The Economy, Stupid

Iraq has been the overshadowing issue for this election season, and that will hold to be true all the way to November 2008. Iraq cost the Republicans 2006. Iraq will cost the Republicans 2008.

And health care is going to be President Obama's signature achievement.

But he has been hurting himself by not giving the economy equal attention. He has to tie the loose ends and assure Americans he will be as good if not better than Bill Clinton on the economy.

You end the war on Iraq. That helps you end the huge budget deficits. And that right there is a big part of the puzzle.

Universal health care also brings down costs for the economy as a whole, for companies in general, and especially for small businesses.

Confronting global warming is about the next big industry that will create new jobs. For Bill Clinton it was software and dot com. For President Obama it is going to be the clean energy industry.

And there is the usual democratic stuff about investing in education, investing in basic research.

What Bill Clinton attempted and did was pretty simple. He himself has called it basic "arithmetic." But the guy who followed has made Bill Clinton look like some kind of a genius.

Barack Obama needs to eat up Hillary Clinton's lunch. And you do that by grabbing all the sensible elements of Clintonomics, which are all of the above and other stuff like 100,000 more police officers onto the streets, and earned income tax credit for the poor. Yes, be for tax cuts, but tax cuts for people who actually will go out and spend that money and boost the economy.

But it is not about photocopying. You grab what you want to, and you add your own. Bill Clinton did not tackle health care, he did not tackle chronic poverty. No, he is not America's first black president. America's first black president will tackle chronic poverty in the inner cities. We already know how to. So far what has lacked is political will.

And he did not tackle global warming in a big way. He is on record saying, "I like Al. He is a smart guy, but he sees things that don't exist."

In short, there is Iraq, there is foreign policy, but everything has to be woven into an economy narrative. That is how you wean the Democrats away from their Bill Clinton nostalgia. Hillary is perceived as a stand-in for Bill Clinton.

Barack Obama has yet to give a major speech that was just about the economy, the economy as a whole.

Bill Clinton

I am for publicly financed elections. And I am against term limits. It was a failure of democracy that Bill Clinton was denied a third term. America hurt itself in the process. Dot com wannabes like myself got sent to Siberia: it was a nuclear winter that lasted a good few years.

I am a huge fan of Bill Clinton. I am very fond of him and always will be.

Bill Clinton - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia the North American Free Trade Agreement ... the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1993

