Radio Debate: Reshma Saujani, Carolyn Maloney

If FDR were around today, he would NOT be doing radio chats. He would disapprove of these two East Side politicians doing a radio chat. FDR would be doing YouTube, like Barack Obama is. I don't understand Maloney's love for radio technology. Or maybe I do.

Audio Of The Debate
Another Audio
New York Times: Debate In House Race Stirs Big Passions For A Small Audience: a long-awaited radio debate .... abruptly hit Ms. Maloney with a tough question about her ethics..... when Ms. Saujani chimed in that “Carolyn Maloney just lied,” Mr. Louis left the accusation hanging ..... WWRL-AM (1600), which ranks about 50th among stations in the metropolitan area ....... The primary contest has grown increasingly heated as election day draws near, with each woman calling the other dishonest and desperate. ..... refused several invitations to debate her rival on television ..... Saujani had raised $1.36 million ..... Saujani pounded her again and again, belittling her recent legislative record by calling her a “member of Congress emeritus” and denigrating her intellect by questioning Ms. Maloney’s mastery of Wall Street jargon. ..... “If I were to ask Carolyn Maloney what a basis point is, she probably doesn’t know,” Ms. Saujani said. ..... “People are sick and tired of the corruption and lack of ethics and integrity,” Ms. Saujani said. ...... Ms. Maloney seemed to stumble here, saying, “I was not involved in fund-raising,” though she did not deny having attended the two events or that her campaign team, in which she presumably has some role, had arranged them. ......Saujani kept on the attack until the end, accusing Ms. Maloney of doing too little for Queens and of taking sole credit for achievements that were not hers alone, from the Second Avenue subway line to the establishment of a new bank in Queensbridge. And she tried to deflate Ms. Maloney’s passage of credit card reform legislation last year by noting that a delay in its implementation allowed card issuers to raise interest rates.

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