What Cruz Did Is Capitulation, Not Forgiveness

Donald Trump insulting Ted Cruz' family was not a one off unintentional mistake. That was one small insignificant symptom of the disease called Trump 2016. Trump, if anything, has doubled down on his ideology of hate. Trump does not have issues with one family, that of Ted Cruz. Trump hates the guts of every family that looks like the family of Ted Cruz. He has never repented, he has never backtracked. If anything he is even more fervently trying to change the hate into public policy or, barring that, public chaos.

Ted Cruz did not even forgive. What Ted Cruz did was he read the poll numbers. He saw the polls tightening and figured, what the heck. Let Trump be Trump. Who cares about family!

Forgiveness is not about putting up with evil. Donald Trump is evil. God seeks for human beings to fight evil with everything they have got. Ted Cruz just surrendered.

You don't forgive Hitler after he just took Poland. Trump is a fascist clown. He has to be countered at every turn. You confront evil.

Man does not live on bread alone, but on Satan's hate speech. That is the Trump Train.