In The News

Pakistani leader assured on re-election AP, Sat Sep 15, 2:43 PM ET "It is our preference that whosoever wishes to contest for the presidency, whether General Musharraf or somebody else, should do it from the next assembly, and it should be a civilian who contests the ... presidential election from the next assembly," she told Pakistan's Dawn News TV channel. ...... "We want to take the country back slowly but surely to the constitution that existed before the military coup," Bhutto said. ..... While the ruling coalition says it has enough support in parliament to get the simple majority to re-elect Musharraf, the support of Bhutto's party would help achieve the two-thirds majority needed for constitutional amendments that could head off legal challenges to his taking office for another five years. .... Despite the uncertainty over the talks, the government says that on her return, Bhutto will not suffer the fate of Sharif, who was swiftly expelled when he came back from exile Monday. But officials said she would have to face pending corruption charges.
Musharraf says no terrorist safe havens in Pakistan AFP, Sat Sep 15, 9:25 AM ET Musharraf told a visiting US Congressional delegation there were no safe havens for terrorists on Pakistani soil ...... Pakistan says it has arrested more than 700 Al-Qaeda operatives since the September 11, 2001 attacks on the United States. .... has also deployed around 90,000 troops to hunt down Al-Qaeda fugitives who crossed the border after the ouster of the fundamentalist Taliban in late 2001. Nearly 800 Pakistani soldiers have died in clashes with militants.
Violence Kills More Than 60 in Northwest Pakistan at The Washington Post Sep 14 killed by an explosion in a heavily secured dining hall for army commandos. ...... most likely the work of a suicide bomber ..... an incident late last month in which 200 to 300 Pakistani troops were taken hostage in South Waziristan. ...... a population that has grown hostile toward domestic military operations that are part of a war widely seen as driven from Washington. ...... Osama bin Laden is more popular than Musharraf in Pakistan, but both get far more approval than President Bush. .... only 19 percent of Pakistanis have a positive view of the United States. ...... Musharraf is in the midst of the fight of his political life as he tries to hold off a burgeoning pro-democracy movement. He is seeking to be reelected by parliament and regional assemblies within the next month, but the Supreme Court is expected to hear a petition next week alleging he is ineligible to run because of his other job as army chief. .... Some of Musharraf's advisers have urged him to declare emergency rule before he can be disqualified
Lights, Camera, Bhutto! via Yahooo! News, Sep 15 in a series of carefully orchestrated simultaneous press conferences held in eight Pakistani cities ...... In Islamabad the PPP headquarters were decorated as if for a wedding: strings of lights were draped over every surface and rose petals dusted the heads and shoulders of the gathered crowds. ...... The Bhutto press conferences all started precisely at 5:30 p.m., exactly 40 minutes before sundown on the first day of the Muslim fasting month ....... The good Muslims in her audience hadn't touched food, drink or cigarettes since dawn. And so, the post press-conference invitation to a traditional sundown feast was met with more cheers than the announcement of her return - proof that she knows what will please a crowd. ....... a massive presence of police - one that was, tellingly, nowhere to be seen for Bhutto's celebratory announcement ..... Supreme court rulings on Musharraf's ability to run for another term while maintaining the office of Army Chief, and a contempt of court case against the government for preventing Sharif's return among them ........ a brand new press corps, an unpredictable new factor in Pakistani political life that neither Sharif nor Bhutto ever faced. ..... One of the hallmarks of Musharraf's reign has been the wholesale liberation of Pakistan's electronic media. Over the past five years media deregulation has meant that dozens of independent TV stations have exploded on the scene, ready and all too willing to exploit the slightest misdemeanor of those in power. Musharraf has already felt the bite of this newly unleashed press: exhaustive coverage of his attempts to dismiss a popular Supreme Court justice contributed significantly to his plunge in popularity. ........ husband Asif Zardari still carries the nickname "Mr. Ten Percent."
A Familiar Face in Pakistan via Yahooo! News, Sep 15 martial law, but that would be highly unpopular, even within the military, which doesn't want a confrontation with an angry populace. Sharif's party faithful, undaunted by their leader's absence and the arrest of many of his aides, are planning mass protests. ...... terrorist attacks, once confined to tribal areas in the north, have spread across the country ... If Musharraf sheds his uniform, they can block him with another constitutional provision: retired soldiers must wait two years before standing for office. ...... But Bhutto's own standing has plummeted since she started dealing with the dictator. ..... her demands that he resign as head of the military, drop corruption charges against her and give up the power to dissolve parliament. ..... the Americans are "naive" for thinking that Musharraf will have any clout once he steps down as military chief or that Bhutto will be able to control the army as Prime Minister. ...... His two stints as Prime Minister were marked by mismanagement and corruption. .... Bhutto's party "has historically been more popular and closer to the moderate center than Nawaz's party."
Running on Empty at The New York Times Sep 12 blocked the return of his longtime political rival, Nawaz Sharif, and then arrested nearly the entire top leadership of Mr. Sharif’s party. ..... Pakistanis — professionals, ordinary people and even some in the military — have made clear that they are now sick of the general’s rule. Most want a return to civilian democracy. ...... It’s time for General Musharraf to leave the military, for Pakistan to hold free and fair elections and for the army to find ways to support, not sabotage civilian democratic rule.
The General's Best Chance at The Washington Post Aug 29 $10 billion in American aid ..... Ms. Bhutto and Mr. Sharif both are two-time failures as Pakistani prime minister. Both have been credibly accused of breathtaking acts of corruption; both have been unscrupulous in pursuing their personal ambitions. ....... it is time for the general to make a deal.

