Bobby Jindal For President Of The United States 2016

Bobby Jindal For President Of The United States 2016

I am a progressive. But I am a political scientist before I am a progressive. A political scientist should be able to ride both swings to the pendulum. After one party has been at the helm for four, eight years, the opposition has been out of power long enough to do some serious soul searching, to gain momentum.

Bobby could come out emphasizing faith, family, personal responsibility, the next round of economic growth for America and the world, and the most diverse cabinet to date. I expect major progress on race and gender during the Barack-Hillary eight years. Bobby's eight years could be the period to consolidate those gains.

Britain's time is up.

The 12 Year Itch

If Bobby runs in 2016 and I get behind him, this blog's name changes to Pappu. That's what my family calls me.

Digital Democrat

All I have needed to be of some use to Barack has been broadband, Google News and Blogger. Eight years from now the digital tools will be so much more potent. I can be of much use to Bobby.

Pledge Of No Contact

Elizabeth Caputo: Trying To Make Sense

I pledge not to contact Elizabeth. I pledge not to show up for any DL21C event. Those are pledges I made yesterday to an attorney, and I intend to stick by them.

I think she is shooting to be a federal cabinet secretary at some point, not an elected official, hence the huge reluctance to change the basic DL21C template: nothing wrong with that. Public service is public service, it is all good. Or I might be totally off the mark. DL21C is just socializing. It is banking as far as eyes can see.

Looks like wise guy Dan Jacoby is the only one heading to be an elected official.

Charlie Rangel: A Political Observation

This is not my new feeling for Rangel. Harlem is the capital of black America and Rangel happens to be the King of Harlem for now. He is not a politician who excites me. I can't imagine working for him, I can't imagine campaigning for him, but I am so glad for his prominence in the House. It is the small steps taken by people like Rangel that have made Barack's big step possible.

DFNYC: Second Look

That was my original political organization in the city. Then something happened at Raven and I went out to pasture. It is still nice to drop by Drinking Liberally once in a while but I think I need an organization with some more action than that.

What makes DFNYC attractive:
  • It is grassroots. It has been part of the effort that gave birth to the grassroots movement in America.
  • It already has a national network. DFNYC is the crown jewel of the national DFA.
  • There is this Dean 2004 alumni bond among the members. That makes for some glue.
  • I know many of the DFNYC people.
  • Tracey Denton had a video camera in her hand at the last DFNYC event I went to. If I were to become active with the DFNYC, I would be like, let's go 100% digital.
But the LinkUp is the only thing DFNYC seems to do these days.

Drinking Liberally May 29
June 2008 Linkup June 3
Screening Liberally - BLUE STATE June 8
A Special Evening to Support State Senate Candidate Don Barber June 24
Save the Date - 4th Annual DFNYC Fundraiser June 25

On the other hand, it might just be an idea to show up for a few DFNYC events without getting active with the organization.

Whatever happened to the DFNYC Mixer?

In The News

US elections 2008: Obama urges thaw in US-Cuba relations Obama vowed today to allow Cuban-Americans unlimited rights to travel and send money to the island as president ....... Bill Clinton and other confidantes of the former first lady have begun reaching out to Obama in the US media, telling CNN, Time magazine and others that an "exit strategy" to end the Democratic race should involve an offer for an Obama-Clinton ticket. ....... The Obama camp also released new polling that shows him ahead of McCain in the swing states of Ohio, Virginia and Pennsylvania.
Obama pledges new direction on Latin America Boston Globe direct diplomacy throughout the hemisphere to advance democracy and promote American values and ideals, to immediately allow Cuban Americans unlimited family travel and remittances to the island, to create an Energy Partnership for the Americas that would develop alternative energy, launch a regional security initiative to battle drug trafficking, to target development assistance for Latin America aimed at promoting bottom-up growth, and to reinstate a Special Envoy for the Americas in the White House and open more consulates and expand the Peace Corps in Latin America.
What role has gender played in Clinton’s campaign? National Post
Feinstein backs Clinton-Obama ticket San Francisco Chronicle
Women supporters blame Clinton's imminent defeat on sexism Toronto Star If not Clinton, who? If not now, when? And, most loudly, was she a victim of sexism? ....... "She has been in uncharted waters. She has had to walk this incredible tightrope of toughness and balance it with softness and femininity. She had no role model, but she will now be the role model for those who come after her. ........ it has been 24 years since Geraldine Ferraro ran as a vice-presidential candidate, the one and only woman to ever be part of a White House run. ....... we are still a misogynist society ....... any male would be better than any woman ........ millions of women in this country have found sexist media coverage deeply offensive ....... it is more acceptable to be openly sexist than racist in the U.S. – a view supported by many social scientists. ....... Clinton has been the subject of "intense sexism" by party leaders and the media. ........... "I would drive through a tornado to vote for Hillary," Jacobson said. ..... only eight female governors
Hillary Clinton still counting; Barack Obama still leading Los Angeles Times
Clinton Touting Popular Vote Projections New York Times

Nepal king leaves royal palace Sify

As Race Wanes, Talk of Clinton as No. 2 Grows New York Times

Clinton Wins Kentucky, but Obama Nears Milestone New York Times
McCain Has Record Fundraising Month ABC News
Exit polls spell out Barack Obama's Kentucky problem Los Angeles Times
Obama plans general election team The Associated Press Barack Obama is quietly planning to take over the Democratic National Committee and assemble a multistate team for the general election ....... Top Obama organizer Paul Tewes is in discussions to run the party ...... moved within 100 of that goal after contests in Kentucky and Oregon
Obama Raises $31 Million in April, McCain Has Best Month This Year Wall Street Journal Blogs
Trent Lott on Obama vs. McCain FOXNews
Clinton says win is a vote of confidence Boston Globe

Clinton wins Kentucky; Obama poised to reach milestone in ... The Canadian Press Obama's top strategist David Axelrod disclosed that he has talked informally with Clinton's former campaign manager Patti Solis Doyle about joining forces to beat McCain. ....... Kentucky's white, rural, working-class voters were backing Clinton in droves, fuelling another lopsided win for her like the one in West Virginia a week ago. ...... Race played a decisive role in Kentucky, where 90 per cent of voters were white. She dominated in virtually all categories of those voters, including men, women and people of all ages, incomes and education levels. ....... saying sexism has played a larger role than racism in the nomination fight.
Obama's organizing skills now face a bigger test Los Angeles Times, USA winning Florida's 27 electoral votes requires Obama to build his organizing machinery almost from scratch. ...... In recent days, the Obama campaign has shifted as many as 15 staff members to Florida, launching a massive voter registration drive targeting young people and African Americans. ..... Obama is expected to draw 20,000 supporters at a rally in Tampa ..... staff being dispatched to Michigan ..... the battlegrounds of Ohio and Colorado. ....... "microtargeting" techniques honed by Republicans in the 2004 presidential campaign to locate new, GOP-leaning voters who might otherwise have been overlooked.
Obama Raises $31 Million in April Washington Post 1.475 million donors had given the campaign 2,929,000 million separate donations, with an average value of $91. ..... $37.3 million remaining cash on hand ...... The Clinton campaign, in contrast, reported its second-best monthly fundraising haul to date, more than $22 million