Bush Is Anarchy, Hillary Is Monarchy

Bush Is Anarchy

There is a mad man in the White House. To cover up one lie, this man is having to propagate many more lies. As Bush gears up to invade Iran, the rest of America should jump onto the Obama bandwagon to do all it can to prevent World War III. Two were enough. We can not wait until January 2009. Until then it will be too late. Bush will have already taken America into Iran. The only way to prevent that would be by creating a mass movement with a clear message. Don't you dare repeat the mistake. Create that now.

Bush is on schedule to spend two and a half trillion dollars on Afghanistan and Iraq, and that is not even counting all the innocent lives lost. That is no pocket change, yo. And all that will have been borrowed money. The money is so totally borrowed, China also must be accused of invading Iraq.

I absolutely, totally despise dictators. Only recently I gave two years of my life working full time - the only Nepali in America to do so - to uproot the dictatorship in Nepal. The king had pulled a coup.

"Governor, Nepal has 27 million people, and Iraq has 27 million people. We have to spread democracy like in Nepal, not like in Iraq," I told DNC Chair Howard Dean (Obama picked up where Dean left, in my mind) at a DFNYC event in Manhattan not long after Nepal's magical April Revolution 2006.

The First Major Revolution Of The 21st Century Happened In Nepal

I want every single Arab country to become a democracy. But you don't get there by invading them. There is a nonviolent way, a progressive way, a grassroots way, a super cheap way, a mass movement way, a mobilizing the diaspora way, coordinating the major democratic powers way, the war with communications technology way.

Hillary Is Monarchy

A few centuries back, the European armies fought each other, but all the monarchies in Europe intermarried. Here we are fighting to end the war in Iraq, but Hillary is joined to Bush at the hip. She never apologized for her vote to invade Iraq. I have no desire to name and shame her. But I want to know she learned from the mistake. Apparently she did not.

And now it is de ja vu, it is Oops, I did it again. She has votes for a resolution that sounds to me like the first step towards an invasion of Iran. This could get really really ugly. The US military is already stretched so thin, Bush, if he decides to invade Iran, will either have to reinstate the draft in a big way, or will have to use a nuclear weapon to totally take out Tehran. Hello Hiroshima, hello Nagasaki.

Granted we are all part of the animal kingdom, but does this guy Bush keep having to think like an animal?

A Bush or a Clinton has run at the national level since 1976. It is like after 200 years of being a republic, America tired of being a republic, and switched to being a monarchy.

In a country of 300 million people, are there only two families that can take the helms of power?

In The News

Days 1 and 2: Concord,NH-Peterborough, NH-Hillsborough, NH-Nashua, NH-Boston, MA FreelanceObama.com As I wandered around the lawn of the statehouse, I met up with my friend Jeff Kurzon (a fellow ObamaNYC-er whose house I’m staying at in Peterborough) and we took a quick self-guided tour of the premises. It’s amazing the type of access that we had to such a high level of government! ......... Jeff and I spoke with NH Governor Lynch’s assistant and asked NH Secretary of State Gardner’s office when a decision would be made about the state’s primary date. As engaged citizens, we freely walked around THE state’s government building without any hassle. ........ most people were either not home or still undecided ..... Jeff and I started our journey on my second day in New Hampshire by driving up to Nashua, NH. ....... the second largest city in state with a population of 85,000 ...... a state of 1,000,000 residents ........ Jeff and I made our way to Boston for an evening rally with Barack. ...... a rally to 15,000 people on Boston Commons ........ Barack gave a very inspiring and detailed version of his stump speech
It’s time to pack my things… Barack, hands down, has the best ground game in NYC. This isn’t based on a scientific poll or even from reaching out to the other democratic candidate camps here, but rather my own observation of a non-existent visibility amongst the other campaigns. ....... Amidst no other serious clamour, the Obama presence is quite strong in the Big Apple. Welcome to Freelance Obama ‘08 For those of you that don’t know me, my name is Justin Allen - a 24 year-old New Yorker - who wears quite a few different hats. I’m a sports blogger, internet company owner and active participant in Barack Obama’s movement for change in NYC. ........ moving to the state of New Hampshire ..... Obama has inspired me to take my love for this country and politics to the next level by actively participating in this movement for change.