Obama needs an ace Guardian Unlimited, UK Generating enthusiasm for change isn't enough. To beat Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination, Barack Obama will have to make a move. ....... Americans retain a desire to believe in their leaders that apathy and cynicism has gnawed away in most other western democracies. .... especially given the deception of the current Presidency ..... 2008, more than usual, will be a change election .... so many people have been so fed up with a sitting president for so long ..... after 20 years of leadership by the two same families, what could be less about change than another Clinton in the White House? Two words repeated - Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton - could yet pierce Hilary's increasingly comfortable lead in the polls. ...... Obama is an intriguing candidate, with a whiff of real integrity. ..... "you get the sense he just might be one of those 'two in a century' Presidents". ..... Obama revels in a glorious uncertainty. He stresses the fact he doesn't know everything, that he will listen and learn from other viewpoints. ..... an unconviction politician, the antithesis of Bush's moral certainty. ...... The simple, believable change that Clinton offers is a return to competence: change merely as an end to Bush's bumblings. That could be change enough for most voters. ....... He's gambling on the hope that Americans want not just change but upheaval. ..... Obama is going to have to make a move. His current campaigning, rousing as it is, will not propel him past Clinton on its own. ..... If he's got an ace up his sleeve, he's going to have to play it soon.
Supermodels launch anti-racism protest Several of the world's top black supermodels, including Naomi Campbell, Iman, Liya Kebede and Tyson Beckford, yesterday launched a campaign against race discrimination in the fashion industry - which they say is at its worst since the 1960s. About 70 leading models, designers, agents and fashion show producers gathered at a New York hotel in the first of a series of rallies designed to put pressure on the industry to face up to the problem. ..... her recent claim that she could no longer get on to the cover of British Vogue. ..... She revealed that she had forced her way on to the cover of French Vogue only after the designer Yves Saint Laurent had threatened to break off relations with the magazine unless they did so. ...... "In the past decade the black image has been reduced to a category - she is not even to be seen; she has become invisible ..... several of the New York fashion week shows, including Calvin Klein, had featured only white models. ..... the industry had become progressively closed to African-Americans through open discrimination that would be unthinkable in any other US industry. ...... when he invited Somalia-born Iman to guest edit a recent edition with the cover line "black girls rule", a major advertiser had pulled out at the last minute on the grounds that the phrase was racist. ...... there was brief discussion of the possibility of bringing a class action law suit against the most blatant discriminators.
Rudy’s 50-state strategy Town Hall the issue Giuliani believes can catapult him to the White House: a do-or-die fight between the U.S. and international terrorism .... America "cannot go back to the policies of appeasement, retreat or surrender ....“When in the history of war has an army ever given its enemy a timetable of retreat?” ..... Giuliani spent the bulk of last Wednesday raising money, eyebrows and probably the blood pressure of Democrat front-runners Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. ..... pointing to traditional Democrat strongholds like Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and California as among those he can win.
Obama responds to critics on Iraq plan "Senator Obama has a gift for soaring rhetoric, but, on this critical issue, we need to know the substance of his position with specificity,” Dodd said. ..... “We don’t need a time table for the Iraq war,” Hayward said. “Do not pull the troops out. Otherwise, all the troops who have died would have died in vain, we would have accomplished nothing and it could start World War III.”
Obama plans more refugee aid
Oprah legitimizes Clinton-Obama in '08
