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There is a need for a progressive party of near permanent power. For that a Democratic unity is a must. The tent should be large enough to host a large array of groups and thoughts, but ulitmately there has to be unity.

I have made an attempt to recoincile education, health and free trade in an earlier blog entry: Takes Two Arms And Two Legs To Swim. A lot of leftists ask, but what about fair trade? What about labor and environmental standards? I am all for the highest possible labor and environmental standards. But then America is the number one polluting country on the planet. How do you feel about that? And what are you doing about it? America burns so much fossil fuel on a daily basis.

I am all for high labor and environmental standards all over the world, but the legitimate way to do that is by proactively spreading democracy. Empowered people living in democracies themselves will demand and forge high labor and environmental standards.

So instead of hijacking the free trade agenda, dedicate yourself to the cause of global democracy.
And I have met American leftists passionate about the sweat shops issue, but it is more like, thank god I am not at the bottom of the pile as I have felt in the American context, there are others below me. That sentiment is a wrong reason to be against sweat shops.

Some leftists also preach that India and China should not grow their economies. The planet can not afford it. That is right wing hogwash. As they way, if you go far enough to the left, you meet the right wing idiots.

The choice between economic growth and the environment is a false choice. Progressives need to be pro-environment and pro-economic growth.

Progressives are pro-education, pro-health, and pro-free trade. Progressives are pro-economic growth and pro-environment. Progressives are for a total, global spread of democracy. And progressives are for perfecting the one person, one vote, one voice mechanism inside America, they are about turning this republic into a democracy.

So stay away from the false choices that prevent us from truly uniting.