Don't Need To Wait Till 2008

If you want to see Howard Dean in the White House, you start work now.

Take back the City 2005.
Take back the Congress 2006.
Take back the White House 2008.

We need to apply and perfect our basic principles of organization. We need to put them to use now so when we have to put them to use for 2008, we are all experienced. We are ready to go. The guy in the White House will be relying on the MeetUps also for governance.
  1. One person, one vote, one voice.
  2. Total, transparent democracy.
  3. Non-violent militancy.
  4. Face time, screen time.
DFA Organization Framework

We could formally launch in January 2007, that is the earliest. And Howard Dean himself can not talk about it before that. But nothing stops us. And until then it is not even about Dean 2008, but rather our local races.

This is to be a bottom up organization. And hence the local races matter. The White House does not operate in a vacuum.

One Blog One LinkUp One Atom

Roll the ball, get it moving.

You don't need any resources beyond what you already have. Get your MeetUp moving. Get your MeetUp group blog to blossom.

Drop the buckets. You are at the mouth of the Amazon.