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Run, Obama, Run

Reasons to run.
This is not about you. This is about the country. This is about the world. This is the call of a new generation. Step up.This is about your children, and the children of the world. You want them to have a great future. And so you run.
This is a new century. Old fights need to be laid to rest. There is a need for a certain freshness. There is need for fresh air.
The economy has to be reimagined.
Restore intelligence to the White House. End the dumb war in Iraq. Forge lasting peace. Spread democracy the progressive way. Nudge the Middle East towards a final map.
Export hope to Africa. The dictators need tough love. They need ouster slips.
It is a fairly good career move for a politician. The perks are fine. They play music when you enter a room, things like that.

In The News

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California …

Laloo Yadav: Future Prime Minister Of India

What are the possibilities?

There are 545 seats in the Lok Sabha. (Parliament of India - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) The chances of his party the Rashtriya Janata Dal getting half those seats on its own are nil. (Rashtriya Janata Dal - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

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The second best option would be the emergence of a Third Front. All the non-Congress, non-BJP parties would come together and go at it. That coalition would best be formed before an election. Maybe such a Third Front will gain a majority. If it does not, maybe that Third Front will still be larger than the Congress, and will get the Congress…

New York Times: Hakeem Jeffries

December 24, 2006 New Guard, and Style, for Politics in Brooklyn By JONATHAN P. HICKS In decades past, the politicians who came out of central Brooklyn, New York’s largest black community, were shaped by the civil rights struggles of the 1950s and ’60s, with many coming of age politically during the Vietnam War era. But this year’s elections, as well as last year’s, represented a changing of the guard that could signal a wider shift of black political consciousness in the city: the emergence of a class of politicians spawned in the professional world, with experience in private industry, nonprofit organizations and other fields.One new state lawmaker was recently a lawyer for CBS. Another raised money for private schools. A third was a police captain; while another, who is headed to the City Council, worked for the transit system. They are largely politicians who have little to no association with Democratic Party clubhouse politicians in Brooklyn, which has been tainted by recent co…

The Devil Wears Prada

I just watched the movie The Devil Wears Prada. It shook me that it is a 2006 movie. This is today. It is scary.

Smart girl lands a job right after school at a top magazine as an assistant to the editor who is a legend in the industry. Her boyfriend flips burgers. As she progresses, the boyfriend grows away. Less than a year later, she quits her job. The guy is still flipping burgers. Her quitting brings them back together.

That is so Martha Stewart, guys not being able to keep up with successful women. If nothing else, go enjoy the money!

Of course the movie made me think of the Obama-Hillary tussle that will soon unfold. I am for Obama. It is personal. But I do strongly believe Obama will have to take in the gender theme. He has to carry both race and gender to a whole new level. He has to think in concrete terms, like having half his cabinet female.

Meryl Streep is ugh. She is so good at what she does. Al Pacino and Meryl Streep. I always wondered why they did not end up a couple. Amit…

Obama! Obama! Obama!


Money And Manhattan

This town is full of people who went to good schools, work good jobs, make good money, are never going to become millionaires.

Money is in the air, you can feel it. There are the outer boroughs, and there is Manhattan. Like there was this one guy, he used to come to some of the same progressive meetings I used to. Then he gave up. "It is all yuppies," he complained.

Most of them must have worked very hard to get where they are at. Most of them continue to work very hard just to stay where they are at. More than the per capita income, it is the density. There are so many of them. Midtown Manhattan has the greatest concentration of office space per square foot than any place on earth. Each cubicle is someone in a decent income bracket.

Politicians come from all across the country to raise money here. This is supposed to be their all-weather ATM. There are people who specialize in doing fundraisers. It is socializing, it is entertainment, it is I-did-my-good-deed-for-the-day the M…

Barack Hussein Obama And The White Boys In The Media

Reminds me of the Buddhist monks in California that the right wingers went after in 1996, and the Dems failed to defend. Oh look at them Buddhists, they are giving money to Al Gore! As if being Buddhist is dirty. The donations were small, pocket change.

Times, they are a changing. These whities are just going to have to measure up. This might be a US presidential campaign, but it will take place in a globalized world. Racists jokes are offensive, they are not funny. These white boys are going to have to find other ways to bond.

Imagine making fun of the Rodham name. Rodham is Hillary's middle name. Or Jefferson, like in William Jefferson Clinton, or the Jefferson Davis pie, named after a guy who was on the wrong side in the civil war. Or Herbert Walker, like in George Herbert Walker Bush, or just plain W, W like in George Dumbo Bush.

It is offensive enough when right wingers do it, and they stand to pay for it. They are going to get hit back. Hard. But these supposedly mainstream whi…