Trump’s Shock And Awe Campaign

Trump’s psychological profile is that he is a third rate bully. During his business career he not only stiffed his many small vendors, he also stiffed big bankers. He would perform lousy on his bank loans, then go to the big bankers and say, guess what, unless you lend me more money you just lost the money you already gave me, and they would give him more money. He bullied his way through the Republican primary. "Little Marco," and calling Jeb Bush "a disgrace to his family." His Republican opponents lost by thinking he will take Poland and then stop there. I guess we can let him have Poland.

What Trump does is very well though out and he has honed it over a lifetime. He is really really good at it. And he thinks it works. Look at the Trump towers. Look at how many votes he collected in the primaries.

And now he is unleashing shock and awe on Hillary. Going after a Gold Star family can feel irrational to everyone else, but not to Trump. That is what he does. His rape comment during the Commander In Chief forum was more of the same. And now he is asking Hillary to ditch her bodyguards "and let's see what happens."

Japan has the most strict gun laws, there is no right to bear arms in Japan, but the Japanese prime minister moves around with a thick circle of armed bodyguards.

But then there is absolutely no logic to his wall either. It is not about logic. This is psychological. To his diehard supporters that Trump feeds their hate is a full course meal. They just need to watch him do obscene things. It is like a Horaldo Riviera Show, only in the form of someone running for president. You are not expecting college tuition, or health insurance, or a job from Riviera. This is narcissism feeding on narcissism. This is a piranha feast of racial hatred, misogyny and xenophobia.

This is more like FDR confronting Hitler and less like Barack Obama confronting Mitt Romney. Romney's "takers" comment was classist, but I never thought he was a fascist, a danger to the very republic. It is the genius of the Founding Fathers that they actually saw Trump coming, and now he is here. Americans did not fear a fascist takeover even in the 1930s, although anti-semitism was pretty rampant.

This is the first time in American history fascism is so close to becoming possible. Trump has rallied a crowd that seeks allegiance to no one and nothing but the person of Trump. "I alone can fix it."

In this 2016 election the very republic is at stake. And that argument has to be made to the thinking public.