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Truth On Bloomberg Ferrer Four Ferrer Can

Fernando Ferrer Michael Bloomberg
1. His leadership style is political. He knows how to work the system. 1. His leadership style is corporate. He cuts some major corners on essential social expenditures so he can build a stadium. Don't blame him: that has been his life's training. It is hard to change course mid-stream.
2. He was Bronx Borough President. He delivered. 2. He never held a political office in life before he became Mayor. He has not delivered.
3. People say he is a machine politician, I say he is in tune with the voters and their various organized groups, he knows the system inside out, he is better positioned to deliver. 3. People say he has so much money, he is not beholden to any special interests. I say he has so much money, he is out of touch.
4. Ferrer's style is political. He has delivered in the Bronx, he will deliver for the city. 4. People say Bloomberg is a successful entrepreneur who can lead. I say his leadership style is corporate.
5. NYC is the capital city of the world. It should n-e-v-e-r again get itself a Republican mayor. The world needs some respect. 5. Bloomberg is a Republican. He gives more money to George W. than anyone else in the country.
6. Get out the votes. Many who will vote for Ferrer do not get phone calls from the pollsters. Forget the polls. Get out the votes. 6. Put out more meaningless feel-good ads.
7. He is a Democrat. 7. He is a Republican.
8. His lack of deep pockets makes him more dependent on voters. That makes him more responsive. 8. His limitless supply of personal money to be spent on TV ads makes him politically tone-deaf.
9. He is a Hispanic who believes in the American dream. 9. He is elitist.
10. He is not personally that rich. 10. Bloomberg is so rich, he is practically a carpetbagger in this city of the poor, the lower middle class, the middle class, the upper middle class, and the rich. Don't vote for him. He is not one of you.