Orlando Sentinel, FL Recently on the Oprah Winfrey Show I watched Bill Clinton wax eloquent as only Bill Clinton can. Clinton's voice cracked and he choked back tears as he extolled the rewards of giving. His new book, Giving: How Each of Us Can Change the World, which he was promoting on the show, is an impassioned endorsement of selfless charity. ........ He must realize that Obama poses a legitimate threat to his wife's political ambitions. ..... It's in the Clinton campaign's best interests to sidle up to Obama's biggest supporter. ..... But what if Hillary Clinton decides to invite Barack Obama -- a politician who's often criticized for his lack of political experience and electability-- to be her running mate? ..... a large number of Americans read books based solely on what Oprah recommends. Is it a stretch to think many wouldn't also vote based on what Oprah says?
Blacks moving away from Clinton to Obama, poll shows The Times and Democrat, SC a groundbreaking Winthrop/ETV poll, conducted exclusively with S.C. African-Americans between Aug. 19 and Sept. 9 ........ "Early on, African-Americans threw their support to Hillary Clinton, primarily based on the Clinton legacy. However, as African-American voters have gotten to know Barack Obama, support for him has increased significantly. The real tipping point in the Democratic primary election may be undecided African-American female voters -- there are many more African-American female undecideds than males, and Clinton and Obama are dead even among African-American women. It may literally come down to whoever gets the African-American female vote. Clearly support for Edwards, etc. is coming from white voters. On another note, among African-Americans in South Carolina right now, George Bush is proving to be a much more polarizing figure than the Confederate flag." ......... historically, African-Americans have made up to 50 percent of voters in Democratic primaries in South Carolina. ..... Barack Obama emerges as the winner in three out of the four match-ups, trailing Clinton in the fourth match-up (taken of women only) by .3 of one percentage point. ...... almost 30 percent count themselves as still undecided. ..... 56.2 percent of respondents felt that the national Democratic Party, and 57.1 percent of the respondents felt that the SC Democratic Party were taking their votes for granted. ...... almost 50 percent of respondents felt the Confederate flag was primarily either a symbol of racism or hate, almost 20 percent saw it as symbolizing both pride in heritage and symbolic of racism and hate
Poll: Obama narrowly leads Clinton among black South Carolinians The State
Presidential politics | Women key in '08 The State Undecided black women's votes will control outcome of Democratic presidential primary, poll finds ........ Obama of Illinois narrowly leading Hillary Clinton of New York among all black people surveyed who say they will vote. ..... more than a third of black women said they were undecided about whom to vote for in the state’s Jan. 29 Democratic presidential primary. ...... no Democrat has won the state since Jimmy Carter in 1976 ..... The Clinton-Obama contest pits the strong positive feelings many black South Carolinians have toward former President Clinton against the excitement surrounding Obama, whose father was African. ..... Among all black people surveyed, Obama has the support of 35.4 percent; Clinton, 30.7 percent; and Edwards, 3 percent. No other candidate is above 1 percent. However, 28.7 percent of those surveyed were undecided ..... Among men, Obama dominates. He has the support of 42.4 percent of black men to Clinton’s 30.5 percent. Only about a fifth of black men are undecided. ...... “Honestly, we’re not paying that much attention to them and we’re really focused right now on building what we continue to think is an unprecedented grassroots movement that is going to engage people in a way that South Carolinians haven’t been engaged before” ........ Larvine Parker, 83, of James Island, supports Clinton. Parker said former President Bill Clinton has a lot to do with her choice. Of Obama, Parker said, “I don’t know enough about that guy. But I know Senator Hillary Clinton. She’s a real good woman. And her husband was a darn good president.” ...... Rivers said she rejects the stereotype she should support Obama because she is black or Clinton because she’s a woman. “There has to be more to it than that,” she said. ..... There is an automatic assumption, she said, that black women will support Clinton because of their shared gender or Obama because of their shared race. .... People who tend to look forward, Barack seems to be winning. For people who are kind of stuck on how things used to be ... it’s not so much Hillary as it is Bill Clinton that seems to have the edge. ..... those surveyed said they would vote for Clinton, they were asked to explain why. .... “The top answer was Bill Clinton

