Trump’s PVZ

Deng Xiaoping established something called SEZs in China, special economic zones.

Donald Trump has a PVZ, a policy vacuum zone. That would be his head, his skull. There is nothing going on there.

He also has a DVZ, a dollar vacuum zone. That would be his pocket. His net worth is four billion. His debt is 11 billion. The guy is swimming in the negative zone.

If you were in his position, would you release your tax forms?

The dude is proposing a 500 billion dollar "infrastructure" spend. It is not to create construction jobs for the people he insults by calling "the poorly educated."

He wants him and all his construction industry friends to go on corporate welfare. Trump’s corporate welfare for his cronies is going to exceed America's defense budget.

CWZ, corporate welfare zone, Trump’s proposed budget is CWZ.