How To Win The Debate

Hillary 2016 pulled a master stroke of a party convention. Getting this Trump guy off balance was rather easy to do. Putting a Gold Star Muslim family on national stage is all it took.

That is how the debates will be won. By throwing this guy off balance. This dude would be a perfect opponent to have in jujitsu, where the idea is to use your opponent's force and momentum against him. You are dealing with a primate here.

"Man up, Donald!"

"You would like to sell the American people a wall and I would like to sell you the Brooklyn Bridge."

"Rape is a sex crime, but you wouldn't know that, would you?"

"No soccer, no Brazil. No immigration, no America."

"Why have you not released your tax forms? How much in Russian money are you hiding?"

"Trump Foundation buys paintings of Donald Trump, and you want to talk about the Clinton Foundation that beats the American Red Cross in ratings?"

"When was the last time you sent an email? What do you know about emails?"

"Your round up and deport everyone plan costs hundreds of billions of dollars. Where is that money coming from?"

"Has your dismantle NATO agenda been sponsored by Putin?"

"Your tax cut plan has a price tag of five trillion dollars. Where is that money going to come from?"

"Do you know anyone who has had a greater number of bankruptcies than you?"

"You have not written any of your books, have you? I met the guy who actually wrote The Art Of The Deal."

"You have called women pigs. Shame on you."

"What do you know about the religion of Islam?"

"The Mayor of London is a Muslim. How do you feel about that?"

"The smartest person on earth, Stephen Hawking, is a disabled person. Have you ever mocked him? Do you have any idea how much smarter he is compared to you?"

"How many articles in the US Constitution?"

"What's the difference between Medicare and Medicaid?"

"How do you spell China?"

"Tell us about your friendship with Gaddafi."

"You bragged about knowing Putin before you said you did not know Putin. What's the truth?"

"You would like to start a trade war. Correct?"

"Economists give your plan 18 months before there is a major recession in the country. Why are you so hellbent on causing a recession? How will your businesses benefit in such a Trump induced recession? Do you plan to buy real estate on the cheap?"

"Why are you so adamant on wanting to use nuclear weapons?"

"Why do you want more nuclear powers in the world?"

"What are your cholesterol levels? Is it true you only eat fast food? What if you die of a heart attack in the White House?"

"How often do you change your wig? Who washes them?"

"Is it true you will continue to do your TV show when in office?"

"How much money has your campaign paid your various businesses?"

"You like Putin. You like Saddam. You like Kim Jong Il. You liked Gaddafi. Who else are your favorite? How do you like Khamenei? What about Bin Laden? Al Zwahari? What about Mussolini? Do you think he was charismatic?"

"You said you know more about ISIS than the generals. What do you know?"

"You have been promoting your hotels and golf courses while pretending to be campaigning? Have you been falsely accused? Have you been campaigning?"

"Has the media been unfair to you?"

"How many emails have you sent over a lifetime?"

"Are you on Facebook?"