Jeffrey Kurzon's Blog
Hillsborough, New Hampshire got assigned to do press check-in. As a reward, we were placed in the volunteer section and Senator Obama came over to shake our hands. ..... Justin A. arrived from NYC and we took a tour of the State House. We peeked into the Senate and House Chambers. We then were able to walk into the Governor’s office. ...... we left and crossed the street for burgers at the Barley House. ..... We had a great lunch with a friendly waitress. ...... A lot of independent voters there we spoke with planned to vote Republican, but nonetheless said that they liked Barack Obama. ....... a retired independent that spoke with us and wanted to sign a supporter card. She told us that “Obama is the candidate that does not owe anyone any favors.” ....... Hillsborough has an antique truck graveyard ...... the site of a rally of 40,000 for Franklin Pierce, the 14th president of the United States, who was born in Hillsborough ..... some see his presidency as the predecessor to the Civil War. ..... Lincoln eventually arrived after Pierce and I hope that Senator Obama will arrive ..... Obama is the one candidate that can unite us at home and abroad.
Greenville, New Hampshire Driving into town from the north, I see a foliage palate of auburn, red, purple and green, only accentuated by the light drizzle and the twilight. I am alone, but not lonely as I know I am about to talk with some people. ..... an 80 year old woman who looks much younger. She said that she has nothing to complain about as long as she has a roof over her head and food to eat. ........ I meet several others at their doors who did not want to talk about politics. They were friendly and agreed to take my Obama literature. One asked, "Is it expensive?" I replied, "No, its free." But, I did not understand, she meant was it expensive to produce. ....... Canvassing alone can be more difficult than in two. ....... Barack O'Who? Barack Obama. "Oh, the Black President" one responded. They were 16 ...... This man was special. He took the time to speak with me for about an hour about the history of Greenville and his own life history. Before leaving, he signed a supporter card. ....... Greenville until about 20 years ago spoke French commonly in their households. Like Quebec ...... the French Ambassador to the US was questioned about what she thought about the change in the name of French fries. She said "We are dealing with very serious matters and it does not matter what Americans want to call their potatoes." .......... Hermann Goring: "Naturally the common people don't want war; neither in Russia, nor in England, nor in America, nor in Germany. That is understood. But after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine policy, and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. ...Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country." ....... Helping Senator Obama I am helping myself. .... We can then use the money we save to pay for healthcare and the debt we owe to the Iraqi people for destabilizing their country.
Political Engagement and Discourse Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. for spreading the lies as part of their profit incentive. ..... I was in Italy at the time the United States invaded Iraq. I observed the peace marchs and the "Pace" flags, but I did not participate. I failed in my duty as a citizen to question the logic of starting a foreign war. ...... while I respect Rupert Murdoch as a businessman, I think he is in part responsible for our culture of fear and cynicism. ...... I went to their 2006 shareholder meeting and heard Murdoch dodge the question about why he is funding Clinton. ...... Senator Clinton does not hold herself or Rupert Murdoch accountable for the Iraq invasion. I think this should make everyone afraid. Be very afraid. Her vote for the Kyl-Lieberman amendment is also scary. ...... I believe in the self-fulfilling prophecy. If we call the Iranian military a terrorist organization, they will become one ..... I love Iranian people and do not want my country to be at war with them. Do you need a boogey man? Why not send our military to the Congo where ex-Rwandan terrorists are raping innocent women? ........ Rupert Murdoch, Senator Clinton and the Bush Administration have tied interests because they have tied life circumstances. Power and money. Power corrupts. And absolute power corrupts absolutely. We know this. ....... Americans are intelligent people. New Hampshire voters are sophisticated voters. ....... We need more women in politics, more minorities and more socio-economic diversity ....... Politics is a dirty word. Who does this benefit? I think it benefits those who are in power. ... Why else do we still vote on Tuesdays? .......... He is inspiring a generation of Americans who are switched on. We need to hold our heads high again and be as engaged as possible.
