Hillary Has So Turned The Tables Upside Down

It was women who were supposed to be empty headed, but instead 2016 is seeing The Donald paraded up and down the aisle. It was women whose hair we were supposed to focus on. Instead we are all left staring at The Donald's hair. What has become of this nation? And this world?

And they are not even in direct competition yet. Just you wait until summer is here. The Donald is going to erase self-esteem problems of women coast to coast just like that. Whoof! It's gone. Bulimia? Gone. Eating disorders? Gone. Women astronauts? Through the roof.

I am a man, but Donald Trump does NOT speak for me, does NOT represent me -- let me make that absolutely clear. I might not be smart, but I am not stupid. The potato (potatoe) that once got misspelt? That was The Donald. When you read his name right to left, it comes out as potatoe.

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