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Maloney's Idiotic Debate Non Stand Can Be Countered With Use Of Social Media

Image via Wikipedia Carolyn Maloney has decided she is not going to debate Reshma. (Debating Is "Stunt" In A Maloney Democracy) I wish Maloney all the false confidence in the world. She is relying on a poll her campaign conducted before Reshma did her months of field work.

The most talked about race in the state of New York is not going to have any debates if Maloney will have her way.

Daily News: Maloney-Saujani Primary Got You Worked Up?
Of all the races in all the state, why does this one have people so passionate? Obama won Iowa. The polls did not show that he will win, and they did not show his eventual margin. Why? Because the pollsters kept calling up "likely voters," their name for people who voted four years ago. But what Obama had done was build an army of new, first time voters on the ground. And so the pollsters were left in the dust. And, mind you, these were not pollsters hired by the Edwards campaign.

And you have Maloney basking in the glory of early…

Debating Is "Stunt" In A Maloney Democracy

"While the Congresswoman is creating jobs and working to get our economy back on track, her opponent is engaged in yet another political stunt that deflects from the issues the constituents really care about," said Maloney spox Alix Anfang.

If Maloney is too busy creating jobs to engage Reshma Saujani - whose intellect she fears - in debates, very soon she is going to be the one looking for a job.

I don't think Maloney is too busy creating jobs - I don't see all that many jobs around - I think Maloney is too busy being scared of Reshma's intellect.

Reshma Saujani Ticked Off At Carolyn Maloney For Ignoring Debate Offer: Updated » New York Daily News (blog)

Reshma Debate Letter
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Reshma 2010 Party Tonight

Image via Wikipedia I am headed to a party tonight. Reshma 2010 has new offices.

Reshma 2010: New Office: Party: June 21 Monday

Food and Drinks
Monday, June 21st at 6:30 p.m.
The fifth floor of 143-145 Madison Avenue
(between 31st and 32nd Street)
Office opening party!

I am excited.

Full Timer Or Volunteer

I Want To Go Full Time With Reshma 2010

I have thought in terms of going full time with the campaign. But it is very possible the campaign would prefer to have me continue as a volunteer instead. That would be more than fine with me. One, that would mean the campaign is very confident of winning on September 14. Two, the best things I would do as a full timer would be the few things I would do as a volunteer. Meeting ordinary people is the best part of working on a political campaign. Three, going to work some kind of a tech sector job might be best for the startup I intend to work on in about 15 months: I got one very good lead as of now.

Politics is to me what sailing is to Larry El…

I Want To Go Full Time With Reshma 2010

The last time I hinted at this, (My Political Resume, Reshma 2010, And September 14) I was not in a position to take a job - I am now, (Employment Authorization Card: It's Here) and I am not a citizen and a voter, so I could not have volunteered on the petition drive of the past few weeks. And I have actively looked at a few tech sector options the past few weeks. (Not MeetUp, After Entry Level Jobs, An Internship, Entry Level Jobs, Job Search) But getting an email about the party Monday (Reshma 2010: New Office: Party: June 21 Monday) put Reshma 2010 front and center on my mindscreen all over again.

Reshma 2010 is too historic a campaign to miss out on. I think I want to do a three month stint - June 22 to September 22 - with this historic campaign before going to do another job. In New York the primary election is what matters. You win on September 14, Maloney then endorses you, and you go claim victory in November. But I would keep the option to add six weeks open. This distri…

9/11, Great Recession, Gulf Oil Spill: Paradigm Shifts

Image via Wikipedia To the three items I just listed - 9/11, the Great Recession, and the Gulf Oil Spill - I should perhaps add a fourth, while the three are of the negative kind, Obama's election to the White House has been a positive kind of paradigm shift, race being America's original sin.

9/11 is accepted as having been a paradigm shift event. It hijacked the Bush presidency. Obama's presidency has similarly been taken over by major events that he could not have foreseen. Reminds one of the famous Lincoln line, that he does not control events, it is the other way round.

This has been a strange recession. Now there is talk it might end up being a double dip recession. The recovery sure is not full. The jobs that were lost, not enough new jobs have been created. And if that were not headache enough, the oil spill happened. The ocean remains less explored than outer space in many ways.