Hancock, NH my mom's Volvo .... The best way to contact them is in person. This is a rule I learned from a friend when I was working in Hong Kong. First, face-to-face is the most valuable, then phone, then e-mail. That is the order of effectiveness to get things accomplished. ...... parked my car in front of the Hancock Market across the street from the Hancock Inn. ........ I stood in between the Hancock Farmer's Market and the Yard Sale, quietly observing. Saying hi to people. Asking them ...... I bought some organic corn. I was told not to be afraid of the worm at the top. It is there because no pesticides were used. I then asked how I could get some warm cider, "Help yourself" was the response. There was free cider and doughnoughts ......... yard sales are part of yankee ingenuity and a form of recycling ..... people walked by saying "yes, I already support him." ...... a good chat about the physics of manouevering a car in a snow and the best hiking trails in the area. ...... I felt like I was speaking with friends and relatives. Most voters are undecided, but want to learn more about Senator Obama because they like him. Hancock is a large sanctuary of artists, environmentalists, teachers and good people. ....... "No Child Left Behind" is flawed because it is training kids to take tests and not inspiring creativity. She forgave me for being a corporate lawyer because she has a son who is in the corporate world ........ "the highest ranking position in any democracy is citizen." ....... Receiving social security and then having to spend most of it on expensive pharmaceuticals I agreed does not seem right. ...... found the Peterborough office alive with activity as usual. ...... Be yourself on the campaign trail and listen.
On Being Involved John Lennon. How did you become successful, the interviewer asked. "We begged, borrowed and stole" he responded. ...... Last night Senator Tom Daschle came to Peterborough, NH to speak with some 100 residents interested in the Obama campaign. ... he shared with us three reasons why he supports Senator Obama. ..... He represents an end to cynicism that our current administration and other candidates hope Americans will espouse so that they will be lulled into passivity. ...... maintain our republic instead of a return to monarchy. ...... his 20 years of experience in public life ..... Obama is a good person. On this point I can vouch after having met him on several ocassions. He is a person who listens. His campaign listens. ....... I even got to have a moment with Senator Daschle before he and his staff drove off into the night. ..... The more involved you become and the more you help the campaign, the bigger the reward becomes.
Peterborough, New Hampshire "A Good town to Live In" boasts the sign as you enter town. ...... my friend Joe B. who is now working for the campaign in Iowa. ...... Keene, home of the October 20 Pumpkin festival ...... Nashua, rated one of the best places to live in America. .... Mount Monadnock, one of the most climbed mountains in the world. ....... I found a card table to bring to the Obama office here in town. ..... Much of my day is consumed by answering calls, making calls, writing and responding to emails, but the Obama campaign wants us volunteers to talk with people and listen to voter's concerns. ..... Mindful of how the press says that Hillary is leading in the polls, I am also mindful that the press likes to sell papers. ...... I spoke with approximately twenty people today on foot. One person supported Obama and recently made a donation to his campaign. I imagine his wife will do something similar. Nineteen people said that they were undecided, of which about half said that they did not like Hillary and more than half said that they did like Barack. I found one piece of littered Hillary litterature on a front porch with no one home. I spoke with one person who told me that the Edwards campaign had brought him a tree (he and his wife seemed to still prefer Barack). ..... early childhood education, the war in Iraq and providing accessible healthcare for all Americans. One person said, "Europe gets it." ...... she had concerns about Senator Obama's experience, but then pointed out that our two best presidents "Washington and Lincoln had no experience" ........ We are less than three months away from their vote and the survey I took today said that Obama is winning. ....... Talk to people around you to get an accurate sense of what is happening in the world. Ask them what they think and listen to what is important to them.
New Ipswich, New Hampshire a population of about 5,000, most of which I think are Republican. Today I spoke with around 40 residents. ...... a simultaneous broadcast of both the Red Sox and Patriots .... He liked Pat Buchanan and I told him I did too. ...... we discussed how it is so great that French families almost always sit down and have meals together. I met a carpenter who was eager to see change and transparency in Washington and eagerly took my Obama litterature. ...... Natalie's son invited me in to speak with his mother who had read the Audacity of Hope. She has a bad knee, but she said she would speak with her neighbors for me. Her husband was a veteran of WWII and is now deceased. .......Leave your clipboard in the car. People are much more likely to want to talk if you come with empty hands and an open mind.