65% Death Tax Is Key

Hillary's proposal of the 65% death tax is key. You are supposed to give away half your wealth when you die. You do not for the country or humanity but for your children. It is good for your children. Otherwise you end up with lazy, fast food maniac, ignorant children. If Donald Trump's father had given away half his wealth when he died, this would have never happened. The country would not have had to suffer this walking talking ignorance of a presidential candidate. America would not have become a joke in the world.

Yes, that applies to if you have created a company. If Sam Walton wanted to pass his company to his children, he could still have passed on 35% of it. Owning 35% of Walmart is still a lot. The company would not only have thrived, it would have thrived better.

But for this you need a landslide victory. You need to take the White House, the Senate and the House.

Besides, We The People could use the money.