Trump Who?

Biologically speaking Donald Trump is a chimpanzee. I did not say that although I have been feeling it. A leading primatologist said that.

His psychological profile is that he is a bully, a narcissist.

His political ideology is he is a fascist.

His business profile is he is a fraudster.

His spiritual profile is he is Satanic.

His media profile is he is a demagogue.

His social media profile is he is Alt Right. That is the new name the white supremacists call themselves.

On trade and immigration he is an isolationist.

On nuclear weapons, he is strike first ask later.

On NATO he is a dismantlist.

On tax cuts he is super rich.

His canine profile is he is cute.

On the budget he is anti arithmetic.

On climate change he is "I believe there is weather."

On the wall, he is Brooklyn Bridge. "There is a bridge on the East River I would like to sell you."

On campaign finance he is pay yourself.

On fast food he is quick.

On comedy shows he is all hair and no cattle.