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I Am For Direct Dialogue With Iran

Iran Twitter Flag (Photo credit: People's Open Graphics)The US talked to the Soviet Union and it had nuclear weapons. Iran does not have nuclear weapons, it might get them.

I belong in the war as a last resort school of thought. I think, in this case, dialogue is not the step before war. Dialogue will render war unnecessary.

Frankly, I think it is plain stupid not to talk.

Obama: Will 'Make a Push for Dialogue' with Iran on Nuclear Program
In President Barack Obama's Wednesday afternoon press conference, his first in eight months, he addressed the issue of negotiations over the Islamic Republic of Iran's nuclear program. ...... We've imposed the toughest sanctions in history. .... There should be a way in which they can enjoy peaceful nuclear power while still meeting their international obligations and providing clear assurances to the international community that they're not pursuing a nuclear weapon. ...... open up a dialogue between Iran and not just…

The Redistricting Menace

In 1996, House Democrats also won the popular vote but remained in the minority (kind of)
Democratic House candidates appear to have won more of the popular vote than their Republican counterparts on Tuesday, despite what looks as though it will be a 33- or 35-seat GOP majority. .... Democrats have won roughly 49 percent of the House vote, compared to 48.2 percent for Republicans. ..... Despite losing the popular vote, Republicans are set to have their second-biggest House majority in 60 years and their third-biggest since the Great Depression. ..... Redistricting drew such a GOP-friendly map that, in a neutral environment, Republicans have an inherent advantage. ..... Republicans were clearly favored in 195 House districts, compared to Democrats being favored in 166. Some of this is because Democratic voters are more concentrated in urban areas, but it’s also because the GOP drew some very favorable redistricting maps in important states like North Carolina, Ohio and Pennsylvania. ...…

Bobby Saying All The Right Things

Biden, Bobby
Bobby Is Going To Run And Win In 2016
Bobby Will Run In 2016
Bobby Converting Is Not A Problem
Bobby Jindal
Bobby Jindal: Streamliner
Bobby For McCain's VP?
Bobby Jindal For President Of The United States 2016
Bobby 2016, Until Then Adios
Barack, Bobby

Bobby has to do nothing less than reconstruct the Republican Party, and I think he is making good early noises. You borrow money from China with which to give tax cuts to the rich, and the poor and the middle classes are saddled with interest payments on that borrowed money. How is that small government?

Paul Ryan is a fake intellectual. Bobby is the true intellectual.

Quote of the Day: Bobby Jindal Joins Ranks of GOPers Edging and Urging Towards More Moderate
“We’ve got to make sure that we are not the party of big business, big banks, big Wall Street bailouts, big corporate loopholes, big anything,” Jindal told POLITICO in a 45-minute telephone interview. “We cannot be, we must not be, the party that simply protects the rich so…

Bobby Converting Is Not A Problem

How Indian immigrants could save the Republican Party
Further, could it be just coincidence that both politicians converted to Christianity? He’s a Hindu-turned-Catholic and she’s a Sikh-turned-Methodist. Perhaps they have their legitimate reasons—it doesn’t get more personal than your name and your religion—but the party needs to proceed carefully: There’s a red flag if immigrant candidates don’t appeal to their own immigrant brethren. Indeed, Jindal and Haley have upset some Indians, who feel the candidates can take their campaign donations but had to become something else in order to be accepted by the Republican Party—and by America. I was born a Hindu. I grew up a Hindu. When I came to America with 200 dollars in my backpocket - 70 of which I blew on my first cab ride from the airport to the college town - I was a Hindu. One year in America I became a Buddhist. This was in the Bible Belt South.

I recommend conversion to the hundreds of millions of Dalits - also known as untoucha…