Bush warns against hasty Iraq withdrawal AFP
Preview: US Democrats plan new tactic to change course of war Xinhua A new legislative proposal raised by Democrats is finally close to winning enough Republican support for a real chance at being approved ..... It would require that troops spend as much time at home as on their most recent tours overseas before being redeployed. ..... would force Gen. David H. Petraeus, the top U.S. commander in Iraq, to withdraw troops on a substantially swifter timeline ..... protect troops from serving protracted and debilitating deployments. ..... the "easiest way" for his Republican colleagues ..... a number of initiatives aimed at shifting the war strategy. ...... a back door approach that underscores the Democrats' continuing struggle to have any real influence on the conduct of the war. ..... the Democrats need just three Republicans to join the six ....... several Republicans who voted against the proposal last time said they are now reconsidering, including Senator George V. Voinovich of Ohio, Senator Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania and Senator Elizabeth Dole of North Carolina, who is running for re-election next year. ...... allows Democrats to present themselves as supporters of the troops, but not the war.
Fed’s Ex-Chief Attacks Bush on Fiscal Role New York Times chairman of the Federal Reserve for nearly two decades, in a long-awaited memoir, is harshly critical of President Bush ...... abandoning their party’s principles on spending and deficits. ..... Bush, he writes, was never willing to contain spending or veto bills that drove the country into deeper and deeper deficits, as Congress abandoned rules that required that the cost of tax cuts be offset by savings elsewhere ..... As officials leave the Bush administration, there is no shortage of criticism of this White House ...... Greenspan’s reflections on markets, globalization and the media’s fascination with the thickness of his briefcase ..... For years, the first President Bush has blamed Mr. Greenspan for contributing to his defeat in 1992 by failing to prevent a recession by cutting interest rates. ....... Greenspan reserves his highest praise for Bill Clinton, whom he described in his book as a sponge for economic data who maintained “a consistent, disciplined focus on long-term economic growth.” ....... fondly describes his alliance with two of Mr. Clinton’s Treasury secretaries ... in battling financial crises in Latin America and then Asia. ..... Bush as a man driven more by ideology and the desire to fulfill campaign promises made in 2000, incurious about the effects of his economic policy, and an administration incapable of executing policy. ....... emotional journey .... initial elation about the return of his old friends from the Ford White House ..... to astonishment and then disappointment at how much they had changed. ........ “I thought we had a golden opportunity to advance the ideals of effective, fiscally conservative government and free markets.” ...... he shows remorse about how Republicans jumped on his endorsement of the 2001 tax cuts ...... spending whatever it took to ensure a permanent Republican majority. ..... knew full well that politicians cited his words selectively to suit their agendas. ...... “mumbling with great incoherence.” .... the housing bubble, and now the bust, that was fueled by low interest rates and risky mortgages in the last six years. ....... an explosion of mortgages that required no money down, no income verification and deceptively low initial teaser rates. ...... the Fed is expected to lower interest rates in an effort to prevent the collapsing housing market from taking the rest of the economy down with it.
Greenspan says GOP "deserved to lose" Chicago Tribune
Report: Greenspan harshly attacks Bush policies Xinhua
