Hillary And The Idea Of Confronting Sexism Head On

Trump is boorish. The guy is a clown passing for a presidential candidate. I take one look at Trump and think America perhaps is a sliding power. This guy would be a joke as the Independence Party nominee.

Should not the woman wanting to be the first woman president take Trump’s sexism head on?

Trump is so incoherent and haphazard I am not sure it is even sexism. It is, but it is so much more. The guy is a sinbag. A bag full of sins.

When you get into a fight with the pig, you get dirty and the pig loves it. Going insult for insult would not be any meaningful fight against sexism.

Hillary is fighting. She is running for president. That is the fight. It is a daily grind, there is a fight every hour.

Putting one woman in the White House will not end the sexism. But 160 million women waking up will.

America is a democracy. The power is with the individual citizens, not the president.


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