The private and the public sectors have not even begun to measure the size of the damag…

Reshma Is Better At Raising Money, Way Better

Image via Wikipedia Reshma 2010: New Office: Party: June 21 Monday

I totally see why Pelosi and Obama need to keep the House in November. I absolutely, totally see that. That is a big reason why I am supporting Reshma. Reshma is going to win on September 14, and then she is going to help the party raise a lot of money for the races across the country in November. Maloney can't do that. In her own district. Look at how much money Reshma has raised as someone noone ever heard of. The first quarter she beat Maloney two to one in fundraising. Imagine how much money she will be able to raise after she hits the national headlines on September 14.

Maloney has done some good work, but her time is up. It is time for some fresh blood into the New York congressional delegation. It is time for both Rangel and Maloney to retire. They are both past retirement age.

When it comes to fundraising, Reshma's hands are magic. She was one of John Kerry's top 10 fundraisers in 2004. I am waitin…

Reshma 2010: New Office: Party: June 21 Monday


Bush: Genius? Visionary?

Image via Wikipedia New York Times: U.S. Identifies Vast Riches of Minerals in Afghanistan: The United States has discovered nearly $1 trillion in untapped mineral deposits in Afghanistan ..... huge veins of iron, copper, cobalt, gold and critical industrial metals like lithium ..... Afghanistan could become the “Saudi Arabia of lithium,” a key raw material in the manufacture of batteries for laptops and BlackBerrys. ..... could attract heavy investment even before mines are profitable, providing the possibility of jobs that could distract from generations of war. ..... Afghanistan’s gross domestic product is only about $12 billion. ........ charges of corruption and favoritism continue to plague the Karzai government, and Mr. Karzai seems increasingly embittered toward the White House. .... the newfound mineral wealth could lead the Taliban to battle even more fiercely to regain control of the country. ..... Just last year, Afghanistan’s minister of mines was accused by American offi…

NextGen Africa Forum @ NYU June 14

Image via Wikipedia I have been seeing a lot of buzz around this event at NYU this evening. I signed up and I think you should too. Pass it on.

NextGen Africa Forum
Monday, June 14, 2010 from 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM (ET)
NYU's Kimmel Center
60 Washington Square South
New York, NY

And there is an after party at Amity Hall, proceeds from drinks to go to Goods4Good.

80 West 3rd St

Amity Hall is showing all World Cup games live. That would be one great reason for many people to keep going back there: to celebrate Africa. I love soccer.

Christine Huang: The Huffington Post:NextGen Africa: What's Next for Africa's 50 Million Orphans?
Of the 2.2 billion children that populate the world, 163 million of them are parentless. ..... "It's getting worse," Aronson explained. "The number [of vulnerable children and orphans] is increasing because the number of adults living with AIDS and other diseases is increasing; because of conflict and war... These are all large contr…

Iran: The World Has Wasted A Year

Image via Wikipedia It has been a year since the Iranians have been braving the streets. Their courage is in stark contrast to the Iranian diaspora that has failed to help steer the political goal of the revolution from forcing the mullahs to hold a re-election to pushing the theocracy out of power altogether and turning Iran into a modern democracy, and in stark contrast to the global netroots/grassroots that has been myopic, unreal, shallow, and just plain not pragmatic. And I am not even going to talk about the world leaders and the world governments.

A theocracy and a dictatorship is designed to be unreasonable. If you want to feel the warmth of reason from Tehran, you help the democracy movement. You help the reform movement. But the people who are pissed the mullahs might be sharpening nukes want to act cautious lest they cross those mullahs. That is insane. There is not much logic in that thinking. The world has to help the Iranian democracy movement to the hilt. Talk of moral s…

Samuel Eto'o

NewPage Bit The Hand That Feeds It And Is Hurting

Image via Wikipedia A robust free trade global and domestic environment is the optimal condition in which a company like NewPage can best flourish. But NewPage did its level best this past year to pour oil into that water and in the process has damaged itself and more than a few players in its industry and especially in its affiliated industries. It is high time for counter arguments and counter measures. A counter balance has to be provided so paper and publishing industries go back to being in a healthy state.

The US economy has always been in a state of change, some major some not so major. A country that elected Abrahan Lincoln was primarily agricultural.

There is a right way to get rid of the competition and there is a wrong way. There is a market way and there is a non market way. The market way is the right way. NewPage has made some shady moves the past year. And now the situation has to be rectified. Common sense has to prevail in September.
Coated-Paper Maker NewPage Withdraws…