Frenzied week for corporate India Economic Times Mukesh Ambani promoted Reliance Industries (RIL) has agreed to buy textile and polyester manufacturing assets of the Malaysia-based Hualon Corporation. In a statement, the company said that the acquisition will increase the company’s polyester capacity by 25% and consolidate its position as the world’s largest polyester maker with a capacity of 2.5 million tonnes per annum. It will also boost RIL’s annual revenues by about $1billion.
Sunni Leaders In Iraq Threatened Guardian Unlimited
Retired army general Wesley Clark endorses Clinton's presidential bid
The Canadian Press
Magic gives Clinton a boost in LA
Los Angeles Times
Obama Gets Oprah, Hillary Gets Magic The Associated Press
Michelle Obama: On The Campaign Road
CBS News "You know, Oprah is Oprah," Michelle said. "So it's pretty phenomenal when someone with the character and power and the success that she has, says to the nation that this is the man I trust. You've gotta be flattered by that." ...... asked if Winfrey will join the Obamas on the campaign trail, Michelle said, "Our hope is that she will. I hope she'll be in Iowa and New Hampshire and some of the early states." ...... her time on the stump has come with a steep learning curve ...... we can't deify our leaders. They're humans. They're people ..... I want to get to the point where we can talk about the black community and our struggles and our challenges ....... when this is all over: They're going to get a dog ...... "Oh gosh, we talk about a dog every day. Every day, every opportunity. They're looking forward to this being over no matter what. In fact, they might be OK with a loss because it means, now, we can get the dog! OK, dad, get over it and let's go to the pound!"
Al Qaeda: $100G To Kill Swedish Cartoonist
Obama to Storm: "Democracy Isn't About Whose Turn It Is"
Nepal Maoists to quit govt over monarchy
Times of India
Menon in Nepal to help resolve impasse
Times of India
AP Poll: GOP Presidential Race a Toss-Up
The Associated Press
New twist in Patna lynching case
Times of India
Collective fine for mob violence in Bihar
Times of India
Study Says Iraq Not Meeting Benchmarks Voice of America
Gonzales honored on last day at Justice
Los Angeles Times
Putin's man vows to restore Russian power
The Age
Pakistan's Bhutto sets return date
Los Angeles Times
Vietnam at centre of “Wimax storm”
VietNamNet Bridge
Vietnam will become one of the centres of the Wimax storm which will hit Asia in the next one or two years. ... the race for implementing wireless telecom technology Wimax is burning and will be very fierce in 2008-2009. In that race, like for any advanced technology related to ‘mobile and wireless’, the race will run from the east to the west, firstly in Asia and then to Europe and finally the US. ..... the ‘thirst’ for wireless technology or Wimax of Asia. If this technology is implemented and brings about benefits like people expect, it will seriously threaten 3G-based mobile service providers. ..... One of the prerequisite conditions for the success of Wimax is the commitment of governments. ..... Intel Chairman Craig Barrett, during his visit to India, asked the Indian government to not protect old technologies to create favourable conditions for other new technologies to develop. ...... During his Indian visit, Mr. Barrett disclosed that Intel cancelled its decision to choose India as the place for its transistor plant. It has chosen Vietnam and China because the Indian government was moving slowly in working out related policies. ...... praised the sharpness of the Vietnamese government in issuing investment attracting policies in the field of technology. ..... Vietnam’s early grant of frequent bands, licences and facilitating tests of Wimax technology shows that Vietnam will become a centre of the Wimax storm, which is forecast to come in the next 1-2 years. .... Vietnam will receive many benefits in technology as well as economic and social development.
US Poised to Advance in Women's World Cup Football Voice of America
Brazilian physicists boycott Dell

