Messages To Dean, Ferrer

Message To Dean

I have been to all 48 states in the continental US, Vermont was the last one, nothing personal.

America is the leading country when it comes to science and technology, but it has a creationist president. (Dumb And Dumberer: Creationist Bush) That right there is proof democracy in this country is not working as is. America needs a president who has read a few science books, maybe a certified doctor or something.

I know you can't talk about it until at least 2007, and I am not going to bug you about it. But Reagan ran and lost early and bad in 1976, not that I particularly like him. Bill Clinton ran for re-election in Arkansas in 1990 pledging to complete his four year term. Arkansas is better off he did not. And I like Bill Clinton, I know you do too.

DNC can do without you, America and the world can not.

You are inspiring, and you are going to continue to inspire. That is all we need from you. Dean 2008 is already on. We are already at work.

Message To Ferrer

I really do think you have a shot at winning. I really do. We need you to win. If not the headquarters, NYC is at least going to host the War Room for Dean 2008. And we don't want a Mayor Bloomberg around at that time. He might arrest us. So go win!

Going On The Offensive For Ferrer

Talk about your management style, not just your policy differences with Bloomberg. People say he has so much money, he is not beholden to any special interests. I say he has so much money, he is out of touch. People say you are a machine politician, I say you are in tune with the voters and their various organized groups, you know the system inside out, you are better positioned to deliver. People say Bloomberg is a successful entrepreneur who can lead. I say his leadership style is corporate. Your leadership style is political. You have delivered in the Bronx, you will deliver for the city.

NYC is the capital city of the world. It should n-e-v-e-r again get itself a Republican mayor. The world needs some respect.

Get out the votes. Many who will vote for you do not get phone calls from the pollsters. Forget the polls. Get out the votes.

Message To The White Democrats In NYC

The ethnic minorities are the strongest supporters of the Democratic Party. They never show up among the swing voters. They never became Reagan Democrats. And now you are all going to vote for Ferrer for the simple reason that he is a Democrat. You don't need to know anything else.

You know you agree with him on policy. And you know he has delivered before in an executive capacity. You know he has what it takes.

Let's make history. Let's elect a Hispanic Mayor. To me it is important Ferrer is Hispanic. That is a big plus. What about you? He is and should be proof America is for all its immigrants, not just the white ones.

This is the time for you to express your party loyalty.

Bloomberg Is No Democrat

Spread the word on Ferrer. Go vote for Ferrer. Get the votes out for Ferrer.