I Told You So: 303 And Counting

I wasn't the only one, but I told you so: Obama Will Cross 300 Electoral Votes.

Obama’s second term: Not hope, but lots of change
The Affordable Care Act — the single most significant bill of Obama’s first term .... The Dodd-Frank financial reforms .... Tax increases are law. The Bush tax cuts are expiring at the end of the year ...... On their own, passing and implementing any of these laws would be a huge achievement for a presidency. The three of them together are a record and pace of domestic change unmatched by any recent administration. But they were an odd sort of change: Change that wouldn’t happen until — and arguably unless — Obama secured a second term. Tonight, he did that. ...... Obama, whose inspiring oratory launched him to the White House and whose grind-it-out, insider-game approach to working with Congress disappointed his fans. But it worked. .... while in 2008, his election was a vote for hope, in 2012, his reelection carries a guarantee of change.