After Speech, Bush Seeks to Overcome Doubts on Iraq New York Times
Will Iraq sink the GOP? Los Angeles Times Next summer, less than four months before the November election, there will still be about as many American troops fighting in Iraq as there were on the day of the Democratic sweep in the November 2006 election. ..... about 140,000 in all. ..... virtually assure that Iraq will dominate the presidential and congressional campaigns and divide the parties as much in 2008 as it did in 2006 and 2004. ..... GOP presidential and congressional candidates face the dangerous choice of either defending the president or distancing themselves from him as he pursues a largely "stay the course" strategy almost two full years after impatience with the war helped Democrats seize control of the House and Senate. ....... provided powerful talking points for Democrats arguing that the only way to change direction in Iraq is to defeat Republicans in next year's election. ...... attitudes were evident last week from Republican senators facing reelection in 2008, such as Alexander, Collins, Norm Coleman of Minnesota, Gordon Smith of Oregon and even Elizabeth Dole of North Carolina. All questioned Petraeus' plan and urged the administration to consider either more rapid withdrawals or a shift in the mission of American forces away from front-line combat. ....... Bush, with his decision to maintain so many troops in Iraq through the final months of his presidency, has virtually dared voters to view the next election as a referendum on the war.
Giuliani blasts Hillary on war in new Web ad Newsday
Ten suspected thieves lynched in Bihar Hindustan Times
50 Cent's retirement? Not so fast Los Angeles Times
Tsunami spares most of Indonesia Los Angeles Times
War Critics Question Obama's Fervor
Washington Post
Giuliani slams Clinton on Iraq
Fundraiser's Legal Woes Dog Clinton Camp
Guardian Unlimited
Barack Obama tries to revive campaign with late push in opening state
Times Online
Why Women are for Obama San Francisco Bay Guardian By Sarah Phelan ..... Last week I witnessed presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama’s deliver a very powerful speech at the Women for Obama event in San Francisco. ..... a fierceness came into his voice when he talked about the cost of the war to the troops and their families ...... Up on stage with Obama, alongside San Francisco District Attorney Kamala Harris, was Kim Mack. Mack, who is executive director for Sacramento for Obama, talked about why she is for Obama--and one big reason was her 23-year old son Bobby, who has been serving in Iraq for a year. ...... I don’t feel the Bush administration cares about the troops at all. And I can;’t even stand to look at Bush any more. I feel he has a total disregard for what is most precious to people. ..... Mack says she was really proud of Obama when he voted against the last funding bill, in spite of the warnings that his vote would be spun as “not supporting the troops. .... Before we came here, Al Qaeda wasn’t here, but now they are everywhere ..... Asked why most Americans aren’t protesting the war, Mack said, “American people are like ostriches, they like to keep their heads in the sand, if something doesn’t affect them personally. I’ve had people tell me, your son’s over there, you just need to get over it. People just don’t have the ability or the desire to understand.” ...... “The thing about Obama is that he really cares, he’s really genuine. We need someone real, who has common sense judgment. You can support our soldiers and not support the war. The soldiers are young kids. They think what they are doing is right and they’ve been put into a politicized position. They are pawns in a political game.” ..... And that's why women are for Obama.
Obama Gets Oprah, Hillary Gets Magic Guardian Unlimited
Michelle Obama: WE'RE Running For Dem Nod CBS News, NY
For what it's worth: Obama wins Cincinnati Enquirer
Why Barack Obama makes sense to me, a lot of sense The Villager
Poll: Hillary Clinton Continues to Gain Bigger Lead Associated Content Clinton has continued to build a strong lead in the national race. .... Obama .... has continued to either remain stagnant or even fall in many polls. .... Clinton is running at 39.4% in the national polls, while Obama has maintained a second-place 21.8%. .... Iowans right now are leaning toward Clinton, at 26.9%, but Edwards is placing a strong second, with 23.5%. Obama is placing third right now, at 20.2%. ..... New Hampshire .... Clinton leading as of September 10th, with 35.4%. Obama is placing second, at 19%, and Edwards is claiming third, with 11.6%. .... South Carolina. As of September 10th, Clinton is leading (37.6%), Obama is placing second (25.6%), and Edwards is placing third (10.2%). ..... California .... Clinton claimed a 50.3% lead, while Obama's 24.1% put him at second. Edwards is holding at 14.3%.
Poll: Hillary Clinton Takes Lead in Iowa Her move up in the ranks in Iowa mirrors what has been happening in the rest of the country. The survey shows that part of her rise in popularity has to do with the positive opinions that the voters have of her husband. .... Clinton's lead with the women is higher than it is with the overall group ... Governor Bill Richardson .... is also being mentioned as a choice for vice president, based mostly on his experience in the foreign policy field. ..... if Hillary Clinton were to be elected President, would President Clinton have a positive or negative effect on his wife's administration. Positive came out way ahead with 81% ...... 77% want the next administration to return to the policies of the Clinton years
Poll: Hillary Clinton Leads New Hampshire Primary
California Legislature's black caucus endorses Obama San Francisco Chronicle
Obama rolls the dice San Francisco Chronicle, USA