Blaming Hillary For Benghazi = Blaming W For 9/11

Obama's Peace With Iran = Less Threat For Israel

It was George W's responsibility to protect the World Trade Center and he failed. It was Hillary's job to protect the ambassador in Libya, and she failed. Blaming Hilary for Benghazi: all is fair in love, war and a sexist country. If you ask me, W's failure was much greater. One life lost versus 3,000 lives lost. Not to say the damage to property, the economy and prestige. I don't see anyone, Republican or Democrat, blaming W for 9/11. How come? Blaming Hillary for Benghazi does not make you patriotic (I could argue the opposite might be true, you are sending a message to ISIS: kill someone and they will just blame it on Hillary! How convenient! .... okay, okay, I got confused between ISIS and the Al Qaeda there, but I don't expect the Republicans to figure that out), it makes you a facts-free sexist. Facts-free, as in someone completely unhinged from facts and logic. While you are at it, let's also blame Hillary for the 2008 recession. She was in the Senate at the time, was she not? What did she do to prevent the Great Recession? Why hurt the feelings of the white guys on Wall Street? Or the white guys in the White House, for that matter. I would not be surprised if Dick Cheney comes out to blame Hillary for the recession. Where is Dick when you need him?

Wait, maybe it was not her job to protect the ambassador. Maybe it was the job of the Department of Defense. Sorry for being a facts-free sexist in the paragraph above. My bad.