold Nadler, State Senator Eric Schneiderman, State Assemblyman Scott Stringer, and Councilman Bill Perkins are going to show up, as is Howard Dean's brother Jim Dean.

Where: Stir, 1363 First Ave. (btwn 73rd & 74th)
When: Tuesday, October 25, 7-10 PM

A day before that Howard Dean is hosting a fundraiser for Fernando Ferrer.

Where:Session 73, 1359 First Ave. @ 73rd Street
When: Monday, October 24, 6:30-8:30 PM

I just wanted to familiarize myself with the names a little.

Congressman Jerrold Nadler: "Congressman Jerrold Nadler represents New York’s Eighth Congressional district. The Eighth, one of the most diverse districts in the nation, includes Manhattan’s West Side below 89th Street, Lower Manhattan, and areas of Brooklyn including Borough Park, Coney Island, Brighton Beach, Sea Gate, Bay Ridge, and Bensonhurst...... He was re-elected to his seventh full term in 2004 with a resounding 80 percent of the vote....... the …

Bill Clinton Had Icecream For Lunch

Bill Clinton Has Left The Building

Finally I not only got to see Bill Clinton, I also got to shake his hand, and have a brief conversation with him. Now I want to see Amitabh Bachchan.

Yesterday late at night I got an email from Castro, not Fidel, the other one. The email gave me specifics of Bill Clinton's appearance with Fernando Ferrer. Where, when, that sort of thing.

I got out of bed late. After the morning essentials, I walked over to the train station. By the time I got off the train I was running a few minutes late. I started running. But I was an hour early, it ended up.

I took a few pictures and then became part of the ropeline. Bill Clinton works the ropeline like noone else. To him each person truly is unique, and each moment is unique, and he considers himself to be the master of the spoken word segment of it. How do you know Bill Clinton is breathing? His mouth is open. How do you know he is thinking? His mouth is open. I think he keeps his mouth in an open position beca…

Bill Clinton Has Left The Building

Date: Wed, 19 Oct 2005 22:28:05 -0400From:"Dorcas Castro"
Subject: Clinton Meeting The People Of New York With Fernando Ferrer!
Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow

Please join us on Thursday, October 20th at 1:00pm on the Triangle Corner of 170th Street & Charlotte in Seabury Bronx, NY

President Clinton will be meeting the people of the City of New York on their own turf, rallying for Fernando Ferrer, the next Mayor !

Bring your enthusiasm, hopes & desire for change!

take the #2 or #5 train to 174th Street & Southern Blvd. Walk 3 blocks South to Jennings turn right to Charlotte.

Hope to see you there!

Dorcas Castro Volunteer Coordinator

New Yorkers For Ferrer 14 East 38th Street 3rd Floor New York, NY 10016 212-684-2005 ext. 147

Please donate your time & volunteer for us!

100 Hours Of Video Online Will Elect Ferrer

Polls show Bloomberg has a 27 point lead. That is inaccurate. He had a 14 point lead before he pulled his dishonest security stunt. (Bloomberg: No Mr. Security) I would say there is a 10 point error. I know enough about polling techniques to point out the inaccuracies, deliberate and otherwise. That still gives Bloomberg a five point lead or so.

Bloomberg has blanketed the media. He thinks the New York City media is like a house in the Bermuda where he goes for weekends - he is too good to enjoy NYC during weekends: it can be bought. And considering how the local media has been boycotting Ferrer events, makes you think he just might be right. Whatever happened to Thomas Jefferson's idea of a free press?

Ferrer has been doing a ton of events, Bloomberg hardly any. But the public thinks Ferrer has been hiding. New Yorkers don't have the time to show up for events. They are busy working. They are the ultimate worker bees.

The Ferrer campaign needs to video record all Ferrer events, …

Jesse Jackson On Martin Luther King Boulevard

There was supposed to be some kind of a DFNYC event where you get together and call a bunch of people, but instead I got an email saying the Ferrer campaign would rather DFNYC people showed up at the campaign headquarters to help any way they can.

So I showed up a little after noon. Not far from Times Square. That must be the campaign headquarters district in town, because I think Siegel had his headquarters somewhere around there as well. I was just going to soak the atmosphere, and try and throw in a few ideas.

I got to meet last name Castro. "Where I come from, people talk of Castro like he were Bob Marley. Any relation?"

Jesse Jackson was in town, and Castro was on her way to attend an event with him. How lucky of me! Too bad I did not have my camera with me. But, oh well.

Every town worth its salt in the South has some street named after Martin Luther King. They despise you while you are around, and they worship you after you are gone. And there was this street in Harlem. O…

No Taxation Without Representation

Non-citizens should be allowed to vote. To not allow is to disrespect the very essence of New York City. Suddenly I am a single issue person against Bloomberg: I feel so strongly about this issue. This reminds me of Boston and the American revolution.

DFNYC endorsing Gifford Miller was a mistake. Anthony Weiner is a whiner. And I don't even know the guy, directly or indirectly.

Campaign 2005: Much At Stake For Immigrants(2005-09-01)
For the first 150 years after the founding of the nation, non-citizens voted and held public office: alderman, coroner, school board member. Yet the policy fell casualty to the anti-immigrant backlash of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. While many European countries have been allowing legal immigrants to vote for public offices for many decades, only a few municipalities in Maryland and Massachusetts allow non-citizens to vote for local affairs. Non-citizens in Chicago vote in school board election. New York had the same practice from …